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Oyelabs specializes in Ecommerce app development, delivering solutions that drive mobile conversions, enable comprehensive pre-purchase research, and amplify customer satisfaction. Trust us to elevate your online store with our full-suite services.

Ecommerce app development services

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Ecommerce App Development – Create a Smooth Online Shopping Experience

Do you know revenue in the global ecommerce market is all set to reach a projected market volume of US$6,478.00 billion by 2029, with an expected annual growth rate of 9.49% from 2024 to 2029? This is enough to motivate entrepreneurs to dive into the booming industry.

Oyelabs offers custom ecommerce app development services for several industries like retail, electronics, fashion, sports, furniture, healthcare, and many more. We build solutions targeting your business goals, not only to meet your short-term goals but also to keep you successful in achieving long-term objectives.

Ecommerce App Development Services We Offer

Consultation Services

Consultation Services

Oyelabs provides expert guidance to align your business goals with the latest ecommerce trends, ensuring a strategic roadmap for digital success.
Ecommerce app design

Ecommerce App Design

We design visually appealing, user-friendly ecommerce apps that deliver an exceptional shopping experience, driving engagement and increasing conversion rates.
Ecommerce website design and development

Ecommerce Website Design and Development

We design and develop responsive, user-centric ecommerce sites for a seamless online shopping experience.
Ecommerce app development

Ecommerce App Development

Our development team builds robust, scalable, and feature-rich ecommerce applications tailored to meet the unique needs of your business and customers.
Third party integration

Third-Party Integration

Enhance your ecommerce app's functionality with seamless integrations of payment gateways, CRMs, ERPs, and other essential third-party services.


Oyelabs facilitates a smooth transition of your digital assets to newer, more efficient platforms without compromising data integrity or user experience.
Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO

Oyelabs optimizes your app for search engines, improving visibility to drive organic traffic and increase sales through strategic keyword placement and content.
Ecommerce Store Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

Oyelabs offers comprehensive support and maintenance services to keep your ecommerce app running smoothly, ensuring maximum uptime and performance.
Update services


Stay ahead of the competition with regular app updates that introduce new features, improve user experience, and ensure compatibility with the latest devices.

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Type of Ecommerce app development

Type of E-Commerce App We Build


B2C Retail Apps

Connect businesses directly with consumers, offering a wide range of products through an easy-to-navigate shopping interface.

B2B Wholesale Apps

Facilitate bulk transactions between businesses, streamlining the purchasing process with features tailored for wholesale operations.
marketplace apps

Marketplace Apps

Host multiple vendors on a single platform, providing customers with a diverse array of products and services.
Auction apps

Auction Apps

Enable users to bid on items in real-time, creating a dynamic and competitive shopping environment.
Subscription based apps

Subscription-Based Apps

Offer products or services on a subscription basis, ensuring recurring revenue and customer retention.
Internet of Things

Social Commerce Apps

Integrate social media features to allow for shopping directly through social platforms, enhancing user engagement and peer recommendations.

Ecommerce App Features We Offer

Features For Users

Destination Setting

Easy Login

Streamline user access with a simple, secure login process using email, social media, or mobile number for quick entry.
order tracking

Search and Filters

Enhance product discovery with intuitive search functionality and customizable filters for price, category, ratings, and more for efficient shopping.
order tracking

Order History

Allow users to view their past purchases, repeat orders easily, and manage returns or exchanges, fostering a seamless post-purchase experience.
Add to cart

Order Tracking

Provide real-time updates on order status, from placement to delivery, giving customers transparency and peace of mind throughout the process.
Smart filtering

Multi-Payment Gateway

Offer flexibility with multiple payment options including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and net banking, ensuring a convenient checkout experience.
Ecommerce app features for users
Ecommerce app features for vendors and sellers

Features For Vendors or Sellers

Store verification

Simple Product Uploading

Vendors can quickly upload products with details, images, and pricing, making product listing efficient and user-friendly.
Order Pickup

Create Offers and Discounts

Sellers can easily set up promotional deals and discounts to attract customers and boost sales during special campaigns or seasons.
Tax system

Inventory Management

This feature enables sellers to track stock levels, get low inventory alerts, and update product availability in real time.
Promo codes

Order Management

Vendors can view, process, and update order statuses, ensuring smooth order fulfillment and customer satisfaction.
Promo codes

Marketing Tools

Provides sellers with resources to create ad campaigns, analyze traffic, and utilize SEO strategies to increase product visibility and sales.

