Our Process

Our Step-By-Step Process


A Minimum Viable Product is a substantial tool to ascertain the potentiality of your product in the market. The development process and methodology highlight authenticity. Just like the 1.0 version of your product.

SaaS product use cases

Discuss The Scope Of Project

We will initially have a Normal, Friendly, Quick Phone Call just to find out how we can help you with the project. We have an on-call meeting with our sales representative team to ask questions associated with the concept of the app & the surrounding areas. -Then, together with WBS (Work-breakdown structure), our team prepares your proposal. Our aim is to test your idea’s viability and recommend the best technique possible & turn this call into a long term partnership driven by innovation & deep thinking.

Business Insight & Estimation

We have a kick-off meeting after consultation with you in which we make the final decision related to the team members and propose advice or recommendations for the development of your apps. Our meeting process starts with the involvement of QA and the availability of test cases. This is because early participation allows QA to better understand customer requirements. In the very initial step, applications related to flow requests are resolved.
Once demand analyzes and designs have been completed, freeze QA begins when creating a test case. It needs an additional 20 percent of any projected test effort. When writing test cases, we seek to cover the full positive and negative test scenarios. We also create a test plan document that defines test scope and purpose, but it depends on the requirement for the project. This enables us to estimate your app’s costs properly and provides a viable concept for true mobile apps and websites.

Wrapping Up The Documentation

We now officially sign the agreement, the NDA, after our test cases and cost estimates if you want to continue getting your custom mobile or web app developed from us.

Why Do You Need An NDA?

Well, simply because we want to make sure your idea with us is safe. It will also actuallyprevent any form of misinterpretation or misunderstanding between us. The next move is to sign a project development agreement which will be central to the relationship with Space-O Technologies, after the completion of the project discussion and estimate. The agreement comprises deliverables of programs, objectives, legal requirements and references/annexes.
As a specialist in the field of technology, we offer on-paper mobile device development. services. After signing a contract that understands the project requirements, defines communications methods, schedules scrum meetings, shares files and expected delivery phases in certain milestones we start our real work. We host a start-up meeting at our company for growth. A meeting identifies the software developers and other workers who are working on your project.

Developing The Wireframes For Your Application

Despite the awareness of project specifications and communication tools such as Slack, Skype, Basecamp etc, the question is, how long it takes to build an app. The design aspect is the most complex phase of mobile app creation. And that’s why we start with wireframing as the first thing.
For example, you want a chat in the App. App has many features. But there are various chart types, such as single chat, group chat, timeline administration. This specific requirement can be clearly described in wireframes and gives stakeholders an idea of how the chat flow would work.

Designing The UI & UX

We sent the first layout to you in this phase. The sample includes the device icon, the first screen, login, or registration form on the home page. We prepare two UI / UX options for you here. We will wait for your feedback after submitting the samples and make the adjustments as you wish if any.
Once the design is finally approved we start the app development process by using Flinto or Invision to become a user-centred product.
Without writing a single line of code we prepare an up-front design of your entire app.

Development Of The Main App

The mobile device developers are able to put everything in motion after integrating them with device designs. The project manager defines tasks for the developers and the defined milestones are achieved through a systematic mobile application development plan.
We respect your time and your money, and therefore you have to discuss every thought, suggestion or decision. A ”walk-through of the developed applications” via project management tools such as Basecamp and Trello gives you the progress of mobile app development steps.

Launching The Application

Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Without charging additional costs, we help our customers upload their application to AppStore and Playstore. And best of all, we just need developers credentials to upload the software.
The iOS app goes through a testing process that takes several days for several weeks when you upload your app to the Apple App Store. This depends on the application’s consistency and how closely iOS software standards are followed. You also need to enter a user account with a developer account if your application requires a user login.
Android has no screening process as opposed to iOS.

Post-Production Support

Once the app gets in the hands of customers, reviews can come in and be integrated into future iterations of the app as a software update. New features and technology updates are required for each app, making it the last step in the mobile app development process. Typically, the development cycle will start again once the first version of the app is released.

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