Threads Clone

Threads Clone

Launch your text-based social media app like Threads

Threads clone to launch your own social media app. Become the new leader in the social media industry with your text-based conversation app. Our social app script is loaded with new-gen features and functionalities to help you maximize business growth opportunities. 

Threads clone
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Threads Clone – Start Your Social Media Business

The global social media app business is flourishing and it is projected to keep growing for the foreseeable future. So, if you are an entrepreneur looking to enter the lucrative online social networking and messaging market this is your opportunity.

The Threads clone app by Oyelabs helps you launch an online social media app like Threads. From seamless sign-ups to custom stories features, 100% personalization, full control of the source code, and free support and maintenance service for a reasonable time, you can have it all at Oyelabs.

Thread Creation and Management
Bookmarking and Favorites
Plus Membership
Long Video Posts
Threads clone view user profile screen

Threads Clone Script

Version 1.1

Sicht Demo

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Features Integrated into Our Threads Clone App


Einfache Anmeldung
Users can sign up and log in to the app using their email, phone number, or social media accounts.
Thread Creation and Management
Users can create and join threads based on their interests, preferences, and location. They can also edit, delete, or archive their threads as needed.
Search and Discovery
Users can search for and discover new threads, users, and content using keywords, filters, and recommendations.
Bookmarking and Favorites
Users can bookmark and save their favorite threads, users, and content for later access and reference.
Threads clone user app features
Threads clone admin panel features

Funktionen des Admin-Panels

Admins can view, edit, delete, or ban users and their profiles, as well as monitor their activity and feedback.
Content Moderation
Admins can review, approve, reject, or remove any content posted by users, such as threads, comments, images, videos, etc.
Customization and Configuration
Admins can customize and configure the app's appearance, functionality, and settings, such as themes, logos, languages, categories, etc.
Admins can access and analyze various metrics and data related to the app's performance, usage, and revenue, such as user demographics, engagement, retention, conversion, etc.


IP Whitelisting and Blacklisting
The app can allow or deny access to users based on their IP addresses, to prevent unauthorized or malicious access.
Account Recovery Options
Users can reset or recover their passwords or accounts using their email, phone number, or security questions, in case they forget or lose them.
Profile Verification
Users can verify their identity and profile using their email, phone number, or social media accounts, to increase their credibility and trustworthiness.
Audit Logs
The app can record and store all the actions and events performed by users and admins, such as login, logout, create, edit, delete, etc., to ensure accountability and transparency.
Threads clone security features

Add-ons, die Ihnen beim Führen helfen in the Social Networking Domain

  • Mehrsprachig

    Users can choose from multiple languages to use the app and communicate with other users, making it more accessible and inclusive.

  • Mention or Tag Other Users

    Allow users to mention and tag other users in their posts and comments, making it more interactive and engaging.

  • Long Video Posts

    Allow users to upload and share long video posts, making them more expressive and creative.

  • Polls

    Users can create and participate in polls to gather opinions and feedback from other users, making it more fun and informative.

  • Voice Threads

    Users can create and join voice threads to talk and listen to other users, making it more lively and authentic.

  • Plus Membership

    You can offer your premium features to the users through a plus membership plan.

  • Report User

    Users can report and flag other users who violate the app’s rules and policies.

  • Direct Messaging

    Users can send and receive private messages with other users, making them more personal and intimate.

  • Edit Posts

    Offer the users an option to edit and update their posts and comments, making them more accurate and relevant.

  • Mitteilungen

    Users can receive push notifications on their devices when they have new messages, mentions, comments, likes, follows, tips, etc.

Our Robust Threads Clone is for Varied Plattformen



Our Threads clone app script can deliver a premium and credible text-based social web platform loaded with key features.


Our Threads clone script can be used to develop a high-functioning, 100% customizable online social media app for iOS.
Android App


Craft a powerful social networking app like Threads for Android using our clone that is high-functioning, and loaded with exciting features.


