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Amazon Clone

Launch Your Own Amazon-Like Multi-Vendor eCommerce Platform in 2 Weeks

Ready to elevate your online shopping experience? Dive into our Amazon e-commerce clone – a feature-rich platform offering a seamless blend of convenience and choice. Discover a world of products at your fingertips.

Latest Version 14.3.1

Amazon clone
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No. 1 Amazon Clone – Rule the ECommerce Sector

ECommerce is a booming industry and the unmatched potential is enough to make an entrepreneur crave to enter the domain. But to make a fortune from it, a top-notch platform is a must. Here’s our Amazon clone script, capable of handling millions of users, offering you 100% customizability and a precious opportunity to capitalize on the limitless opportunities of the ever-growing B2B and B2C e-commerce industry.

Live Tracking
Multiple Payment Gateways
Social Media Integration
Highly Responsive Design
Amazon E-commerce clone script by Oyelabs

Multi-Vendor Ecommerce App Clone

Version 14.3.1

Snaps Of Our New-Edge Amazon Clone App

Immerse yourself in a visual feast of possibilities! Explore our app screen gallery showcasing the stunning design and functionality of our Amazon clone.

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Amazon clone demo video

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Promising Features of Our Amazon Clone

Basic Features

Easy Login
To improve the user experience in this Amazon clone app we have kept the login process simple and easy with requirements like name, email, or phone number.
Product Details
Before buying an item a user will be able to go through the product description to get a clear understanding of the item and make a well-informed decision.
Frontend Dashboard
In case a user finds an item exciting and feels like buying it later he can add it to his Wishlist in our Amazon clone app.
Multiple Payment Options
To simplify the user experience and offer much-needed flexibility to the users we have integrated multiple payment options for the users to pay.
Amazon clone login screen
Amazon clone product listing and categories screen

Premium Features

Add to Cart
In our Amazon clone app users get the option to add the items they want to buy into their carts and can even delete them later if needed.
Live Tracking
Users can track the status of their order live through the Amazon clone e-commerce app itself.
Multiple Product Category
Our Amazon clone streamlines shopping with product categories, enabling merchants to list multiple products in the same group for easy exploration by users.
Chat Support
Our Amazon clone has a chat support feature integrated so that whenever a customer is looking for assistance your support team can be available to help.

Security Features

Biometric Login
To offer the users complete control over their profiles we have integrated a biometric login system for them in our Amazon clone app.
IP Blocking
To protect your platform from brute-force attacks IP blocking feature is added to the Amazon clone e-commerce platform.
Firewall Protection
To maintain the incoming and outgoing traffic and prevent unauthorized access to the Amazon clone firewall protection is used.
Two-Factor Authentication
To ensure the data protection of your Amazon clone users we offer a two-factor authentication feature in the app.
Amazon clone featured products screen

Check Live Demo

Test-drive our Amazon Clone demo now and elevate your e-commerce game today - your gateway to a thriving online business is just a click away! Find the credentials below. To experience iOS, Android, and the Admin Panel, please feel free to request demo.


Email: [email protected]
Password: Demo@customer+123


Email: [email protected]
Password: Demo@seller+123


Email: [email protected]
Password: Demo@delivery+123

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Exciting Add-Ons for Your Amazon Clone

  • Social Media Integration

    Allow users to log in using social media profiles and easily share products with their loved ones.

  • Product Recommendation

    Offer your users a personalized experience by integrating the auto product recommendation feature into the clone app.

  • Search and Filter

    Advanced search and filter options to help users find products based on specific criteria, keywords, brands, prices, etc.

  • Shopping Cart

    Users can add products to their shopping cart, manage quantities, view total prices, and proceed to checkout.

  • Order Tracking

    Real-time order tracking, status updates, delivery timelines, and notifications for shipped, out for delivery, and delivered orders.

  • Membership

    Implement a membership plan to generate additional revenue by charging users for premium feature access.