Features For Admin

document management


Offers a real-time snapshot of business health, displaying key metrics, sales, traffic, and activity alerts in a user-friendly interface.

Product Management

Enables comprehensive control over product listings, including adding, editing, categorizing, and pricing, along with bulk import/export options.

Analytics and Reporting

Delivers data-driven insights through detailed reports on sales, customer trends, and inventory, aiding strategic decision-making.
availability control

Order Management

Streamlines the processing of orders, from confirmation to delivery, including returns and refunds, enhancing operational efficiency.
Order notifications

Customer Management

Provides insights into customer profiles, purchase history, and behavior, facilitating personalized engagement and support strategies.
Ecommerce app features

Modules We Offer


Android App

Customizable and scalable application designed for Android users, offering seamless shopping experience, notifications, and integration with device features.

iOS App

Tailored for Apple devices, this app provides a secure, intuitive shopping platform with exclusive features for iOS users.
Admin panel


Responsive e-commerce website, accessible across browsers, providing a consistent shopping experience with full functionality and user engagement.
Admin panel

Admin Panel

Centralized control system for managing e-commerce operations, including product listings, orders, analytics, and user interactions.

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Advanced Technologies We Use

AI-ML Technology


AI/ML tailors user experiences, automates processes, and enhances decision-making with predictive analytics and intelligent insights.
Blockchain Technology


Provides a decentralized ledger for secure, transparent transactions, reducing fraud and enabling trustless exchanges in e-commerce operations.
Cloud Computing Technology

Cloud Computing

Delivers scalable, on-demand computing resources, facilitating cost-effective infrastructure management, data storage, and global accessibility.
Metaverse Technology


Offers immersive, 3D virtual environments where users can interact, shop, and experience products in a way that bridges the physical and digital worlds.
Data Analytics Technology

Data Analytics

Turns vast amounts of data into actionable insights, helping to understand customer behavior, optimize operations, and drive strategic growth.

Platforms We Use



A user-friendly e-commerce platform offering a range of customizable templates, robust sales features, and extensive app integrations for businesses of all sizes.


WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress, enabling the creation and management of online stores with flexibility and extensive customization options.


A powerful, scalable e-commerce platform known for its extensive features, customization capabilities, and strong community support, suitable for enterprise-level businesses.


Offers a cloud-based e-commerce solution with a variety of built-in features and customization options, catering to both small and large-scale businesses.


A highly customizable CRM platform that integrates sales, customer service, marketing, and more, providing a comprehensive business management suite.


An open commerce platform that combines flexibility, less complexity, and a strong technological foundation, offering a suite of tools to create unique shopping experiences.

Industries We Cater

Retail industry


We provide comprehensive e-commerce solutions to retail businesses, enhancing online presence and sales through user-friendly interfaces and advanced analytics.
Electronics industry


Specializing in e-commerce for electronics, we offer platforms that handle complex product specifications and comparisons, driving informed purchasing decisions.
Fashion industry


Our services cater to the fashion industry with visually rich platforms, trend integration, and features for a personalized shopping experience.
Healthcare industry


We develop secure e-commerce platforms for healthcare, ensuring compliance, patient privacy, and streamlined access to health products and services.
Education industry


Our e-commerce solutions for education facilitate the sale of learning materials and courses with features for easy content management and access.
Food Delivery industry

Food Delivery

We create dynamic food delivery apps with real-time tracking, menu management, and integrated payment systems for convenience and efficiency.
Furniture industry


Tailored e-commerce platforms for furniture businesses feature high-quality image galleries, customization options, and AR for virtual placement.
Grocery Delivery industry

Grocery Delivery

Our grocery delivery solutions offer inventory management, dynamic pricing, and fast checkout processes for an efficient shopping experience.
Media and Entertainment industry

Media and Entertainment

We build platforms for media and entertainment that support content streaming, subscriptions, and merchandise sales, enhancing user engagement.
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Why Choose Oyelabs for Ecommerce App Development?

