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Market Scope For AR VR Technology Apps

As reported by Grand View Research, the AR market is forecasted to be valued at $38.56 billion by 2022, and the VR market value is expected to be $28.42 billion in the same year. The website also presented forecasted stats for 2029. It claims the VR market value is set to reach $227.34 billion while the AR market value is expected to be around $597.54 billion. It proves the massive demand for both technologies in developing apps.

Oyelabs is one of the top app development companies providing effective and advanced AR VR app development services and solutions across the world. We harness the power of creativity and skill to offer you the best services and solutions you require.

AR VR App Development Services

Opportunities For Businesses In Developing AR & VR Apps

Benefits Of Developing An AR VR App
  • Better user experience- As AR and VR technology helps a user experience almost real items and events it increases their learning regarding the item or event and increases their user experience. 
  • Business performance- As AR and VR technologies are diverse it helps businesses to manage B2B and B2C businesses swiftly with no complications.
  • Consumer loyalty: AR and VR technology-based apps are capable of reaching out to existing customers as well as potential customers. It helps in offering a better interaction platform to increase brand popularity among consumers. 
  • Communication: Better communication among employees and also between customers and businesses help in business growth. AR and VR technologies offer data in charts, tables, posters, and in other visualizing modes as well. 

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Our AR/VR App Development Process


Understanding Client's Requirements

In order to offer top quality services and solutions having the clients’ plans and expectations assessed is essential. Oyelabs identifies the client’s needs and priorities by having a discussion with the client himself.
Demo and Development

Demo and Development

Oyelabs offer its client a demo once the designs are ready. So that our experts can modify it if there are any client's suggested changes. In this stage our experts in the developing team use their skills and years of experience to create the top quality AR VR apps.
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Launch and Support

After the app gets approved by our QA teams it is time to launch the app on the client’s desired platform. Oyelabs believes in long term partnerships, hence we are also active in offering our support with updates and maintenance even after deployment of the app.

App Design

Our experts plan out the UI and UX after analysing the requirements of the clients in this phase of the process.

Quality Test

Once the app is developed our QA teams perform multiple tests to confirm the functionality of the app. Tests like Unit tests, UI tests and functionality tests are performed to ensure the app is not including any bugs, and shortcomings.

Our AR & VR App Development Services


Image Recognition Based Apps

AR Based Business Apps

AR Based Business Apps

Implementation Of AR In Commerce Apps

Implementation Of AR In Commerce Apps

VR apps for E-commerce

VR apps for E-commerce


User Interactive Apps


VR Tools For Presentation Applications


AR & VR App Quality Testing

Our Augmented Reality App Development Tech Stack

Apple AR Kit

Our Virtual Reality App Development Tech Stack

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FAQs About AR & VR App Development

Which language do you prefer to use in developing AR and VR apps?
In developing AR and VR apps Java, C and C++ are the most commonly used programming languages. But Python, C# and Swift are also effective in creating AR and VR apps.
Is AR better than VR?
AR provides user experience of an item in the real world by providing digital elements on the real location. On the other hand VR provides the user with the experience of a completely digital environment. Both of the two technologies have their own specific perks. One can prefer either AR and VR based on his needs. In order to know more contact us now.
Is there any data protection agreement signing process at Oyelabs?
Yes, Oyelabs is quite strict in maintaining client data and security. That’s why we have an NDA signing process at the first phase of the development process.

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The armour of technology that makes our devices look and work like never before seen on both iOS and Android phones. We use the latest technology in the development process, from the selection of programming languages to the final QA process. Our applications are thoroughly developed and tested, marking a new world standard.