UberEats Clone – Fully Functional Food Delivery App

UberEats Clone

Start Your Food Delivery Business with Our Ready-To-Go UberEats Clone Script

Seize your opportunity in the rising demand and growing industry of on-demand food applications with our 100% customizable UberEats clone app.

UberEats clone
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UberEats Clone – Make Your Food Delivery Startup Idea a Reality

The on-demand food delivery industry is at its peak currently and is still expected to grow more in the coming years. Our 100% customizable, feature-enriched, and white-label UberEats clone brings you the perfect opportunity to transform your food delivery business idea into a reality.

Multiple Restaurants
Multiple Order Deliveries
Takeaway Option
Restaurant Status
UberEats Clone - Food delivery app script

UberEats Clone Script

Version 1.1
UberEats Clone Online food ordering app
UberEats Clone Food delivery solution

Preloaded Features of Our UberEats Clone

Funktionen der Kunden-App

Customized Orders
Customers get the option to customize their order by requesting to remove or add specific ingredients to their ordered food.
Once the order is booked a customer will be able to track his order live directly from the food ordering app.
Customers will be able to place orders for home delivery and even in a takeaway mode in this UberEats-like app.
Order History & Reorder
Customers can view their previous orders and will have the option to reorder in our UberEats clone solution.
UberEats Clone Customer App Features
UberEats Clone Restaurant owner and driver app features

Restaurant Owner & Driver App Features

Online/Offline Mode
Restaurant owners and drivers will have the option to mark themselves as available or unavailable on the food delivery platform.
Accept/Reject Delivery
Restaurant owners and drivers will have complete control over accepting or rejecting an order from the customer.
Menu Creation
Restaurant owners will be able to upload or create their custom menus to inform the customers about their delicious offerings.
Both the drivers and restaurant owners will be able to track their earnings from the platform using the earnings feature.

Funktionen des Admin-Panels

Customer Management
The admin can track and manage all the customers and access their details available on the platform.
The admin can track, monitor, and manage drivers’ activities and their details available on the app.
Restaurant Management
The admin will have all the data of the restaurants like owner name, contact details, and address on the dashboard.
Revenue Management
The admin will be able to trace and monitor all the transactions taking place on the UberEats clone app.
UberEats clone Admin panel features

Spannende Add-Ons for Your UberEats Clone

  • Multiple Order Single Delivery

    A restaurant owner can assign a driver multiple orders on a single trip around the same locations.

  • Mitteilungen

    Add push notifications – the best way to keep your users hooked to your food delivery app, UberEats clone.

  • Multiple Language

    Don’t limit your food delivery business’ potential, add multiple languages and target a global audience.

  • Report & Analytics

    Integrate a report and analytic feature into your platform’s admin panel and get detailed reports and figures.

  • Easy Search Bar

    Improve your food delivery app’s user experience by adding an easy search bar for the users.

  • Multi-Payment-Gateway

    Offer your users flexibility in transactions by integrating multiple payment gateways into your food delivery app like UberEats.

  • Chatbot

    Integrate a chatbot into the solution to simplify the customer query-solving process and optimize the user experience.

  • Multiple Currencies

    To target a wider audience base adding multiple currencies is necessary to your UberEats-like on-demand food delivery app.

  • In-App-Chat

    Improve the communication between service providers and customers by integrating an in-app chat feature.

  • Bewerten und bewerten

    Allow your users to share their feedback on the received service or the customers via a rate and review feature.

Our UberEats Clone is for Mehrere Plattformen



Our food delivery app script can deliver a premium and credible on-demand food delivery web platform/portal loaded with key features.


Our clone script can be used to develop a high-functioning, 100% customizable, and scalable online food delivery app for iOS.
Android App


Our UberEats-like app can be used to develop a high-functioning, 100% customizable, and scalable online food delivery app for Android.


