Merchandise Planning Solution


Moskenes facilitates merchandise planning, strategy and core actions utilising historical, current and forecasted data.

Harry Kavanagh

/ Founder, Moskenes
As your business starts to expand, one of the biggest bottlenecks faced by most entrepreneurs is optimum management of the inventory.

Indeed, it becomes almost impossible to try to manage your company manually as orders grow, and you start to expand through additional distribution channels and into new markets.

So when the owner of the app came to us with his idea of getting an inventory management software developed, we accepted his project with our arms wide open.



Unlike most of the available inventory management tools in the market, our client wanted his tool to be more visually appealing than anything the audience has ever seen. Thus, our job was to make the design of to be usable, reliable & differentiable.
Our team of designers & developers at Oyelabs were able to establish a modern-looking, intuitive & simple to use visual language for
Usable: It should solve the compelling user issues
Reliable: Everything in the tool should work seamlessly and should be transparent
Differentiable: The design should be visually appealing & distinctive
Our end goal with Moskenes was to bring the structural, functional & visual balance out into one single cohesive arrangement, to amplify the productivity an inventory management tool could offer.


  • Smart Merchandise Planning
    Moskenes seamlessly syncs with your existing tools which you use for business and bring the power of automation & simplification to use business activities.
  • Interconnected Sharing Of Smart Data
    With the shared databases comprising information about sales, inventory & orders, it allows you to make intelligent business decisions, using smart insights.
  • Intuitive Analytical Dashboards
    Information is most powerful when it is easy to understand. Thus, Moskenes offers smart analytical dashboards which are segmented on the bases of minutes of details such as your business departments.
  • Cohesive Inventory Planning
    Inventory & producing planning are essential for optimum business growth as they help to avoid delayed manufacturing & cost overruns, thus, with, you could improve your sales forecasts and project scheduling capabilities.

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