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Glovo Clone

No. 1 Ready-to-Launch Glovo Clone Script for Multi-Delivery App

Launch your online delivery platform today, catering to food, grocery, e-commerce, and daily essentials, ensuring seamless and efficient delivery experiences for your customers.

Glovo Clone
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Glovo Clone – One-Stop Solution for All Your Delivery Needs

Capitalize on the trends of on-demand delivery services. Our Glovo clone is a one-stop solution for the on-demand delivery needs of a customer, be it food, grocery, or courier all can be handled.

Our online delivery platform is created using the same technology and features as the original Glovo app. Launch your own futuristic delivery business with our futuristic Glovo clone script.

توصيل المواد الغذائية والبقالة
Parcel Pickup & Drop
Single Pickup Multiple Delivery
Contactless Delivery
Glovo Clone Script

Glovo Clone Script

Version 1.0.1

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Robust Features You Get in Our Glovo Clone App

Basic سمات

Easy Sign-Up
Users can easily register themselves on the app by providing their details like name, address, and contact number.
توصيل المواد الغذائية والبقالة
Users will be able to order food, grocery, wine, books, flowers, and more effortlessly on our Glovo clone app.
To establish smooth communication between all the parties involved test messaging, audio calls, and video calls are integrated.
تتبع مباشر
Once an order is placed the user can track the store as well as the driver’s activity live from the clone app.
Restaurants & menu items screen
Glovo clone Order categories app screen

Premium سمات

Dynamic Admin Dashboard
Admin is provided with a completely separate and dynamic dashboard to track and monitor the activities on the platform.
Earnings Page
This page helps drivers to keep track of their earnings. They can view and manage the completed orders and their details.
In our Glovo like app all the users will get an option to show their appreciation to the drivers by providing them tips for their services.
Contactless Delivery
Covid-19 has created an awareness for contactless delivery and users can select that when placing orders on this app.

حماية سمات

Profile Check
A profile check option for users is available in our clone platform to verify both drivers and partners for their own safety.
OTP-Based Registration
An OTP-based registration system is integrated into our readymade app which ensures the user information is protected.
تاكيد السن
Before ordering alcohol, marijuana, and other restricted items a user needs to verify his age in our Glovo clone app.
Data Privacy
Our clone platform is compliant with GDPR and CCPA guidelines which ensure the user data is collected, used, and transferred in a legal way.
Glovo clone discounts and coupon codes

الإضافات to Integrate into the Glovo Clone Solution

  • دفع الإخطارات

    Keep your users well-informed about all the ongoing in your grocery delivery app with the push notifications feature.

  • دعم متعدد اللغات

    The bigger the better. Target a global audience base with multiple languages support in your app.

  • دعم متعدد العملات

    Just as languages the more currencies you support the bigger target audience you can have for your Glovo like app.

  • خيارات دفع متعددة

    Beings restricted is not a wise choice, offer your users the flexibility of multiple payment options in your platform.

  • Single Pickup Multiple Delivery

    Allow the delivery drivers to cover multiple deliveries when heading to the same route with this feature.

  • Review & Ratings

    Both the delivery driver and user can rate and write feedback about each other on the clone app.

  • المرشحات

    Help your users by minimizing their search journey with advanced filters so that they can find their desired stores quickly.

  • Safety Measures

    Adding a safety measure feature into the readymade solution will require the driver to upload a picture wearing a mask and other safety kits.

  • روبوت الدردشة

    Adding a chatbot to your app will help you automate query solving of consumers on the delivery platform.

  • CMS

    This feature will allow the restaurants to add their menu and prices on the clone app so users can make informed decisions.

Our Glovo Clone Script is Available Across المنصات

بوابة الويب

بوابة الويب

Our Glovo clone app script can deliver a premium and credible multi-delivery web platform/portal loaded with key features.
تطبيق iOS

دائرة الرقابة الداخلية

Our Glovo clone script can be used to develop a high-functioning, 100% customizable, and scalable iOS delivery app.
الروبوت التطبيق

ذكري المظهر

Our clone script can be used to develop a high-functioning, 100% customizable, and scalable Android delivery app.

كيف لدينا Grocery Delivery App Work?

ملف تعريفي للمستخدم

ملف تعريفي للمستخدم

A user can create his profile on the Glovo platform via web and mobile apps both. He is required to fill in his details like name, phone number, email, and address.


The provider needs to create an account just like a user but he is also required to upload his documents to verify himself. Then he needs to input the services or products he sells.
Request feature


A user needs to select the type of service he is looking for then select a provider and place his order with the date and time mentioned. Nearby drivers will be notified.


Once an order is placed a user will be able to track the activity status of both the store and the delivery driver live from the platform.


Once the service is offered both the user and provider will receive an invoice with the detailed cost breakdown. Both of them can rate and review each other.
App History


The user, the provider, and even the delivery driver all can check their buy history or offered service history direct from the app in the history section.

Technologies Used In Our Glovo-Like App

clone Tech stack

ملكنا عمليات التطوير for the Glovo Clone App

جمع شرط

جمع شرط

The first step we follow is to understand your unique business needs, goals, and future expectations so we can customize our Glovo clone to your specific requirements.
تصميم التطبيق


في الخطوة التالية، سيعمل المصممون المتمرسون لدينا بشكل وثيق معك لإنشاء واجهة شاملة ومذهلة بصريًا وسهلة الاستخدام تتسم بالبساطة والفعالية.


