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Reduce Your Time-To-Market With Readymade Pinduoduo Clone

Readymade Pinduoduo Clone To Reshape Your E-Commerce Business

Are you planning to make your e-commerce business online? But afraid of the fact that developing all the modules like apps and websites for buyers, vendors, and admins will take time.

Here is our ready-to-launch Pinduoduo clone with all the modules included. Reduce your time to market and make an impactful entrance.

Pinduoduo Clone

Create An Impact With New-Age Pinduoduo Clone

Our Pinduoduo clone comes with all the must-have features pre-integrated. Apart from the pre-integrated features you get the option to modify the app as you want by integrating more features and functionalities as our clone script is 100% customizable.

Capitalize on the new group buying concept and make an impactful entry into the business domain with our white-label PInduoduo clone. Launch your own Pinduoduo-like shopping app within 1-2 weeks.

A Quick Look Into Our Pinduoduo Clone Features

  • Easy Registration & Login- Our Pinduoduo clone comes with a simple registration and login process. Users just need to provide their basic details like name, phone number, email, and a few more and they can easily create their account.
  • Personalized Homepage- Our Pinduoduo clone can offer a personalized homepage to users based on their activities on the platform.
  • Group Buying- Users will have the flexibility of the group buying feature to enjoy the discounted price of items.
  • Purchase Record- Users have the option to track and view their own order history from the platform.
  • Daily Deals- Showcase the best deals of the day in the daily deals section of your Pinduoduo clone app.
  • Multi-Language- Our Pinduoduo clone can help you become a global business by removing the language barrier.
  • Multi-Payment Gateways- To offer the end users the flexibility of multiple payment gateways we made our Pinduoduo clone compatible with several payment gateways.

What Are the Features Of Our Pinduoduo Clone?

Buyer App

Group Buying
The most important feature being a Pinduoduo clone is the group buying feature. Our Pinduoduo clone script comes with this feature preloaded.
Compartiendo socialmente
In order to maximize the benefits of the group buying feature we have integrated a social sharing feature for the end users or buyers to share the items with their friends or families on social media platforms.
Búsqueda fácil
In order to simplify the product searching process for the buyers our Pinduoduo clone script is integrated with an easy search feature. It will help the buyers search for the product using the keyword.
Searching for a product using a keyword will offer a huge search result for the buyers. So to shorten their search time we have integrated filters using which buyers can search the specific products more easily in our Pinduoduo clone app.
Rastreo de orden
Buyers can track the items once they placed the orders in our Pinduoduo clone.
Monedero en la aplicación
To enhance the buying experience of the buyers we have included an in-app wallet in our Pinduoduo clone script.
Revisión de tasas
Once purchased users can rate and review the specific items in our Pinduoduo clone app.
Pinduoduo Clone- e-commerce Vendor app features

Vendors App

Vendor Dashboard
Vendors will have the luxury of a vendor dashboard feature in our Pinduoduo clone.
Gestión de productos
Vendors will have the flexibility of product management features which will be helpful for them in adding, editing, or even deleting products.
Gestión de pedidos
Vendors can easily view, update, and manage orders using the order management features integrated in our Pinduoduo clone app.
Customizable Store Page
Vendors will have the features to create their unique store page designs and even manage their branding.
La gestión del inventario
Vendors can manage their inventory with features to view, update, and management features in our Pinduoduo clone.
Vendors will get their sales, and revenue data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to assess their performance in the Pinduoduo clone platform.

Características del panel de administración

Gestión de usuarios
In order to keep track of the user activities and make the platform safe for everyone a user management feature will be available for admins in our Pinduoduo clone.
Gestión de productos
The admin will be able to add or remove any product from the clone app as they will have the product management features as well.
Vendor Account Verification
Admin will get the feature to approve or decline a vendor account request based on the details
Commission Management
Admin will get control of setting commissions from vendors in our Pinduoduo clone app.
Gestión de disputas
The admin can easily manage and resolve disputes between buyers and vendors as our Pinduoduo clone script is integrated with advanced dispute management features.
Rating & Reviews Management
Admin can go through the ratings and reviews of vendors to make the platform better by removing the specific vendors with bad service.
To monitor the activities and transactions on your platform admin will have this feature to get a detailed analytic report.
Pinduoduo clone app admin panel features
Pinduoduo clone - add on features for ecommerce platform

Complementos emocionantes We Offer For Pinduoduo Clone

Multi lenguaje
As our Pinduoduo clone is mainly focused on the English language you can choose this add-on to integrate more languages based on your target audience.
Live Chat
To enhance the communication between vendors and buyers a live-chat feature can be a game changer for your Pinduoduo clone.
We can gamify your Pinduoduo clone to optimize user engagement and interaction.
Integración de terceros
We can add third-party integrations for logistics providers to enhance the vendor’s selling experience on your Pinduoduo clone app.
AR/VR can offer the users a clear understanding of the product they are planning to buy and it can surely improve your Pinduoduo app’s user experience.
Popular Stores
A popular store section can be a great addition to your Pinduoduo clone where all the best-selling stores can be listed for the buyer.
Notificación de inserción
Announce the offers, discounts, and sale details through the push notification add-on.