YoSay (Threads Clone) social media app

Stacy Jones / Co-founder

“Exceptional social media app development by Oyelabs! Innovative features, stunning UI, and responsive support team. They helped us develop our Threads clone. Elevate your brand with their expertise!”
Trendy tingling (Threads clone)

Chris Archer / Product Lead

“Thrilled with the social media app developed by Oyelabs! Customized solution, smooth functionality, and on-time delivery. They understand our vision perfectly!”
Qbuddy (Threads clone) social networking app

Anthony Martin / CEO

“Kudos to Oyelabs for their stellar Threads-like social media app development! Seamless navigation, top-notch security, and personalized features. Our users love it!”

Technologies Used in Our Threads Clone App

clone Tech stack

Experience a Seamless Purchase and Delivery Process at Oyelabs Clone



Wir beginnen damit, Ihre Anforderungen zu verstehen, die Ihren bevorzugten Installationsserver, den idealen Serverstandort für Ihre Zielgruppe, die Backup-Strategie und mehr umfassen.


Im nächsten Schritt integriert unser Team Ihre Markenlogos, Bilder und Themenfarben nahtlos und sorgt so für ein benutzerfreundliches und hocheffektives Design.


Although we offer a ready-to-launch Threads clone, this phase is necessary to implement your preferred changes in the community building app script.


Wir verwenden einen strengen Testprozess, um sicherzustellen, dass die Lösung völlig fehlerfrei ist und alle Ihre Geschäftsanforderungen erfüllt, bevor sie auf den von Ihnen angeforderten Servern bereitgestellt wird.


With the green light from our quality analysts, we move on to the deployment process, ensuring your social media app is launched accurately and runs flawlessly.
Technical support

Support und Wartung

We offer support and maintenance services including technical and bug support to ensure that your social networking app continues to meet your business goals.

Arbeitsablauf of Our Threads Clone App

Benutzer Registration

Benutzer Registration

Users can sign up and log in to the app using their email, phone number, or social media accounts. They can also choose their preferred language.
profile creation


Users can edit their profiles, adding their name, bio, photo, location, interests, etc. They can also view and manage their posts, messages, and more.
Hochladen von Inhalten

Inhalte hochladen

Users can upload and share various types of content, such as text, images, videos, voice, etc. They can also create and join threads based on their interests.


In our Threads-like microblogging app users can interact and engage with other users’ content, such as liking, commenting, following, mentioning, reporting, etc.
Content discovery


It is easy to search for and discover new threads, users, and content using keywords, filters, and recommendations. Users can also participate in polls and quizzes.


Users can view and track their activity log, which records and stores all the actions and events they performed on the app, such as login, logout, and other activities.

Was unsere Plattform ausmacht Der beste

Deal Redemption


Recognizing the value of time, our Threads clone prioritizes simplicity. Quick and easy access to user data prevents frustration and promotes seamless navigation, discouraging users from exploring alternatives.


Eliminate the waiting game. Our Threads-like social app emphasizes swift performance, avoiding lengthy loading screens. The streamlined design ensures smooth and rapid functionality without compromising on data volume.
Technical support


Say goodbye to lengthy development periods. Our ready-to-launch social networking app script minimizes your wait, providing a robust solution promptly. Enjoy a 100% customization option without the extended timeline.

Erstklassige Sicherheit

In an era of escalating online threats, security is paramount. Our text-based social app prioritizes top-tier security, crucial for safeguarding personal, sensitive, or financial information stored within the application.

Social Media App Market – Statistics, Growth, and Trends

Threads App by Instagram is a global sensation in the social media app market. It reached 1 million users in an hour, making it the fastest-growing app ever. In just 24 hours, Threads users created more than 95 million posts. In 2023, it has 141 million users worldwide, with 73 million of them active every month.


Warum uns wählen?

