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Future Scopes Of Fintech Apps

Fintech app development has seen a rise in recent times. The app is gaining more and more popularity due to it becoming a highly essential part of business processes. As per Globe News Wire, the Fintech app market is set to reach $332.5 billion in the 2022-2028 cycle. The expected CAGR will be 19.8% during this time. 

On the other hand, Expert Market Research has also forecasted that the Fintech app market will see a rise at a CAGR  of 11.9% during the 2022-2027 cycle. The market size is expected to be valued at around $266.9 billion in 2027.

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Advantages A Custom Fintech App Development

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  • Cost Reduction: One of the most common advantages businesses can derive from Fintech apps is cost reduction. Fintech apps are quite different from usual apps as these are built using several frameworks that help the developers in sharing the code across apps. It helps the developers in saving the time and business costs of creating new codes.
  • Reach: As the Fintech apps framework is focused on the mobile-first solution aspect so a business can reach a bigger crowd than other apps. The Fintech apps can be deployed on different platforms like smartphones, tablets, and other devices. So reaching a crowd is not so tough through Fintech apps.
  • Enhanced Functionality And Usability: Fintech apps are known for producing user-friendly solutions. Fintech is free from the threat of bad customer experiences as the apps are ensured to offer proper functionality, performance, and usability. With additional features, these apps are more than capable of delivering an enhanced customer experience.
  • Sales Opportunity: Every business is in need of increasing sales to grow in the industry. Connecting consumers and prospects of sales is a critical feature in apps. As all businesses are looking to maximize sales through customer satisfaction, only a website will not be effective in gaining a bigger customer base. So having an app will surely help you in your journey to the top.

Approach Of Oyelabs In Fintech App Development



In order to develop and deliver you a perfect Fintech app we need to evaluate your business type, needs and your future plans regarding the app you are about to develop. So we hold a meeting between you and our experts to identify the requirements for the app.


Once the design is ready our developers will take over. We only implement the latest versions of all technologies in developing the product or solution so that it stays beneficial for your business for a long time.
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After verifying the app to be ready for launch we will upload the Fintech app on your provided platform. You will have us as your partner even after the launch as we also offer support and maintenance to Fintech apps.


Once our experts derive the requirements our highly qualified designers will create the UI, wireframes, and prototypes as per the requirements.


As soon as our developers are done we will provide you a presentation of the Fintech app. If you suggest some changes we will implement those and then our QA team will perform multiple tests to verify the app and its overall performance, functionality and reliability.

Fintech App Development Services We Offer


Custom Fintech App


Blockchain Based Fintech App Development


Banking App Development


Billing And Payment Solutions


Trading Platform Solutions


Investment Management App


App Quality Testing

Basic Features For A Fintech App

Secure Sign Up
Push Notifications
Budget Organization
Instant Transfer
Bank Account Sync

Premium Features Of A Fintech App

AI Personalization
Cross-Platform App
Data Analytics
Investment Advice

Industry Compliances Followed By Oyelabs


Oyelabs Ensures Your Privacy Is Well Protected

Idea Protection
Oyelabs follow NDA policy and our Employees too are included under that too ensure your idea is safe.
Code Protection
Oyelabs uses Source Code Protection Policy (SCPP) and utilizes Network Security Solutions.
Intellectual Property Right Protection
NDA also covers this aspect. Oyelabs only offers Data and API Server access to specified stakeholders only

FAQs About Fintech App Development

What will you prefer between native and cross-platform for Fintech app development?
Native apps support all the platform hardware and it also requires very little effort along with the security enhancements so our preference is native Fintech app development.
Which language is preferred for mobile banking applications?
Java is the most common programming language for mobile banking apps. Mobile banking apps for Android prefer Java or Kotlin and for iOS it is Swift.
How much will it cost to develop a custom Fintech app?
Amount to develop a Fintech app is depending on several factors like- features you want, category of the app you prefer, the app is for iOS or Android, technologies required, number of developers, and required time for development. So it is not possible to say an amount before discussion. Contact us now.

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The armour of technology that makes our devices look and work like never before seen on both iOS and Android phones. Oyelabs uses the latest technology in the development process, from the selection of programming languages to the final QA process. Our applications are thoroughly developed and tested, marking a new world standard.