Social Media App Development Company

Social Media App Development Company

Craft a seamless social media experience tailored to align with your unique business vision. Launch your on-demand social media app solution, packed with state-of-the-art features for superior functionality and security. With our dedicated social media app development services, create an engaging platform that connects, communicates, and captivates.

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Social Media App Development Market

In today’s interconnected world, the demand for social media applications has surged, as individuals and businesses alike recognize their power to connect, communicate, and share. The Google Play Store and Apple App Store are brimming with social media apps, each offering unique ways to engage and interact.

Recent statistics suggest a bright future for the Social Media App market, with a projected user base of 4.48 billion by 2024, reflecting a consistent growth rate (CAGR 2024-2027) of 8.7%, leading to a substantial user base of over 5.53 billion by 2027. As more people around the globe gain internet access, the potential for social media app development continues to expand.

At Oyelabs Technologies, we excel in providing superior solutions for social media apps, tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Our team is composed of seasoned app developers with a proven history of crafting exceptional social media platforms. Don’t hesitate – reach out to us today to discover more about the top-tier social media app development solutions we offer for your business.

Social Media App Features We Offer

Interact seamlessly with Oyelabs’ social media app services – your portal to a simple and engaging app experience.

User App Features

Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive User Interface

The app boasts a user interface that is designed for ease of use, allowing users to navigate through the platform effortlessly and access features without confusion.
Prompt Notifications

Prompt Notifications

Stay updated with immediate notifications that keep you informed about the latest interactions, such as likes, comments, and shares, ensuring you never miss an update.
Dynamic Content Sharing

Dynamic Content Sharing

Users can freely share a variety of content, including photos, videos, and posts, fostering a vibrant community of interaction and expression.
Enhanced Search Tools

Enhanced Search Tools

The app’s robust search functionality enables users to effortlessly discover and connect with content, groups, and individuals, enhancing the networking experience.
Social media app home screen
Social media app profile screen

Admin App Features

Comprehensive Analytics

Comprehensive Analytics

Administrators have access to sophisticated tools that monitor user engagement and analyze the performance of content, providing valuable insights for strategic decision-making.
Content Moderation System

Content Moderation System

A suite of moderation tools is available to review and regulate user-generated content, helping to maintain the quality and appropriateness of the material shared.
Detailed Reporting Mechanism

Detailed Reporting Mechanism

Generate in-depth reports on app usage and growth metrics, giving admins a clear picture of the app’s progress and areas for improvement.
Effective User Management

Effective User Management

Admins can efficiently manage user accounts and set permissions, ensuring a smooth operation of the social media platform and maintaining order.

Social Media Business Models We Serve

We help solving all purpose requirements of your social media app development

Ad-Based Model

Ad-Based Model

Platforms display targeted ads, earning revenue based on user engagement and clicks.
Subscription Model

Subscription Model

Users pay a regular fee for access to exclusive features or ad-free experiences.
Freemium Model

Freemium Model

Basic services are free; advanced features or add-ons are available at a premium.
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Platforms earn commission by promoting third-party products and directing traffic.
E-Commerce Integration

E-Commerce Integration

Users buy and sell directly within the app, with the platform taking a transaction fee.
Data Lock-In Model

Data Lock-In Model

Platforms retain users by making data transfer to other services challenging.

Modules We Offer

Oyelabs excels in crafting top-tier mobile application solutions for every social media business. App Features Are Listed Below.

mobile app

Users App

Users can effortlessly explore the app, connect with friends, share updates, and enjoy secure interactions with the user app.
Driver App

Content Moderators App

For content moderators, manage reported posts, enforce community guidelines, and access moderation history seamlessly through the moderator app.
provider app

Business Account App

Business owners can manage their page, track engagements, review analytics, and interact with followers with the business account app.
Support & Maintenance

Admin Panel

Administrators control the system, manage user and business accounts, monitor activities, and ensure smooth operation through the centralized admin panel.
Provider panel

User Panel

Users can efficiently manage profiles, privacy settings, content, and interactions through the dedicated user panel.
Admin panel

Business Account Panel

Business owners can oversee page management, post scheduling, analytics, and follower interactions through the business account panel.

Our Social Media App Development Portfolio

Fall In Veteran social media

Fall In Veteran: A Warrior’s Haven

Fall In is a social media platform for U.S. Army veterans. It’s where they chat, share stories, and connect with other patriots. Picture it as a friendly online spot where everyone, veterans and patriots alike, can come together to talk about their experiences and love for the country.

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Social media app screen

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Add On Features You Get

  • User-Friendly Interface

    Streamlined design for effortless navigation and an enjoyable user interface.

  • Product Search and Filters

    Efficient search functionality and filters for quick and precise product selection.

  • User Accounts

    Secure user registration and login, with personalized profiles for tracking orders and preferences.

  • Product Listings

    Comprehensive product catalog with detailed descriptions, images, and prices.

  • Real-Time Inventory Management

    Comprehensive data analytics to track sales, user behavior, and popular products for informed decision-making.

  • Analytics and Reporting

    Comprehensive data analytics to track sales, user behavior, and popular products for informed decision-making.

  • Mention other users

    Users have the ability to tag others by prefixing the “@” symbol to the respective usernames.

  • Secure Payment Options

    Integration of various payment gateways for safe and convenient transactions.

  • Multi-Currency

    Ensure your social media app’s online payment feature supports transactions in various currencies.

  • Bookmark

    Posts can be saved for future reference by utilizing the bookmark feature.

  • Multi-Language Support

    Cater to a diverse customer base with support for multiple languages.

  • Admin Dashboard

    Powerful backend system for managing products, orders, and user data efficiently.

