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Scope Of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Both the AI and ML technologies are growing at a rapid speed. Businesses across industries are adopting these two technologies and implementing them in their business processes as per their need. According to Grand View Research, the AI market size in 2022 is $136.6 billion. It is also expected to grow at a CAGR of 38.1% in the 2022-2030 cycle. 

As per the reports of Fortune Business Insights, the global ML market is set to rise from $21.17 billion in 2022 to $202.91 billion in 2029 with a CAGR of almost 38.8%.

Scope Of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The Benefits AI & ML Can Deliver To Businesses

The Benefits AI & ML Can Deliver To Businesses
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: AI and ML offer a huge range of features to apps and websites like chatbots, predictive analytics, and customized interfaces. All these features are proven to be highly effective in offering a better customer experience. 
  • Brand Building And Growth: With the implementation of AI and ML several barriers can be removed from the customer journey and the identity of the brand can be established. AI is capable of extracting critical information from collected or available data. This critical information can be very effective in business growth.
  • Increased Sales: An accurate AI software development and implementation can result in the correct management of sales of a company. And correct management will always result in high sales.
  • Automation Of Process: AI and ML are two technologies companies prefer for automating several tasks. AI and ML not only automate the business processes but also digitize and optimize them along with the workflows.
  • Better IT Operations: AI and ML together can deliver more than one can think of like identifying issues and offering and applying quality methods to solve them. It will surely be impactful in improving the IT operations. 
  • Forecasting: AI along with ML can offer accurate forecasting of future market trends and other information related to a business if implemented perfectly. It will be a great help in making decisions in face of critical times.

Our Process For AI & ML App Development



Before everything else a clear assessment of your needs, requirements and plan is done here in Oyelabs. It will help us in planning the process and identifying required resources.


After our experts have the design ready our highly skilled developers’ team will take over and develop the AI-ML product you need with the latest technologies. The latest technologies will make the app more advanced and provide better customer experience.


Once we have assessed the information related to your business, our experts start designing the UI, frameworks and prototypes perfectly matching the requirements of you and your business.


Once the product is ready it will be integrated with the fixed app or an API with essential features in an user friendly way.

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Key Trends In Artificial Intelligence

Cyber Security
Protection from cyber threats will always be a trend in AI. businesses have already used AI against cyber attacks, tracking data, identifying malicious software and other key areas. But now with the rise of smart hacker businesses are using AI in close screening of data and injecting extra levels of security elements in the model.
AI has already boosted the automation of processes in businesses. But now it is also noticed that the mixed impact of cloud, RPA, and IoT can make AI augementated automation successful.
Quantum AI
Quantum AI has surfaced as a more improved version of the traditional AI. It helps in solving complex business problems through quantum computing systems.

Key Trends In Machine Learning

Blockchain is one of the latest technologies in the market and already proved itself as a game changer. Blockchain features go perfectly with ML like immutability, decentralized ledger, and complete transparency.
Once the machine learning solution is deployed the maintenance of models and new data becomes challenging. MLOps enter as relief from the challenge, offering completely automated solutions and practices.
No-Code ML
Machine Learning applications without code are becoming more and more popular in 2022. Drag and drop visual interface can be used in creating a ML app.

FAQs About Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Development

How can Machine Learning integration benefit my business?
ML integration in your business can offer you several benefits like correct forecasts of sale, simplified marketing, real time decision making and also helps in identifying risk factors.
Can you name some top use cases for Machine Learning in businesses?
Fraud detection, process automation, Chatbots, Healthcare, Self-driving cars.
What is AI as a service?
AI-as-a-Service or AIaaS is basically an outsourcing of AI services. AIaaS helps startups and enterprises to experiment, repeat and create several business processes without any investment upfront. This minimizes the risk factor.

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