  • Unterstützung- Unser Expertenteam bietet unseren Kunden während des gesamten Entwicklungsprozesses technische Unterstützung Dies deckt alle Bugs, Fehler oder Probleme auf der Plattform ab for a reasonable time period after the launch of their social media platform.
  • 100% Eigentum- We ensure you get 100% ownership of the Threads clone community-building app by offering you the complete licensed source code.
  • Sicherheit- Bei Oyelabs liegt unser Hauptaugenmerk auf der Sicherheit. Wir befolgen die Best Practices, um sicherzustellen, dass Sie, Ihre Zielgruppe, Ihre Lösung und Ihr Unternehmen risikofrei bleiben.
  • Transparenz- Transparenz schafft Vertrauen. Wir teilen offen unsere Prozesse, Werte und Erfolge, um eine starke, ehrliche Verbindung zu unseren Kunden aufzubauen.
  • Kundenorientiert- Unser unerschütterlicher Fokus auf Ihre Bedürfnisse und Ihre Zufriedenheit bestimmt jede unserer Entscheidungen. Ihr Erfolg ist unsere Priorität und wir sind bestrebt, Ihre Erwartungen zu übertreffen.
  • Pünktliche Lieferung- Wir respektieren Ihre Zeit und versprechen einen pünktlichen Service, um sicherzustellen, dass Ihre Projekte wie geplant geliefert werden, wobei Zuverlässigkeit und Effizienz für uns im Vordergrund stehen.
  • Geheimhaltung- Ihre Privatsphäre steht an erster Stelle. Wir halten die strengsten Vertraulichkeitsstandards ein, schützen Ihre sensiblen Daten und stellen sicher, dass Ihr Vertrauen in uns stets gewahrt bleibt.

Making a Difference Beyond Business.

As a people-centric organization, our success is intervened with the well being and growth of the Individuals we collaborate with. We thrive when our partners associates flourishes.


Other Social Media Solutions

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Oyelabs presents a suite of ready-made solutions designed for seamless work across diverse industries. Our user-friendly products ensure efficiency and ease, making your tasks hassle-free.

Entfesseln Sie das wahre Potenzial Ihres Unternehmens,
With Our Threads Clone App – Starting at $3999 $2999


Que. After purchasing the Threads clone app script will I get complete ownership of the source code?
Ans. Yes, once you buy the Threads clone script from us we will provide you the entire license based source code.
Que. Does the Threads clone script support multiple languages?
Ans. Yes, our Threads clone app supports multiple languages. The script is mainly focused on the English language. But we can integrate any language you prefer.
Que. Does this Threads-inspired clone script support multiple payment options?
Ans. Yes, our Threads-like app script supports multiple payment options e.g. cash, credit or debit card, wallet or any other online mode of payment.
Que. Is this social networking app script of Oyelabs available on GitHub?
Ans. No, our Threads-like app script is exclusive for those who buy it from us. It is not available for free on any platform.
Que. How can I signup/login into the app?
Ans. A user can choose the signup/login process from phone number and password or social media accounts.
Que. What technology is used in the social networking app?
Ans. The tech stack for backend consists of php, laravel, mysql, native app, node.js. You can request complete tech stack from our team.
Que. Will Oyelabs offer support for this solution?
Ans. Yes, Oyelabs will be offering you support for 30 days when you buy this clone script.
Que. Bietet Oyelabs einen Service zur Integration individueller Funktionen an?
Ans. Yes, we do offer custom feature integration once you buy the Threads clone from us. After that our expert developers will integrate all the features you need.
Que. Will Oyelabs support me in upgrading the social media app?
Ans. Yes, whenever you feel like upgrading the Threads-like social media app with new features and technologies just contact Oyelabs and our experts will perform the renovation for you.
Que. Wie schützt Oyelabs meine Geschäftsidee?
Antwort. Oyelabs weiß, wie wertvoll Ihre Geschäftsidee ist, deshalb haben wir eine NDA-Unterzeichnungsrichtlinie. Wir unterzeichnen die NDA-Vereinbarung, um unseren Kunden sicherzustellen, dass ihre Geschäftsidee bei uns gesichert ist.
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