  • Push Notifications

    Integrate push notifications into your Amazon clone to harness the power of the most trusted promotional tool.

  • Payment Management

    Track payments, settlements, commissions, fees, and financial transactions related to sales and revenue.

  • Customer Communication

    Offer your users a personalized experience by integrating the auto product recommendation feature into the clone app.

  • Analytics and Reporting

    Offer your users a personalized experience by integrating the auto product recommendation feature into the clone app.

Our Amazon Clone is for Multiple Platforms


Web Portal

Our Amazon clone app script can deliver a premium and credible e-commerce marketplace web platform/portal loaded with key features.
iOS App


Our Amazon clone script can be used to develop a high-functioning, 100% customizable, and scalable e-commerce iOS app.
Android App


Our Amazon clone script can be used to develop a high-functioning, 100% customizable, and scalable e-commerce Android app.

Client’s Reviews

Amazon clone Customer Reviews logo

Paul Martin / CEO

"We are extremely impressed with the Amazon clone developed by Oyelabs. It perfectly replicates the features and functionality of Amazon while providing us with a seamless platform for our business needs. The solution has proven to be reliable, and a valuable asset to our operations."
Amazon clone customers review

Troy Fisher / Co-Founder

"Oyelabs' e-commerce marketplace script for the Amazon clone has exceeded our expectations. It offers exceptional ease of use and can be easily tailored to meet our specific business requirements. The platform's user-friendly navigation and flexibility have greatly enhanced our online shopping experience."
Amazone clone review

Eli Burton / CTO

"Collaborating with Oyelabs for our Amazon-like B2C marketplace was a fantastic experience. Their top-notch team and clone script proved to be the best decision, reflecting Amazon's values and providing a reliable platform for our customers. Oyelabs surpassed our expectations"

How Does Our Amazon Clone Work?

User Registration


User registration requires personal details, password selection, and OTP verification, followed by setting up profile and payment options.
Trade on chain

Browsing & Product Search

Users can explore a wide range of products available on the platform. They can use filters and categories to find specific items of interest.


Users can select products they wish to purchase and add them to their shopping cart. They can manage their cart, modify quantities, or remove items.
Purchase and Payment

Purchase & Payment

Once the items are added to the cart, the user can confirm the order by completing the payment after selecting one of the payment options.
Order Completion


After the order is shipped and received by the end user the product can be rated and reviewed by the user on the Amazon clone platform.
Order History


A user can access his purchase records, payment details, and reviews, while he will also have the option to re-order the items from the app.

Technologies Used In Our Amazon Clone Script

Amazon Clone Tech Stack

Kickoff Your ECom Business with the Amazon Clone App

Requirement Gathering

Requirement Gathering

The first step we follow is to understand your needs like the installation server you want, server location suitable for your target audience, backup strategy, and more.
App Design

White Labelling

In the next step, our seasoned designers will work closely with you to integrate your brand logos, images, and theme color in a way that is both intuitive and effective.

Feature Addition

While we offer a ready-to-launch Amazon clone, this step becomes essential when you wish to make script customizations according to your specific requirements.
App Testing


We use a rigorous testing process to ensure that the Amazon clone is completely bug-free and meets all of your specifications before it is deployed on your requested servers.
App Deployment


As soon as the quality team gives us the green signal we will proceed to the deployment process, ensuring your Amazon clone is smoothly deployed and runs as you have wanted.
Technical support

Support & Maintenance

We offer support and maintenance services including technical support, and bug support for a reasonable time to ensure that your Amazon clone continues to meet your business goals.

Benefits of Our Amazon Clone Over Custom Development

Cost Efficient App


Custom development is highly expensive as it needs lots of effort and time but we are offering our Amazon clone at a budget-friendly price.
Time Saving


To capitalize on the popular B2C trend custom development can prove to be slow while our Amazon clone is a ready-to-launch solution.
white label


When you buy our Amazon clone we offer you a free white-labeling service to make the e-commerce marketplace app a reflection of your brand.


