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Wellness App Development Market Scope

  • The corporate wellness software market is expected to be $714.31 million worth in 2026.
  • The wellness industry market is set to be valued at $220.94 billion in 2026
  • The wellness software industry is set to reach $25.38 billion in the US in 2022
  • By 2030 mental health software is expected to be $17.5 billion worth.
Wellness App Development Market Scope

Must Have Features In A Mental Health & Wellness Application

Must Have Features In A Mental Health & Wellness Application
  • Health risk assessment: A feature to assess the condition of health of the user must be included in wellness software. It will help him adjust his lifestyle to be on the safer side.
  • Synchronization: A wellness software must be able to synchronize with smart devices currently on the market. It will be helpful for the user as well as the app for recording specific data.
  • Reminder: A wellness software requires a reminder feature to alert the user about their healthy practices like drinking water after regular intervals.
  • Tracking: A wellness app also requires measuring and recording specific data to help the user in good health. Tracking of sleep, food, and location to analyze the total distance walked or run can be really helpful.
  • Gamification: A wellness app needs to be exciting to keep the user interested and engaged in the app. Adding tasks in the form of games can be effective in doing so.
  • Customizable: Everyone is not the same in different areas of health so wellness apps must be customizable to be effective.

Our Wellness App Development Process


Client Requirements

At Oyelabs we prefer to have an elaborate discussion with the clients to understand their expectations, needs and future plan regarding the software in order to develop a software that completely matches the clients’ expectations
Demo and Development

Demo and Development

Once the designs are ready our clients can have a look at the demo presentation by our experts to suggest modifications. After the modifications are done our highly skilled and experienced developers use modern technologies to develop the application.
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Launch & Support

Once the confirmation is done Oyelabs uploads the application on the platform finalized by our client. Even after deployment of the software Oyelabs is open to provide support and maintenance.


On understanding the clients requirements our experts start designing the UI, UX and other components to create the app.

Quality Assurance

Once the software is developed our QA teams will perform multiple tests like unit tests, UI tests, functionality tests and try out each feature of the software to confirm the software is ready to be launched.

Our Wellness App Development Services


App Designing


App Development Consultation

App Updates

App Updates


App Development


App Integration Services


Quality Tests

Types Of Wellness App Development Services

Meal Planning App
Productivity App
Meditation App
Sleep Cycle Tracking App
Yoga App
Mood Tracking App
Pregnancy App
Personality Development App

Technologies We Use

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Machine Learning
Cloud Computing
React Native

Some Of Our Work

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FAQs About Wellness & Mental Health App Development

How long will it take to develop a wellness app?
A wellness app development process does not have a fixed timeframe. It depends on the features required by the clients, type of app and research timing as well. So taking all this in consideration, a wellness app development process does not have a fixed timeframe.
How much will it cost to develop a wellness software?
Wellness software can be of different types and features loaded in it can be different too. Cost of developing a wellness app depends mostly on the type, features, technologies used, number of developers required, and estimated time needed. Therefore there is no fixed cost of developing a wellness software.
What is unique and beneficial in Oyelabs’ wellness software development process?
Oyelabs has been offering its services in different industries for years now. So Oyelabs knows how to be flexible. The best thing in Oyelabs’ development process is the clients’ involvement through the whole cycle of development. Oyelabs keep the clients’ expectation as its top most priority so our main goal is to provide you best services and solutions as per your plans

Our Tech Stack,
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The armour of technology that makes our devices look and work like never before seen on both iOS and Android phones. We use the latest technology in the development process, from the selection of programming languages to the final QA process. Our applications are thoroughly developed and tested, marking a new world standard.