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Why Build An Online Education App?

In 2022 everything is influenced by digitalization. Education is not spared as well. But the influence of digitalization on education is beneficial. As per the reports of PRNewswire, the global market size of online educational apps was $37,780 million in 2021 and it is expected to reach $101,330 million within 2028.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, online learning apps have become a normal medium of education. So the chances to earn high revenue from the online platform for learning are high.

Why Build An Online Education App_

Must Have Features For An Online Learning App

Must Have Features For An Online Learning App
  • User’s profile: The user profile is very helpful in providing the learners with an accurately customized learning experience. With the user profile feature, an app can verify the user as well.
  • Gamification: Games are a wonderful way to learn complicated concepts. Children love to play and this is the key tactic in helping them learn in these online educational apps. Mini-games such as numbers games, quizzes, puzzles, and selecting the right picture are a great way to help them learn new things.
  • Community: An educational app must have a community communication feature to help its users in interacting with each other. It helps them in sharing their ideas, and learning experiences and in providing educational content as well.
  • Payment methods: A learning app with different courses and educational content often charges a fee from its users for specific features. So the online learning apps must have different methods of payments to offer the users flexibility in payments. 
  • Availability: A most important condition for reaching a larger audience base is to make the educational app available on both IOS and Android devices.

MLearning App Development Process


Assess Client requirements

Developing an app as per client expectations and future goals regarding the app requires a complete discussion between the experts and the client.
Demo and Development

Demo and Development

Once the UI/UX designs are ready our experts organise a demo presentation of the online educational app to the client for suggestions.Once the client is satisfied with the modifications and demo presentations highly skilled developers of Oyelabs proceed in developing the educational app with the help of latest technologies.
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Deployment and Support

Once the app is verified to be perfect for deployment Oyelabs will upload the app on the client’s desired platform. Even after uploading the app Oyelabs offers its services for support and maintenance of the app to help it stay effective for a longer time.

UI/UX Design

Once the client requirements are assessed our experts proceed with the designing of UI/UX of higher standards for the educational app.

Quality Assurance

After the experts are done with the development quality analyst teams start their job of testing each component of the app to ensure perfect functionality.

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Skill Enhancing App


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FAQs About M learning App Development

What is the estimated cost of developing a m-learning app?
Cost of developing a m-learning app depends on multiple factors like category of the app, specific features, technologies required, number of developers required and timeframe required for the completion of development of the educational app. So there is not any fixed price for developing an m-learning app.
Which guidelines do you follow to maintain safety and confidentiality?
Oyelabs is one of the most reliable app development companies. Our company has the luxury of highly skilled and experienced experts in different areas. We follow encryption mode, online verification mode, access control and watermarking to safeguard the contents.
Do you provide your services to startups?
Oyelabs offers its services not only to industry giants but also for startups. We are happy to offer our services to our clients regardless of their business being a well established one or a budding startup.

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