user friendly development


Oyelabs boasts a seasoned team with extensive expertise in e-commerce app development, ensuring high-quality, innovative solutions tailored to industry standards.
multi platform development

Competitive Pricing

Offering cost-effective development services, Oyelabs provides budget-friendly solutions without compromising on quality, maximizing your return on investment.
competitive pricing

On-Time Delivery

With a track record of punctuality, Oyelabs commits to delivering projects within the agreed timeframe, ensuring your business plans stay on schedule.
Feature rich apps


Oyelabs prioritizes client needs, offering personalized service and solutions designed to meet specific business objectives and customer demands.
Interview and hire


Throughout the development process, Oyelabs maintains open communication, providing clients with regular updates and insights into project progress.
Flexible contract


Oyelabs upholds strict confidentiality policies, ensuring your proprietary information and trade secrets are protected throughout the development process.

Our Process for Ecommerce App Development


Requirement Collection

Oyelabs begins by gathering detailed requirements, understanding client needs, and defining project scope to ensure a tailored e-commerce solution.
Demo and Development


The development phase involves coding the application, integrating features, and ensuring the platform is scalable and secure.
Mask Group 3

Support and Maintenance

Post-launch, Oyelabs provides ongoing support and maintenance, updating features and resolving any issues to maintain app quality.


Focusing on UX/UI, Oyelabs designs an engaging, intuitive interface that reflects the client's brand and enhances the user journey.

Quality Test & Launch

Rigorous testing is conducted to identify and fix bugs, optimize performance, and guarantee a seamless user experience. We then proceed to launch your application on your desired platforms.

Our Ecommerce App Development Tech Stack

Ecommerce App Development Tech Stack

Cost to Build An Ecommerce App

Cost of your E-Commerce app development depends on various factors
Custom app development cost
Technology Related Cost
Connecting App to a Server Via API
Costs $10,000 to $24,000
Social Login Integration
Costs $500 Each
Custom app development cost
Location of Developers
$10 to $40 per hour
Eastern Europe
$30 to $100 per hour
$70 to $150 per hour
Approx. Development Cost
Costs $20,000 to $50,000
Europe and USA
Costs $40,000 to $2,00,000

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Client’s Reviews

GrocerEase delivery app

Devon Williams - CEO

"Oyelabs transformed our online store with their innovative app solutions. The team's expertise in ecommerce development resulted in a user-friendly and efficient app that has significantly boosted our sales."
Harvest Hub Grocery delivery Company

Travis James - Product Lead

"The custom app developed by Oyelabs for our business exceeded our expectations. Their attention to detail and commitment to delivering a high-quality product was evident throughout the development process."
Greens On Wheels Grocery Delivery Company

Ashley Marsh - CMO

"Working with Oyelabs was a game-changer for our ecommerce presence. Their tailored approach ensured that our app was not only visually appealing but also packed with features that our customers love."

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Amazon clone

Amazon Clone

A comprehensive solution mimicking Amazon's features for a quick start in the competitive online marketplace environment.
Alibaba clone

Alibaba Clone

Tailored for B2B transactions, this clone facilitates bulk purchasing and supplier interactions akin to Alibaba's platform.
Etsy clone

Etsy Clone

Focuses on handmade, vintage items and crafts, offering a niche marketplace for unique product listings and sales.
Flippa clone

Flippa Clone

Enables an online marketplace for buying and selling websites, domains, and online businesses, similar to Flippa.


What is the estimated cost to develop an ecommerce app?
Developing an ecommerce app can range from $10,000 to $500,000+, depending on complexity, features, and the development team's location.
How long does it take to build an ecommerce app?
On average, building an ecommerce app takes about 4 to 12 months, influenced by app complexity, desired features, and the development team's efficiency.
Which company offers the best ecommerce app development services?
Oyelabs is recognized for its expertise in ecommerce app development, offering tailored solutions that align with the latest industry trends and technological advancements. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes us a top choice for businesses looking to create a robust e-commerce presence.
Does Oyelabs offer support and maintenance services for my ecommerce website and app?
Yes, Oyelabs offers comprehensive post-launch support and maintenance services to ensure your e-commerce app and website operate smoothly and efficiently.

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