Benefits You Can Avail With Pinduoduo Clone App


Listo para lanzar

You get a ready-to-launch setup with all the modules you need in our Pinduoduo clone.

Fácil de usar

Our Pinduoduo clone is integrated with a very unique, and user-friendly UI so it automatically enhances the user experience.


Being customizable our solution can be integrated with renege payment gateways both national and international. Moreover, you can do third-party integrations for logistics support and more.


Our Pinduoduo clone is designed to handle huge traffic and a large number of products. So your e-commerce app is ensured to offer a smooth and seamless user experience.

Cómo construimos Your Pinduoduo Clone?

  • 1. Requirement Assessment
    To understand your requirements and future plans for the Pinduoduo clone we start by conducting a meeting with you. Here we will identify your requirements and later we assess them and plan a roadmap for the Pinduoduo clone development.
  • 2. Diseño
    Once the requirements are identified and the plan is ready we will assign our best design experts to create unique and all-feature-included designs for your Pinduoduo clone app.
  • 3. Desarrollo
    After the designs get ready and approved by you our developers will start performing their roles. They will utilize the latest versions of each required technology to build your Pinduoduo clone app.
  • 4. Pruebas
    We never deliver an untested version of an app to our clients. That’s why our QA experts will perform rigorous testing on your Pinduoduo clone app to verify its compatibility, reliability, and functionality.
  • 5. Despliegue
    Once we get approval from the QA team we will launch the app on all the platforms you selected.
  • 6. Soporte y mantenimiento
    Oyelabs will also offer you 30 days of free support and maintenance services for your Pinduoduo clone if you have purchased the clone script from us.
plan de negocios mvp

Why Oyelabs As Your Pinduoduo Clone Development Partner?

  • Envío gratuito de aplicaciones- Oyelabs not only offers you quality app development but also provides you free service in submitting your app to your selected platforms.
  • Support & Maintenance- Oyelabs looks to establish long-term business relationships with its clients. That’s why nuestro equipo de expertos also offers support and maintenance services for your solution for a reasonable period if you purchase our clone script.
  • Etiqueta blanca- We ensure the clone you own is completely white label and you don’t face any legal issues. We integrate your brand image, logo, and even theme color to white label the clone app.
  • 100% Customizable Script- We understand that a readymade solution may have some of the functionalities you wish to have in your app. That’s why we have built our clone script 100% customizable so you can add any feature you want.
  • Complete Ownership- Oyelabs ensures you are the sole owner of your clone by providing you with the entire license-based source code.
  • Complete Package- If you are purchasing the Pinduoduo clone from Oyelabs you will get the complete package with all the modules you need to run a successful business.

Making a Difference Beyond Business.

As a people-centric organization, our success is intervened with the well being and growth of the Individuals we collaborate with. We thrive when our partners associates flourishes.


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preguntas frecuentes

Que. What is Pinduoduo?
Ans. Pinduoduo is a social e-commerce platform that allows users to buy items in a team-buying model, and where customers have the option to use social media to create their shopping team and enjoy the discounted price.
Que. What is a Pinduoduo clone?
Ans. The Pinduoduo clone is a replica of the original Pinduoduo app. Our Pinduoduo clone is integrated with all the essential as well as luxurious features. Moreover, our clone script is completely customizable and white label.
Que. Is this Pinduoduo clone script available anywhere else?
Ans. No, Oyelabs is the only source for this Pinduoduo clone script. So you can buy it from us only.
Que. Is this Pinduoduo clone script compatible with multiple payment gateways?
Ans. Yes, our Pinduoduo clone script is compatible with multiple payment gateways.
Que. Will I get complete ownership of the Pinduoduo Clone?
Ans. Yes, we will give you the entire license-based source code of the Pinduoduo clone app if you purchase the clone script from us.
Que. Is this Pinduoduo clone script compatible with multiple languages?
Ans. Yes, our Pinduoduo clone is multi-language compatible.
Que. Can I add custom features to this Pinduoduo clone app?
Ans. Yes, as our Pinduoduo clone script is 100% customizable you can add any custom feature you want.
Que. Will Oyelabs offer any complimentary support and maintenance services with the Pinduoduo clone script?
Ans. Yes, Oyelabs will offers you free support and maintenance services for the Pinduoduo clone app for a reasonable time, if you have purchased its clone script from us.
What. ¿Existe alguna política de NDA en Oyelabs?
Ans. Yes, we have an NDA policy at Oyelabs. We sign the agreement even before indulging in a conversation so that your business idea stays safe.
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