Process We Follow For Your Social Media App Development

Requirement Gathering

Requirement Gathering

We initiate by identifying the requirements of clients and users for the social media app, and outlining the key features, functions, and project scope.
Website design


Subsequently, we craft the app’s interface and user experience, translating requirements into wireframes and prototypes for client endorsement.
user friendly development


The next phase is to actualize the app’s features as per the validated design, ensuring a smooth and effective social media experience.


This phase is dedicated to rigorously testing the app’s functionality and performance, aligning with the approved design for a flawless user journey.
App Launch


Subsequently, we deploy the social media app on the designated platform, making it available for user download and engagement.
Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

Once live, we offer continuous assistance, resolving user issues, and evolving the app in response to technological advancements.

Advanced Technologies We Use

AI-ML Technology


AI transforms user experiences with personalized recommendations, chatbots, and efficient moderation—a pivotal part of future engagement
Metaverse Technology


Blend augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), creating immersive spaces where users interact, collaborate, and explore 3D digital environments.
Internet of Things

IoT (Internet of Things)

Enables seamless communication between devices. In the context of social media, this could involve smart wearables exchanging health metrics or location-based services
Blockchain Technology


Blockchain empowers social media with security, transparency, and user data ownership, reducing reliance on central authorities

Pricing– How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Social Media App

Cost of your social media app development depends on various factors
Custom app development cost
Technology Related Cost
Connecting App to a Server Via API
Costs $10,000 to $24,000
Social Login Integration
Costs $500 Each
Custom app development cost
Location of Developers
$10 to $40 per hour
Eastern Europe
$30 to $100 per hour
$70 to $150 per hour
Approx. Development Cost
Costs $20,000 to $50,000
Europe and USA
Costs $40,000 to $2,00,000

Looking for the Best Social Media Platform Development?

Why Oyelabs?

Wondering why outsource your social media app deveopment project to us?? Well, our team is composed of highly skilled developers and designers who bring a wealth of experience from various industries to your project.

user friendly development

User Friendly Development

We craft applications that are not only visually appealing but also intuitive to use, ensuring a superior user experience every time.
multi platform development

Multi - platform Development

We cater to your unique needs by developing social media applications for either Android, iOS, or cross-platform solutions that work seamlessly on both.
competitive pricing

Competitive Pricing

We offer app development solutions that balance high quality with affordability, ensuring our prices remain among the most competitive in the market.
Feature rich apps

Feature - rich Apps

From basic to advanced functionalities, we are equipped to develop a social media app that meets all your requirements.
Interview and hire

Interview & Hire

We provide an opportunity for our clients to personally interview and select from our pool of talented developers and designers for their specific project needs.
Flexible contract

Flexible Contract

Our engagement models are designed to suit your project’s scale and duration. You can engage with our app developers on an hourly, weekly, or project basis, depending on your needs.

Create Your Social Media App

Outdo your rivals by getting a top-notch social media app from our expert team, priced to fit your budget.

Looking to link up people all over the world? Is that what’s needed in today’s tech-savvy world?

Go for it! A social media app can make things run smoother. It’ll help your business work better, save time, manage things well, and keep users coming back. Plus, it lets your users connect quickly, reshare content while keeping track of it, and see new stuff on their feed as it happens.
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Client’s Reviews

John Wilson

John Wilson- CEO

"Outstanding Achievement!’ Oyelabs brought our vision for a social media app to life with exceptional skill. Their team’s eye for detail and unwavering commitment to crafting a smooth user experience really make them stand out."
Jane Smith

Jane Smith - Product Lead

"Designed with Users in Mind!’ At Oyelabs, the focus was on the user from the get-go. The app’s user-friendly design and fluid navigation have been key to the great feedback we’ve received and the uptick in user activity."
Alexa Johnson

Alexa Johnson - CMO

"A Perfect Blend of Vision and Expertise!’ Oyelabs perfectly married our concept with their technical know-how, creating a social media app that’s a true reflection of who we are. Their teamwork made the development process a pleasure and a success."


How much does it cost to develop a social media application?
For a custom social media application development, our team will analyze your business needs and come up with the best ideas to showcase your brand. Launching your business on an online platform may require a variety of considerations. The project cost will be decided accordingly. Building an exceptional app, with additional features, may take around 4-6 months. Our team at OyeLabs ensures that all your needs are met. We can also deliver a readymade social media application in 2 weeks. It can be customized as per requirements. It can cost you around $25,000.
How much time does it take to set up your solutions in my business?
Your needs are at our utmost priority. We've got ready-made options for you. If you are not searching for any exclusive, customized or personalized, we will deliver the solution within 14 working days. For further information, you may reach our team.
For how long will you provide support after sales?
You are a part of our family and as long as your product is up and running, our team will guide you. We have different offers for different models. You can reach out to our team at OyeLabs for more support related queries.
How does a social media app make money?
Social media platforms earn revenue by showcasing advertisements, providing subscription options, enabling in-app transactions, offering exclusive features, and monetizing user information, thus establishing various income channels within a no-cost usage framework.
What features can be included in the on-demand social media app?
An on-demand social media app can include personalized feeds, live streaming, in-app messaging, push notifications, content sharing, user profiles, privacy controls, and analytics for user engagement and behavior tracking
Is the app scalable as my business grows?
Yes, our custom social media application solutions are designed to be scalable. We can adapt the app to accommodate the growth of your business, adding new features and functionalities as needed.
How can a custom app benefit my customers?
Custom social media application offer features such as easy navigation, personalized shopping lists, secure payment options, and real-time order tracking. These enhance the overall shopping experience, saving time and providing convenience to customers.
Why do I need a custom social media app for my business?
A bespoke social media application can provide customized experiences, bolster brand devotion, offer content that resonates personally, heighten customer interactions, and establish direct lines of communication, culminating in greater contentment and a more robust bond between your enterprise and its clientele.

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