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Facebook Clone Script

Launch an elite social media platform like Facebook within a week.

Unleash the power of social networking with our Facebook clone! Connect people, share moments, and build communities effortlessly. Launch your own platform today and redefine the social experience. Don’t miss out – grab your Facebook clone now!

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Facebook Clone Script – Launch A Robust Social Networking Platform

With 3.03 billion monthly users, Facebook is regarded as the most used social media platform. Introducing a comprehensive Facebook clone app that will not only allow users to connect and share posts with each other but will also allow individuals and businesses to promote their offerings.

Entrepreneurs, here’s your opportunity to leverage the success of Facebook by launching your own thriving social media platform. Seize the opportunity to redefine online connections, tailor user experiences, and make a lasting impact. Don’t miss out on revolutionizing the digital landscape – act now to transform your vision into a thriving social community with our Facebook Clone. Your journey to a unique and influential online platform begins here!

24/7 Connection with Friends & Families
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Facebook clone script

Facebook Clone Script

Version 1.0.1

Snaps Of Our New-Edge Facebook Clone

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Features You Get in Our New-Age Facebook Clone Script

Basic Features

Stunning UI
Our Facebook clone app is integrated with a stunning yet highly user-friendly interface to offer a greater user experience.
User Profile
Users can easily create their accounts with basic details like an email id or phone number, location, and set a password to go.
Uninterrupted Communication
Our Facebook clone script is pre-loaded with communication features like messaging and audio and video calls.
News Feed
To keep the users engaged on the social networking platform our Facebook clone has a news feed with all the recent posts by friends.
Facebook clone profile and posts screen
Facebook clone friends list app screen

Premium Features

Personalized Experience
Our Facebook clone app can assess user behavior and preferences to offer relevant content on news feeds for a personalized experience.
The growing demand for reels can be capitalized with our Facebook clone app as we have integrated the same into our solution.
The 24-hour lifecycle stories, a modern-day feature of social media apps, is also available in our Facebook clone to keep the users hooked.
Like, Comment, & Share
To increase user engagement on the platform features like reaction, comment, and share are included in our Facebook clone app.

Security Features

Two-Factor Authentication
To protect valuable user information in a social networking platform like Facebook clone we have added a two-factor authentication feature.
End-To-End Encryption
End-to-end encryption is followed to protect sensitive user information like the user’s account password, messages, and more.
Privacy Control
A privacy control feature is integrated to allow the users to manage their privacy by configuring who can see their posts, and profile information.
To strengthen the privacy of a user a blocking feature is also available in our Facebook clone which allows them to block any unwanted attention.
Facebook clone user sign in screen

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Add-Ons to Maximize User Engagement on the Facebook Clone

  • Multi-Language

    Why restrict your Facebook clone app to the English language-oriented audience? Go global with multiple languages.

  • Marketplace

    Offer your users the flexibility to buy or sell anything on the Facebook clone app by integrating a marketplace feature.

  • Ads

    You can run ads to promote the services and products of individual sellers or businesses on the Facebook clone platform in exchange for money.

  • Payment

    Are you planning to integrate a marketplace feature? Then adding multiple payment options will come in handy as well.

  • Groups

    Groups and communities can help users share their thoughts, and individual sellers or businesses can promote their products and services.

  • Events

    To keep the audience engaged an event feature that can be used as RSVP to events can be integrated into our Facebook clone app.

  • Live Streaming

    In our Facebook clone live streaming can be integrated, it is one of the most popular ways influencers interact with their audiences.

  • Polls and Surveys

    Add polls and survey features and allow the users to create or participate in the activities like Facebook polls in your Facebook clone app.

  • Games and Apps

    Adding multiple games or third-party apps can help increase the Facebook clone platform’s user engagement significantly.

  • Memories

    You can integrate a memories feature which will allow the users to access their old photos, and memories just like Facebook’s “on this day” feature.

Our Facebook Clone App is for Multiple Platforms



Our Facebook clone app script can deliver a premium and credible social networking web platform/portal loaded with key features.
iOS App


Our Facebook clone script can be used to develop a high-functioning, 100% customizable, and scalable social community platform for iOS.
Android App


Our Facebook clone script can be used to develop a high-functioning, 100% customizable, and scalable social networking app for Android.

Client’s Reviews

MySocialHub (facebook clone script)

Otis James / Senior Analyst

“I was looking for a social media platform that would offer all the features of Facebook, but with more customization options. Oyelabs' Facebook clone script exceeded my expectations! The script is easy to use and can be tailored to my specific business needs.”
Connectify (facebook clone script)

Kurt Archer / Co-Founder

“We were looking for a readymade social media product and came across the Facebook clone script by Oyelabs. The script is crafted with extreme precision with all the features you can ask for. Glad that we opted for the Facebook clone by Oyelabs.”
ShareVista (facebook clone script)

Joshua Davis / CTO

“I was hesitant to try a Facebook clone script, but Oyelabs' platform caught my attention. The script is a great alternative, and it has all the features I need to stay relevant in an aggressively competitive social networking domain. Thank you Oyelabs.”