Oyelabs signs NDA before engaging in any sort of business discussion so that your business information stays completely confidential with us.

E-Commerce Potentials – Statistics, Growth, and Trends

E-commerce platforms are dynamic and promising, with the global market projected to reach an astounding USD 6.3 trillion in 2024. This remarkable expansion is a testament to the sector’s resilience and innovation, outpacing the previous year’s impressive USD 4.9 trillion. The consistent upward trajectory of e-commerce is a clear reflection of shifting consumer behaviors and the broadening scope of online retail.

The integration of cutting-edge technologies, hyper-personalized shopping experiences, and streamlined logistics are pivotal elements driving the momentum of e-commerce platforms. As consumers increasingly embrace digital channels for their purchasing needs, these platforms are leading the charge, leveraging emerging trends to forge a more captivating and efficient shopping ecosystem.

By transcending geographical boundaries, online selling platforms offer unprecedented access to a global customer base, unshackled from the constraints of local markets. This global reach is not only reshaping how consumers shop but also how businesses operate, fostering a more interconnected and accessible world of commerce.

Amazon Clone Buissnes Plan

Why Choose Oyelabs for Your Amazon Clone?

  • Support- Our team of experts offers technical support to our clients throughout the development process that covers any bugs, errors, or issues on the platform for a reasonable time period after the launch of their online marketplace.
  • Full Source Code- We ensure you get complete ownership of the Amazon clone marketplace platform by offering you the entire licensed source code.
  • Security- At Oyelabs our prime focus is security. We follow the best practices to ensure you, your target audience, your solution, and your business stay risk-free.
  • Transparency- Transparency fosters trust. We openly share our processes, values, and successes to build a strong, honest connection with our customers.
  • Client-Oriented- Our unwavering focus on your needs and satisfaction drives every decision we make. Your success is our priority, and we’re committed to exceeding your expectations.
  • On-Time Delivery- We respect your time and promise on-time service, ensuring your projects are delivered as scheduled, with reliability and efficiency at the forefront of our commitment.
  • Secrecy- Your privacy is paramount. We uphold the strictest confidentiality standards, safeguarding your sensitive information and ensuring that your trust in us is always maintained.

Making a Difference Beyond Business.

As a people-centric organization, our success is intervened with the well being and growth of the Individuals we collaborate with. We thrive when our partners associates flourishes.


Realease Log

V14.3.1 (New)
-Improved design for a better user experience.
-Upgraded security features to protect user data.
-Fixed issues with the wishlist and product review sections
-Save products to a wishlist for future reference
V 14.0
– The customer can review each product through the mobile app [Both iOS and Android]

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Que. What is Amazon clone script?
Ans. Amazon clone script is the replica of the original Amazon app with the original features and functionalities.
Que. Is this Amazon clone completely customizable?
Ans. Yes, our Amazon clone script is 100% customizable so you can add any feature you need in your e-commerce platform.
Que. Can I buy this Amazon clone script from anywhere else?
Ans. No, you can buy this Amazon clone script only from Oyelabs.
Que. Can I resell the Amazon clone script from Oyelabs?
Ans. No, you can’t resell the Amazon clone script from Oyelabs.
Que. Will I get the complete ownership of the Amazon clone app?
Ans. Yes, you will get 100% ownership of the Amazon clone app.
Que. Will I get any free support services if I buy the Amazon clone script?
Ans. Yes, you will get free support and maintenance services For a reasonable spam of time from Oyelabs if you purchase the Amazon clone script from us.
Que. Will Oyelabs offer the customization service?
Ans. Yes, Oyelabs will be offering the customization service to help you make the Amazon clone as per your requirements.
Que. How will Oyelabs ensure my business idea stays confidential?
Ans. Oyelabs has an NDA signing policy to ensure that your business idea stays completely confidential and well-protected from being theft.


We use the name “Amazon” just for marketing, but we have no connection with that company. The code and design of our products are completely our own, and we do not use any of their copyrighted material