Grocery Delivery
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Project Timeline


3 Months


6 Members

App Modules

Customer app, driver app, and admin panel


On-Demand Grocery Delivery Services


Grocery Shops & Marts


Has it ever happened to you that you were running out of groceries & wanted to visit the supermarket to do so but has a super tight schedule? Or maybe you were running late? or were too tired to go out and shop?

Problem Statement

People are really business these days chasing big old American Dreams. Mark approached OyeLabs to build a forum that proves to be a boon for those people who lack time, seeing such busy lives of people – we got happier when we heard the idea for the first time. It’s not like we haven’t worked on grocery apps before – but it was his sheer willingness to do something for the society which pulled us towards this project.  

The key goal of the client was to develop an Android and iOS app that enables users to quickly order their grocery items in real-time at their address. The software is available in English and is intended exclusively for the US audience.


The only big challenge for us, when creating an app for a new brand which wanted to step into the grocery delivery business, was to satisfy the customer’s needs with this key entrance into the mobile-based eCommerce industry. They decided to become local competitors to big brands like InstaCart & Thrive originally. In addition, the UX had to be built with their pre-existing logo, website colour scheme and font formats in mind.

The biggest problem was already there as the production arrived, and the transition from a web interface to a smartphone app had to be made. We were asked to make small improvements to the website, but the mobile version had to be made from scratch at the same time. We still had to stick to what the user had previously taken into account and included on the website. We had to boost it even further by keeping certain components and modules intact to give the customer and the client a memorable experience.

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We wanted our users to experience a smooth, bugfree UI that would allow them to come back from the application to position orders, rather than going out to the market. The consumer was warned against opting for the same style as InstaCart. On these facts, our claim was based-


  • Most of them would not be relaxed on an incredibly tech-savvy application, as areas consisted of tier-2 city residents.
  • A difficult buying approach is not a feasible choice for most consumers. They chose to opt-out and not go any further into the process if the app does not load within 3 seconds.
  • We needed the customer to behave internationally, yet to think locally to excel in the project. We recommended that local languages be integrated as well as regional languages according to the communities of the city, in the application as well. With our suggestion, they went ahead!
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Design & Development Stage

Design & Development

We started carrying out the tasks from the design & development plan, organized into shorter work periods (sprints). A standard sprint takes two weeks, but because this was a new project, we wanted to be extra cautious of things thus it too as about 3 weeks here.

Quality Assurance

Continuous QA was an integral part of our development process for this project as we were testing each and every functionality that was being added simultaneously.


Once the 1st stable build was ready, new features were being released following another round of code review by one of our senior developers.

Client Demonstration

Here the client could see the results and tested the software himself in a live demo session. He chose the frequency of these demonstrations to about 2 every month as we could test the features regularly.

Live Release

Once Mark was satisfied with the applications, we made it available to users.

Features Explained


Delivery Scheduler

This feature enables consumers to prepare their distribution in advance according to their convenience. During the purchase process, the shoppers will pick a delivery date for their order. The creation of the supermarket smartphone app which provides the approximate delivery period to alert the customers.

delivery scheduling screen


Quick Order Repeat or Reorder

Here, with only one press, clients will reorder previous things from their account list. This allows the creation of the supermarket delivery app to make the shopping process simple for repeat customers.

Quick Order Repeat or Reorder


Monthly Shopping List Reminders

This is a quick notice to make a copy of the monthly shopping to be done for groceries. The customer will be reminded via the push alerts of this list.

Monthly Shopping List Reminders


Shopping List Sharing

This function makes it easy for the consumer to swap shopping lists with other people. Customers will share it with other family members by adding this functionality and see if there is anything special to be added to the registry.

Shopping List Sharing

Latest Tech Stack Used

Android: Android Studio 4.x + Java

iOS: Xcode 9 + Swift 5

MS: NodeJS 12, Mysql

API: JSON format

End Results

Our team committed to the deadline and successfully completed Mark’s Project on a defined schedule. Our client was pleased with the quality and service offered. Mark also thanked the team for remembering the date of launch for a timely solution.