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Market Stats Of E Scooter Apps

The E-Scooter business is one of the fastest growing businesses across industries. Businesses across the world are bringing a revolution in the transportation sector through the E-Scooter business. As per Grand View Research, the global E-Scooter business is valued at $22.28 billion as of 2022. The site has also predicted that by 2030 the industry will be generating a revenue of $40.6 billion.

On the other hand, PR Newswire has forecasted that the market size of the global E-Scooter business will be 50.99 billion by 2030. The expected CAGR will be 11.2% from the year 2022 to 2030.

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Reasons You Should Invest In E Scooter App Development

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An E-Scooter business is trending worldwide. Entrepreneurs are investing huge amounts of money in the business. There are a few key reasons why these entrepreneurs believe that investing in an E-Scooter app is correct-

  • Demand: E-Scooter apps are more customer engaging than any other apps. As transportation is a need people choose any option offering them quality service. So ensuring enhanced customer experience and service quality you can gain a large customer base.
  • Competition Is Low: Although the E-Scooter business is one of the fastest-growing industries, the number of competitors is very low. So it is an open opportunity for any startup or enterprise to develop an app and jump into the market with quality service.
  • Investors: As the industry is growing fast funding related problems are not that much of a big issue. As investors are always going to see the prospect of growth and then decide to invest or not. So if you have accurate planning and a top-class app then you will receive investors gradually.
  • Profits: Transportation is an essential requirement for people. So the demand for the E-Scooter business is quite high. When the demand is high, businesses make high profits. An app can always enhance the customer experience. The cost of developing an E-Scooter app is quite lower than the profits.

Working Model Of An E-Scooter App


Customer Booking

Users need to sign in through the app using their unique credentials. Once signed in they need to select the vehicle for the ride from one location to another.

Vehicle Allotment

Once the user has paid a QR code will be generated. The user will show this to the staff at the station. The staff will scan it and after that the vehicle will be allotted to the user.
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Rating And Feedback

After the user has completed his ride he can rate and review the service provider through the app.


Once the user has selected the vehicle and location they need to pay through the preferred payment method in the app.

Live Tracking

Once the user starts riding the admin or the owner of the E-Scooter will be tracking the real-time location of the user and the vehicle.

E Scooter App Development Services Oyelabs Offers


E-Scooter App Development For Users/ Vendors/ Admins


Customized E-Scooter App Development


E-Scooter Rental iOS/Android App Development


E-Scooter Fleet Management App Development


Update Services For E-Scooter App


Tracking App Development


Quality Testing Services For E-Scooter App

Essential Hardware For E-Scooter App Development

GPS to track the vehicle and ensure the user is following the entered route or not.
Battery Meter is essential in E-Scooter as it will reduce the inconvenience of no charge for the users.
Distance meter is required in E-Scooters for the apps that charge based on distance.
An alarm can alert for fire breakout or low charge so it is essential as well.
A sensor for maintenance is essential as it can alert the owners about any configuration required in the vehicle.

Preferred Business Models For E Scooter Apps

Rent Based Business Model
Subscription Based Business Model
On Demand Business Model

FAQs About E Scooter App Development

Why is E-Scooters app development growing at high speed?
E-Scooter app development is growing at a high speed without a doubt. Businesses across the world are entering the industry to make the most of the ongoing demand. There are few factors the demand is high for E-Scooter app development- cost-effectiveness, offers customers a freedom pof selecting the vehicles, less problems related to traffic, profitable, and follows the go green initiative.
What are some of the famous E-Scooter apps?
Some of the famous E-Scooter apps are- Lime, Bird, Uber, Skip, and JUMP.

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