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Oyelabs offer customer-centric ecommerce solution to help your business grow and acquire more customers. With proven Shopify development experience and expertise in custom e-commerce solutions Oyelabs gives you an added advantage in this competitive sector.

M-Commerce App Development Services

Market Stats Of Mobile E-Commerce Apps

Due to the increased use of smartphones, mobile apps have become the first priority of customers in obtaining services. As per the research of Insider Intelligence, m-commerce is going to be valued at around $620.97 billion in 2024, almost 42.9% of the total e-commerce value.

Only the retail m-commerce sector witnessed sales of $359.2 billion in 2021, an increase of 15.2% from the previous year. It is expected that by 2025 m-commerce sales in the retail industry will be around $728.28 billion, which will account for 44.2% of the total e-commerce sales of the retail industry.

Market Stats Of Mobile E-Commerce Apps

Essential Features For An M-Commerce App

Features For An M-Commerce App
  • Locator: An online e-commerce mobile app must have the GPS feature to help the customers locate nearby stores to order from.
  • Order record: Keeping track of all the customers’ orders offers both the customers and companies help in having a record. So a feature of storing all the order history and accessible for both company and customer is essential in an m-commerce app.
  • Global languages: As an m-commerce app services may not be restricted to one particular area so it is better to have the option of multiple languages or global languages in the app.
  • Currencies: As said earlier an m-commerce app may expand its services in multiple countries so it is mandatory to have support for multiple currencies in the app. 
  • Security: An app is capable of storing sensitive information of a user and especially if it’s an m-commerce app. Information like credit cards, debit cards, and bank details may be stored in the app so maintaining proper security like OTP login, password-protected id, and other methods need to be included.
  • Ratings and review: An option for rating and review helps users to find quality products and services so it is essential to include this feature in an m-commerce app.

M Commerce App Development Process


Understanding The Requirements

Understanding client requirements is a key factor in developing an online app specially if it is a m-commerce app.
Demo and Development

Demo and Development

As soon as the m-commerce app’s design is ready we provide the client with a demo to confirm if he needs any changes. Once the client suggests changes, they are applied or the demo gets confirmed our highly skilled developers proceed to develop the app.
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Deployment and Support

If the app passes the quality tests it is time to upload the app on the client’s provided platform. Even after launching the app Oyelabs is always available to provide support and maintenance through updates.

UI/UX Designing

Once the client requirements are marked out and analysed our team starts designing the UI/UX and overall outline of the app.

Quality Testing

Once the app is developed our quality assurance teams perform multiple tests like user acceptance test, unit test, UI test and overall functionality test to confirm the app ready for deployment.

M Commerce App Development Services We Offer


Customized M Commerce App Development


M-Commerce Wallet Development


Plugin Integration

M Commerce App Designing

M Commerce App Designing

M Commerce App Updates

M Commerce App Updates


App Development Consultation


App Quality Testing

Shopify Integration Services for Your M-Commerce App

Enhance your mobile commerce strategy with our Shopify integration expertise. Our services seamlessly connect your mobile app to Shopify, the industry-leading e-commerce platform. By leveraging Shopify’s mobile-friendly features and app ecosystem, we create a streamlined shopping experience for your customers. Boost your online presence, scale your business, and stay competitive in the dynamic world of m-commerce. Let us help you tap into the power of Shopify for mobile commerce success.

Categories Of Apps In Mobile Commerce

Promotion & Shopping Apps
Catalog Apps
Payment Applications
Entertainment Apps
Healthcare Apps

Advanced Technology Used In Mcommerce App Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Internet Of Things (IoT)

FAQs About M Commerce App Development

Which programming languages Oyelabs uses in m-commerce app development?
Oyelabs have experts with years of experience and skills of highest standards so a vast range of programming languages is available. JavaScript, Kotlin, C++, Python and C# are the preferred languages we work with in developing a m-commerce app.
Does Oyelabs provide post deployment support?
Oyelabs aims at achieving complete client satisfaction. Apart from our consultation, development and update service we do offer post deployment support and maintenance services to our clients.
How Much Does It Cost To Develop An M Commerce App?
A m-commerce app development cost depends on several factors like required features, category of the app, technologies needed, number of developers we need to include in the team and total time of the process. So we can only have an idea regarding cost after analysing everything.

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