Kickoff Your Social Media Business with the Facebook Clone

Requirement Gathering

Requirement Gathering

We start by assessing your needs, which covers your preferred installation server, the best server location for your target audience, backup strategy, and more.
White label

White Labelling

In the next stage, our team will seamlessly integrate your brand logos, images, and theme color, ensuring a user-friendly and highly effective design.

Feature Addition

While our ready-to-launch Facebook clone is at your disposal, this phase is vital if you want to implement your preferred alterations in the Facebook clone script.


We employ a meticulous testing process to guarantee that the Facebook clone is entirely bug-free and aligns with all your specifications before it is deployed.


After our quality team gives the go-ahead, we'll move on to the deployment phase, ensuring your Facebook clone is smoothly launched and operates as planned.

Support & Maintenance

We provide support and maintenance services, encompassing technical support and bug assistance, to ensure your Facebook clone runs successfully.

Why our Readymade Facebook Clone over Custom Development?



Custom development is highly expensive as it is a lengthy process but we are offering our Facebook clone app at a budget-friendly price.


To capitalize on the ongoing social media trends custom development can prove to be slow while our Facebook clone is a ready-to-launch solution.
white label


When you buy our Facebook clone we offer you a free white-labeling service to make the social networking app a reflection of your brand.


Oyelabs signs NDA before engaging in any sort of business discussion so that your business information stays completely confidential with us.

Social Media Market – Statistics, Growth, and Trends

As of the second quarter of 2023, Facebook boasts an impressive three billion monthly active users, establishing itself as the most utilized online social network globally. Achieving this milestone in just over 13 years since surpassing two billion users in the second quarter of 2017, Facebook outpaced Meta-owned Instagram (11.2 years) and Google’s YouTube (just over 14 years).

As of January 2022, India led Facebook’s audience base with nearly 330 million users, followed by the United States with an approximate total of 179 million users. Additionally, the platform enjoys significant popularity in Indonesia and Brazil.

mvp business plan

Why Choose Oyelabs for Your Facebook Clone?

  • Support- Our team of experts offers technical support to our clients throughout the development process that covers any bugs, errors, or issues on the platform for a reasonable time period after the launch of their online rental marketplace.
  • Full Source Code- We ensure you get 100% ownership of the Facebook clone social media platform by offering you the complete licensed source code.
  • Security- At Oyelabs our prime focus is security. We follow the best practices to ensure you, your target audience, your solution, and your business stay risk-free.
  • Transparency- Transparency fosters trust. We openly share our processes, values, and successes to build a strong, honest connection with our customers.
  • Client-Oriented- Our unwavering focus on your needs and satisfaction drives every decision we make. Your success is our priority, and we’re committed to exceeding your expectations.
  • On-Time Delivery- We respect your time and promise on-time service, ensuring your projects are delivered as scheduled, with reliability and efficiency at the forefront of our commitment.
  • Secrecy- Your privacy is paramount. We uphold the strictest confidentiality standards, safeguarding your sensitive information and ensuring that your trust in us is always maintained.

Making a Difference Beyond Business.

As a people-centric organization, our success is intervened with the well being and growth of the Individuals we collaborate with. We thrive when our partners associates flourishes.


Realease Log

V1.0.1 (New)
-Improved photo uploading feature and fixed minor bugs in the news feed
-Initial release with user profiles, friend connections, and news feed

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Que. Is this Facebook clone completely customizable?
Ans. Yes, our Facebook clone script is 100% customizable so you can add any feature or functionality you need in your social networking platform.
Que. Can I buy this Facebook clone from anywhere else?
Ans. No, you can buy this Facebook clone only from Oyelabs.
Que. Can I resell the Facebook clone from Oyelabs?
Ans. No, you can’t resell the Facebook clone from Oyelabs.
Que. Will I get complete ownership of the Facebook clone?
Ans. Yes, you will get 100% ownership of the Facebook clone.
Que. Will I get any complimentary support services if I buy the Facebook clone?
Ans. Yes, you will get free support and maintenance services for a reasonable period from Oyelabs if you buy the Facebook clone from us.
Que. Will Oyelabs offer the customization?
Ans. Yes, Oyelabs will be offering a customization service to help you make the Facebook clone as per your business plan and requirements.
Que. How will Oyelabs ensure my business idea stays confidential?
Ans. Oyelabs has an NDA signing policy to ensure that your business idea stays completely confidential and well-protected from theft.


We use the name “Facebook” just for marketing, but we have no connection with that company. The code and design of our products are completely our own, and we do not use any of their copyrighted material