Rapid Bites services

Arthur Jacobs / CEO

"Working with Oyelabs for our UberEats-like food delivery app development was an absolute pleasure. Along with an enthusiastic team atmosphere, they really added a personal touch that made the whole process feel effortless. The team at Oyelabs took the time to understand our business needs and worked with us every step of the way to ensure that we were happy with the end result."
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Graeme Lewis / Co-Founder

“Oyelabs' food delivery app development services are unparalleled. Not only did they deliver a top-notch app, but their customer support is also outstanding. Whatever the issue is, they have someone who can address it. Their team is knowledgeable, responsive, and dedicated to ensuring that their clients are satisfied with the end result. We highly recommend Oyelabs!”
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Anna Martinez / CTO

“I cannot recommend Oyelabs enough for their food delivery app development services. They have the trifecta of being cost-effective, good, and fast. The app they developed for our business was exactly what we needed and more. It was easy to use, had all the necessary features, and was visually appealing. Oyelabs is the one to go for food delivery app development services.”

Wie funktioniert unser UberEats Clone App Work?

Benutzer Registration


Ein Benutzer muss sein Konto mit grundlegenden Informationen wie seiner E-Mail-ID oder Kontaktnummer, seinem Namen, seinem Standort und mehr erstellen. Er muss sich mit einem an seine E-Mail-Adresse oder Kontaktnummer gesendeten OTP verifizieren.


Ein Anbieter muss sein Konto genau wie der Benutzer erstellen und sein Dokument hochladen, um sich zu verifizieren. Der Administrator wird dann einen Blick darauf werfen, bevor er ihn für die Plattform verifiziert.


A customer can easily select the restaurant and then book his order from the app. He will be required to share his address and select the payment mode to book the order.


Once the order is booked the user will be able to track the driver's location live via the mobile app itself. Similarly, the driver will be able to track the customer's address using the app.


At the end of the service both the customer and provider will receive a detailed invoice of the costs. The customer will have the option to pay via the app directly.
App History


Both the customer and driver will have the option to check their past orders and invoices directly from the UberEats clone platform. They can also report about the service directly from there.

Technologies Used In Our UberEats Clone App

clone Tech stack

Entwicklungsprozess We Follow for our UberEats Clone



Wir beginnen damit, Ihre Anforderungen zu verstehen, die Ihren bevorzugten Installationsserver, den idealen Serverstandort für Ihre Zielgruppe, die Backup-Strategie und mehr umfassen.


In the next stage, our team will seamlessly integrate your brand logos, images, and theme color, ensuring a user-friendly and highly effective design for your app.


Yes, we offer a ready-to-launch UberEats clone script, but the development phase is necessary to implement the changes needed in the script as per your business requirements.


We use a rigorous testing process to ensure that the food delivery solution is completely free of bugs and meets all of your specifications before it is deployed on your requested servers.


As soon as the quality team gives us the green signal we will proceed to the deployment process, ensuring the app is smoothly deployed and runs as you have wanted.
support & maintenance

Support und Wartung

We offer free support and maintenance services for a reasonable time including technical support, and bug support to ensure that your app continues to meet your business goals.

Why Our Readymade UberEats Clone Über kundenspezifische Entwicklung?

Kosteneffiziente App


Custom development is highly expensive as it is a lengthy process but we are offering our UberEats clone app at a budget-friendly price.


Capitalizing on the ongoing trend of on-demand food delivery services can be difficult with a slow development but not with our solution.
weißes Etikett

Weißes Etikett

When you buy our UberEats-like app script we offer you a free white-labeling service to make the on-demand taxi booking app a reflection of your brand.


Oyelabs unterzeichnet eine Vertraulichkeitsvereinbarung, bevor es sich auf geschäftliche Gespräche einlässt, damit Ihre Geschäftsinformationen bei uns absolut vertraulich bleiben.

On-Demand Food Ordering – Statistics, Growth, and Trends

On-demand food ordering is thriving in the United States, fueled by the allure of convenient online meal options. The Online Food Delivery market is poised to hit US$353.30 billion in 2024, boasting a robust 10.91% annual growth rate.

