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IoT Is The Future

IoT has offered the world flexibility of sharing data from different locations. IoT connects multiple devices in different places to enable the sharing process. As analyzed by Fortune Business Sights, the IoT market value is a whopping $478.36 billion in 2022 and it is also expected to be valued at around $2465.26 billion by 2029.

As per the forecast of IOT ANALYTICS the US IoT market is set to reach $525 billion by 2027. It is also expected that the number of connected IoT devices will also reach 14.5 billion across the world within 2022.

IoT Is The Future

Key Trends To Capitalize IoT App Development

Market Trends in IoT app development

Progress in technology has immensely improved human lives. IoT technology has also played a key role in it and will be playing the role in the future too. In 2022 there are a few key trends in IoT app development like-

  • Machine learning: In order to offer predictive maintenance the emergence of IoT integrated with machine learning is quite effective and preferred in current times. Manufacturing businesses prefer this integrated method as it helps them identify the wear of machinery.
  • AI: AI integration in IoT is something we experience in our daily life. For example, robot vacuum cleaners that store the data to create a map for cleaning purposes.
  • Blockchain: IoT and Blockchain are two of the world’s fast-growing technologies. So it is clear that blending both will bring very effective and innovative results. IoT and Blockchain together bring increased security, method to verify data and a reliable mode of recording data.

Our Process For A Perfect IoT Solution


Understanding The Client's Vision

Client needs and expectations regarding an app is pretty crucial in the development process as it helps in creating an accurate design. That’s why experts of Oyelabs have in depth discussion with the client before processing the development.
Demo and Development

Demo and Development

Oyelabs offer the client a demo as soon as the designs are ready and in case the client suggests any changes, they are studied and incorporated. Once we get the green signal from our client our highly skilled and experienced developers start creating the final product using the latest technologies.
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Deployment and Support

As soon as our QA teams confirm the app as ready to be launched Oyelabs deploy the IoT app on the planned platforms. We offer post deployment support and maintenance to keep the IoT app relevant and effective for your business growth.

UI/UX Design

Keeping the focus on client needs, our experts design UI and UX of the IoT app is perfect as per the client's vision keeping in mind the industry standards.

Quality Assurance

In this step our QA teams are assigned to test the newly developed IoT app. Tests like functionality tests, reliability tests, UI tests, Security tests, Compatibility tests and scalability tests are performed to ensure the app is ready to be launched.

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FAQs About IoT App Development

Which are the critical factors while choosing an IoT app developer?
Yes, Oyelabs offers its services not only to its own developed applications but also for applications developed by others if anything is required.
Will you work on existing IoT applications developed by other companies?
Yes, Oyelabs offers its services not only to its own developed applications but also for applications developed by others if the client requires any changes.
What methods do Oyelabs follow to ensure my IoT project ownership?
Oyelabs keeps its clients as the first priority, that’s why we provide you the complete ownership of the IoT project including NDA, source code and intellectual property rights.

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