Food On Wheel

Food Delivery
Mobile App


Project Timeline


110 Days


7 Members

App Modules

Customer side app, delivery person app, admin panel


On-Demand Food Ordering and Delivery


Restaurants and Meal Delivery


When Adrian contacted us with an on-demand food delivery idea, we were more than happy to help him with his project. And after months of planning, development & strategising – we’ve developed a wonderful food delivery application which is now running successfully in the US market. The concept of the application is pretty simple – the restaurant prepares the orders once the customer orders the meals. In a fixed amount of time, the delivery boy delivers food to the predefined address of the customer.

Problem Statement

People are constantly on the move in the world today and have little or no time to rest and waste their time on food or beverages. People like to do something when they are making their way to work or when they get home from work. A solution must be sought that helps customers to pick and order the items from a restaurant.

With this in mind, the consumer needed an IT company to help them develop the product they expected. We’ve got a picture of that. We also helped them create a convenient solution for both iOS and Android applications for people to order and to import and upgrade menu items at the price of a restaurant’s own website.


When a user browses the app, the client wanted them to have rest to add any food items such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, or add items to a listing. Our developer faced no serious complexity with building that, but with the aid of a senior developer, it got almost completed in a timeline.

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We closely listened to Adrian &  his requirements. And collected their incipient app’s concept and began evaluating the architecture for their business model and target demographic of the ideal food ordering app. Our team was able to take on the project and formulated strategies based on the business situation below:

  • We reported and recommended the right functionality for the business needs of consumers that can be incorporated into the software.
  • Our team built the architecture and user interface to easily and efficiently build the menu section and add order to the cart.
  • To keep it versatile and cost-effective, our experts have used PHP as the backend of their software to deliver new functionality.
  • To produce the app within a given time period, we adopted the module-based agile approach.
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Design & Development Stage

Sketching The Idea

When the client showed an interest in doing business with us the work process started with our expert strategists. When everybody has a consensus on an idea in the team, we all immersed ourselves in the project.

Prototyping & Analysis

We then moved to the pre-engineering phase after approval of the proposal. This is where, with the submission of the resource plan, we discuss the root-level building, detailed review, design approach, technical consulting, and complete the requirements. We articulated the necessary production platforms and systems through the process of prototyping.

UI and UX Design

Design, to us, is something more than just mere aesthetics. It is about features & functionalities. We wanted the clients to have the best online experience in business, so we focused on making the user experience intriguing, addictive, responsive and welcoming.

Development & Implementation

The central component of our production process is sophisticated project management software such as Jira, GitLab and Hubstaff. Our seasoned and professional engineers took the lead and combined the best technologies for a great solution. So that we can refine the code, we updated our routine status regularly.

Final Launch

Our specialists launched the final result on the respective app stores and web browsers after all of the testings has been done and after gradual quality assurance, guaranteeing the passage of the fickle acceptance process and the online store requirements.

Features Explained


Order Placement

Here, interface creativity has led to an interactive navigation menu. This made it easier for consumers to select from a wide variety of menu items and to put an order on the same page themselves. One of the three-click touchpoints became this one-page menu scroller.

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Payment Option

Here the customer is routed to the checkout tab, where payment options for the distribution are valid. The payment is quick, requiring a simple process in which the customer is routed to the payment gateway supported by corresponding debit/credit cards, like mastercard or visa which does all the work.

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Live Tracking

This is the most essential phase where they have the ability to monitor their order until the customer has put an order. Here we have incorporated GPS monitoring system where clubbing the same with the location of the driver would provide detailed information about the estimated arrival time of the item as well as the facilities to monitor the live moment. This helps users to more accurately verify the order status.


In-App Chat

We also implemented live chat options where users can chat with the provider and also with the administrator of the same. This role enables the customer to contact the driver directly in the event that any immediate and relevant information needs to be shared. This also sends a driver’s alert.

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Latest Tech Stack Used

Android: Android Studio 4.x + Java

iOS: Xcode 9 + Swift 5

MS: NodeJS 12, Mysql

API: JSON format

End Results

Through creating and producing this unprecedented mobile app, we successfully pushed this American startup at par with the other startups in the market. For the consumers, this smartphone app arrayed itself in the app store platter and now it is winning hearts in the United States.