Globally, China takes the lead with an estimated revenue of US$448.90bn in 2024. The meal delivery market anticipates 192.6m users by 2028, with a noteworthy 51.0% user penetration in 2024. This surge is attributed to the increasing demand for hassle-free meal solutions amidst busy lifestyles.


Warum wählen Oyelabs for Your UberEats Clone?

  • Unterstützung- Unser Expertenteam bietet unseren Kunden während des gesamten Entwicklungsprozesses technische Unterstützung Dies deckt alle Bugs, Fehler oder Probleme auf der Plattform ab for a reasonable time period after the launch of their online food delivery app.
  • 100% Eigentum- We ensure you get 100% ownership of the UberEats clone platform by offering you the complete licensed source code.
  • Sicherheit- Bei Oyelabs liegt unser Hauptaugenmerk auf der Sicherheit. Wir befolgen die Best Practices, um sicherzustellen, dass Sie, Ihre Zielgruppe, Ihre Lösung und Ihr Unternehmen risikofrei bleiben.
  • Transparenz- Transparenz schafft Vertrauen. Wir teilen offen unsere Prozesse, Werte und Erfolge, um eine starke, ehrliche Verbindung zu unseren Kunden aufzubauen.
  • Kundenorientiert- Unser unerschütterlicher Fokus auf Ihre Bedürfnisse und Ihre Zufriedenheit bestimmt jede unserer Entscheidungen. Ihr Erfolg hat für uns Priorität und wir sind bestrebt, Ihre Erwartungen zu übertreffen.
  • Pünktliche Lieferung- Wir respektieren Ihre Zeit und versprechen einen pünktlichen Service, um sicherzustellen, dass Ihre Projekte wie geplant geliefert werden, wobei Zuverlässigkeit und Effizienz für uns im Vordergrund stehen.
  • Geheimhaltung- Ihre Privatsphäre steht an erster Stelle. Wir halten die strengsten Vertraulichkeitsstandards ein, schützen Ihre sensiblen Daten und stellen sicher, dass Ihr Vertrauen in uns stets gewahrt bleibt.

Making a Difference Beyond Business.

As a people-centric organization, our success is intervened with the well being and growth of the Individuals we collaborate with. We thrive when our partners associates flourishes.


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Oyelabs presents a suite of ready-made solutions designed for seamless work across diverse industries. Our user-friendly products ensure efficiency and ease, making your tasks hassle-free.

Entfesseln Sie das wahre Potenzial Ihres Unternehmens,
With Our UberEats Clone – Starting at $5999 $2499


Que. What is the UberEats clone script?
Ans. UberEats clone script is the replica of the original on-demand food delivery app UberEats with the original features and functionalities as well as the new ones.
Que. Is this UberEats clone completely customizable?
Ans. Yes, our UberEats clone script is 100% customizable so you can add any feature or functionality you need in your online food ordering platform.
Que. Can I buy this UberEats clone script from anywhere else?
Ans. No, you can buy this UberEats clone script only from Oyelabs.
Que. Can I resell the clone script after purchasing from Oyelabs?
Ans. No, you can’t resell the clone script after purchasing from Oyelabs.
Que. Will I get complete ownership of the food delivery app?
Ans. Yes, you will get 100% ownership of the food delivery app.
Que. Will I get any free support services if I buy the script?
Ans. Yes, you will get free support and maintenance services from Oyelabs for a reasonable period of time if you purchase the clone script from us.
Que. Wird Oyelabs die Anpassung anbieten?
Ans. Yes, Oyelabs will be offering the customization service to help you make the UberEats-like clone app as per your requirements.
Que. Wie stellt Oyelabs sicher, dass meine Geschäftsidee vertraulich bleibt?
Antwort. Oyelabs verfügt über eine NDA-Unterzeichnungsrichtlinie, um sicherzustellen, dass Ihre Geschäftsidee absolut vertraulich und gut vor Diebstahl geschützt bleibt.
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