A Complete Guide on Clinikk and Its Business Model

A Complete Guide on Clinikk and Its Business Model


A Complete Guide on Clinikk and Its Business Model

Last Updated on October 12, 2022

The Healthcare industry has experienced a mammoth growth in technology usage. Technology has led a revolution in the industry to maximize health benefits for everyone.

Apps for healthcare services are one of the major trends observed in recent times. Clinikk is one of the major examples of online healthcare apps. We will learn about Clinikk in detail and analyze why it is getting the user preference.

What Is A Healthcare App?

We will begin from the very beginning on this topic. So let’s start with understanding the concept of healthcare apps. 

Healthcare apps are a platform offering different types of medical services like insurance, doctor consultation, medicine orders, and scheduling medical tests. Reports suggest that global mobile healthcare apps will reach a value of $314.60 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 34.8%.

Healthcare apps can be categorized into two sections-

  • Professional Healthcare Apps- 
      • Apps For Medical Reference And Data
      • Networking App
      • Patient Health Tracking App
      • Doctor’s Appointment Booking App
  • Patients’ Healthcare Apps-
    • Medical Awareness App
    • Reminder App
    • Diagnosis App
    • Healthy Lifestyle App
    • Fitness Apps

What Is Clinikk?

Clinikk is a revolutionary app in the insurance industry. The app offers people subscription-based medical services. One can avail yourself of the benefits of an all-in-one plan as many times as he needs. 

The app however mainly offers health insurance services. One can buy an insurance plan starting at around $19 per month. This plan can be for himself alone or covering 3 other members of his family. 

Dr. Suraj Baliga and Bhavjot Kaur are the founders of Clinikk. They observed the situation of Indian people in medical emergencies and decided to do something for them.

In 2016, they launched Clinikk to offer people affordable health insurance cum all-in-one medical solutions.

How Does The Clinkk App Work?

The founders Bhavjot and Dr. Baliga had experienced the poor condition of Indian Government hospitals. So they decided to do something to offer everyone the opportunity to have proper medical treatment.

They created the company Clinikk which offers poor people insurance at a very affordable cost. The subscription fee model lets poor people have the option to choose any plans ranging from less than $1 to $7.

The ultimate benefit of the plan is that the person buying an insurance plan from Clinikk can add multiple family members to the same plan as well.

Once insurance is bought the buyer can avail of doctor consultation, and lab tests, and even if he needs to be hospitalized the bill will be under the plan in partnered hospitals. The customer can enjoy these facilities with no limitation but only the insurance amount.

Business Model Of Clinikk

  • Key Partners
      • Insurance Companies
      • Doctors
      • Patients
      • Pathology Labs
      • Pharmaceutical Companies
      • Investors
      • Technology Partners
  • Key Activities
      • Software Development
      • Promotion
      • Product And Service Design
      • Managing User Data
  • Value Proposition
      • Patients
      • Doctors
      • Pharmaceutical Companies
      • Pathology Labs
  • Customer Relationships
      • Instant Insurance
      • 24/7 Service
      • Health Channels Offering Videos
      • Clinikk Health Hubs
  • Customer Segment
      • Patients Wanting To Save Money By Having A Plan
      • Pharmaceuticals Companies Looking To Expand Their Business
      • Pathology Labs Trying To Increase Customer Base
      • Insurance Companies To Looking Expand Their Business
  • Key Resources
      • Technology
      • Insurance
      • Doctors
      • Pharmaceutical Companies
      • Pathology Labs
  • Channels
      • Internet
      • App Store
      • Mobile
      • Play Store
      • Website
  • Cost Structure
      • Service Charges And Maintenance Charges As A Subscription Fee
  • Revenue Streams
    • Revenue From Subscriptions
    • Commission From Insurance Companies

How Does Clinikk Generate Revenue?

Clinikk is a subscription-based healthcare app mainly focused on offering health insurance at a reasonably low price. The app mostly generates its revenue from subscription fees. There are multiple categories of plans with different price amounts. People purchase those as per their preferences. 

As these plans almost cover all the needs of a person in the medical aspects, people generally prefer this mode. Clinikk charges some percentage as commission from every purchased insurance from the insurance companies. 

Reports suggest that the Bengaluru-based firm is all set to reach a value of $134 billion in 2022.

What Benefits Are Available In Clinikk Smart Plans?

Clinikk Offers multiple categories of plans offering different sets of benefits for its customers. Let’s check what services are included in each plan-

  • Smart Silver- In this plan the customer will be required to pay 500 INR ($6.26) per month. This plan includes-
      • Free Doctor Consultation (In Person & Virtually)
      • Prescribed Lab Tests with a 30% discount
      • Prescribed Medicines with a 30% discount
  • 500,000 INR ($6263.68) Health Insurance
  • Smart Gold- If a customer buys this plan he will be paying 650 INR ($8.14) per month. The plan contains-
      • Free Doctor Consultation (In Person & Virtually)
      • Free Prescribed Lab Tests 
      • Free Prescribed Medicines
  • 500,000 INR ($6263.68) Health Insurance
  • Smart Diamond- In this plan, a customer needs to pay 800 INR ($10.2) per month. This plan consists of benefits like-
      • Free Doctor Consultation (In Person & Virtually)
      • Free Prescribed Lab Tests
      • Free Prescribed Medicines with
  • 500,000 INR ($6263.68) Health Insurance
      • Specialist Care
  • Smart Senior- This is for most senior citizens. Customers will be required to pay 800 INR ($10.2) per month. Customer gets-
    • Free Doctor Consultation (In Person & Virtually)
    • Free Prescribed Lab Tests
    • Free Prescribed Medicines with
    • Specialist Care
Trends To Focus on While Creating A Healthcare App

In case you are planning on developing a healthcare app, I will be introducing you to the modern-day trends in healthcare app development.