Yes, we offer a ready-to-launch Glovo clone solution, but the development phase is necessary to implement the changes needed in the script as per your requirements.
اختبار التطبيق


We use a rigorous testing process to ensure that the Glovo clone is completely bug-free and meets all of your specifications before it is deployed on your requested servers.
نشر التطبيق


As soon as the quality team gives us the green signal we will proceed to the deployment process, ensuring your Glovo clone is smoothly deployed and runs as you have wanted.
support & maintenance

الدعم والصيانة

We offer 30 days of free support and maintenance services including technical support, and bug support to ensure that your Glovo clone continues to meet your business goals.

Why Our Glovo Clone حول التطوير المخصص؟

تطبيق فعال من حيث التكلفة

فعالة من حيث التكلفة

Custom development is highly expensive as it is a lengthy process whereas our multi-delivery Glovo clone app is available at a budget-friendly price.


When trying to capitalize on the ongoing safe delivery trends custom development can prove to be slow while our Glovo clone is a ready-to-go solution.
البطاقة البيضاء

البطاقة البيضاء

When you buy our Glovo clone we offer you a free white-labeling service to make the multi-delivery app a reflection of your brand.


تقوم Oyelabs بتوقيع اتفاقية عدم الإفشاء قبل الانخراط في أي نوع من المناقشات التجارية حتى تظل معلومات عملك سرية تمامًا معنا.
خطة عمل MVP

لماذا الاختيار Oyelabs for Your Glovo Clone?

  • يدعم- ملكنا فريق من الخبراء يقدم الدعم الفني لعملائنا طوال عملية التطوير والذي يغطي أي أخطاء أو أخطاء أو مشكلات على النظام الأساسي لفترة زمنية معقولة بعد إطلاق سوق الإيجار عبر الإنترنت.
  • كود المصدر الكامل- نحن نضمن حصولك على ملكية 100% لمنصة قائمة التأجير من خلال تقديم كود المصدر المرخص الكامل لك.
    Security- At Oyelabs our prime focus is security. We follow the best practices to ensure you, your target audience, your solution, and your business stay risk-free.
  • الشفافية- الشفافية تعزز الثقة. نحن نشارك عملياتنا وقيمنا ونجاحاتنا بشكل علني لبناء علاقة قوية وصادقة مع عملائنا.
  • الموجهة نحو العميل- إن تركيزنا الثابت على احتياجاتك ورضاك هو الدافع وراء كل قرار نتخذه. نجاحك هو أولويتنا، ونحن ملتزمون بتجاوز توقعاتك.
  • التسليم في الوقت المحدد- نحن نحترم وقتك ونعدك بالخدمة في الوقت المحدد، مما يضمن تسليم مشاريعك في الموعد المحدد، مع الموثوقية والكفاءة في مقدمة التزامنا.
  • السرية- خصوصيتك أمر بالغ الأهمية. نحن نلتزم بأدق معايير السرية، ونحمي معلوماتك الحساسة ونضمن الحفاظ على ثقتك بنا دائمًا.

Client Testimonials

Quickcrave services

بول مارتن / الرئيس التنفيذي

“We worked with Oyelabs to develop a food and grocery delivery app for our business, and we were extremely impressed with their services. Their team was knowledgeable and professional, and they provided us with a solution that was tailored to our needs.”
ZestRide services

تروي فيشر / مؤسس مشارك

“We were in a hurry to get a multi-delivery app developed for our business, and the team at Oyelabs was able to deliver on time and on budget. They were flexible and responsive to our needs, and the app they developed is robust and reliable.”
Rapid Bites services

إيلي بيرتون / CTO

“We were blown away by Oyelabs's expertise in food and grocery delivery app development. They were able to take our ideas and turn them into a polished, fully functional app that exceeded our expectations. Their team was always available for us”

Making a Difference Beyond Business.

As a people-centric organization, our success is intervened with the well being and growth of the Individuals we collaborate with. We thrive when our partners associates flourishes.


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أطلق العنان لإمكانات عملك الحقيقية،
With Our Glovo Clone App- Starting at $5999 $3099

الأسئلة الشائعة

Que. What is a Glovo clone script?
Ans. The Glovo clone script is the replica of the original multi-delivery app and platform with the original features and functionalities as well as the new ones.
Que. Is this clone completely customizable?
Ans. Yes, our Glovo clone script is 100% customizable so you can add any feature or functionality you need in your social networking platform.
Que. Is this Glovo clone script available anywhere else?
Ans. No, you can buy this Glovo clone script only from Oyelabs.
Que. Can I resell the Glovo clone from Oyelabs?
Ans. No, you can’t resell the Glovo clone from Oyelabs.
Que. Will I get 100% ownership of the clone app once it is ready?
Ans. Yes, you will get 100% ownership of the Glovo clone app.
Que. Will I get any complimentary support services if I buy the Glovo solution script?
Ans. Yes, you will get free support and maintenance services from Oyelabs for a reasonable time, if you buy the Glovo clone script from us.
Que. Will Oyelabs offer customization services for this Glovo clone script?
Ans. Yes, Oyelabs will be offering a free customization service to help you make the Glovo clone app as per your business plan and requirements.
كيو. كيف ستضمن شركة Oyelabs الحفاظ على سرية فكرة عملي؟
الجواب. لدى Oyelabs سياسة توقيع NDA لضمان بقاء فكرة عملك سرية تمامًا ومحمية بشكل جيد من السرقة.
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