  • IoT Integration- IoT is a technology that connects physical objects with the internet. It is extremely helpful in connecting two different devices and sharing data easily. 

In 2022 wearable fitness trackers are one of the most preferred things among people. These trackers help in step counting, calories burnt, heart rate, sleep monitoring, and identifying blood oxygen levels. So similarly, IoT can be utilized where doctors can track and record health-related data.

  • Blockchain- Anything that is available on the internet or through the internet is at threat of cyber attack. So increasing the security standard of a healthcare app must be a top priority. Blockchain is one of the most preferred technologies for implementing the highest standard of security in applications.
  • AI/ML Modules- AI and ML are two of the most critical parts of healthcare app development. Be it smart operating rooms, placing healthcare devices with AI or ML, or even updating the orthodox system with AI, these technologies are significantly helpful in healthcare app development.
  • Cloud-Based Solutions- Medical services are in extreme need of recording data and storing them. So, a large portion of data is often a challenge for healthcare service providers. Cloud-based solutions help in mitigating the trouble of storing huge amounts of data. Cloud solutions are not only helpful in storing the data but organizing them as well.
  • Telemedicine- Telemedicine is one of the fastest-growing sectors now. This industry is quite helpful for people residing in or around the countryside. As proper healthcare systems are mostly not available in the countryside, telemedicine acts as a lifesaver for them. 

Major Challenges In Healthcare App Development

Healthcare apps are crucial in terms of the seriousness of the cause they will be used for. So it is common that there are challenges in developing a healthcare app. Here are a few of the major challenges you can face while developing a healthcare app-

  • Handling Big Data- As said earlier, data is quite crucial for the healthcare industry. Managing and storing data of patients is extremely important for healthcare services. 

Big data helps predict epidemics, growth of living standards, and healing diseases. So basically the demand for patient-centric care has surged and data is the driving force in this. In this scenario, it can be a huge challenge for you to manage the big data to offer satisfactory care.

  • FDA Regulations- FDA has closed apps that have promoted unhealthy lifestyles in the past. To avoid getting banned, following all the regulations is very important. It can be a challenge to follow all regulations and guidelines if you are planning on developing an app for a global audience.
  • Patient Engagement-  Although the competition in offering healthcare services through an app is quite high many apps have already failed, many are failing and many are expected to fail due to poor patient engagement. Missing transparency is the main cause of the failure of all these apps. So it might be a challenge for you while develop a healthcare app.
Let Oyelabs Help You Prepare Your Healthcare App

Oyelabs is one of the top-rated IT service providers around the world. We have the reputation of being world-class app developers. We have worked on several projects across businesses from different industries. We have successfully delivered leading-edge healthcare solutions in the past and are working on creating multiple ones currently as well. 

  • Experience- Oyelabs has been actively serving businesses with flexible solutions. We have delivered healthcare solutions mitigating the different needs of our clients. We have an experienced workforce including highly skilled developers, talented designers, and advanced QA teams.
  • Transparent- Oyelabs maintain complete transparency in your healthcare app development process. We keep our clients informed with every update and change (if any) in the planned process.
  • Support And Maintenance- We are open to offering you support and maintenance even after your app is launched. We keep you as our top priority and offer our best standard of services to support your app.

Wrapping Up

So, with all the elaboration and description it is evident that healthcare apps are becoming more preferred by users. These apps can offer on-demand health services to remote areas as well.

Clinikk is one of the most innovative apps in the healthcare industry due to its concept. One can have the luxury of ultimate benefits like- worthy health insurance, free doctor consultation, and free heavily discounted medicines and tests within a single subscription.

In case you are planning on developing a healthcare app, you must understand the needs, target audience, and potential of the selected plan before starting the development. 

We at Oyelabs follow an agile methodology in developing healthcare apps. This methodology makes sure that the process stays flexible and that threats or challenges can be avoided easily. Contact us today to discuss more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Que. What is the cost of developing an app like Clinikk?

Ans. Development cost cannot be predicted without details like the features you want, technologies required, the number of developers to be assigned and the time frame for the project. As we have the experience we can provide you with the average cost which is between $30,000 to $70,000.


Que. Do customers need to spend for lab tests and medicines if they purchase Clinikk’s smart diamond plan?

Ans. No, customers don’t need to spend for lab tests and medicines if they have subscribed to the smart diamond plan of Clinikk.


Que. What is the ideal alternative revenue model for an app like Clinikk?

Ans. Charges per service blended with the subscription model could be an ideal way for an app like Clinikk to generate revenue. The charges must be less for the customers with a subscription. Not offering completely free services can be a good way for more revenue for your healthcare app.

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