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Scope Of Cloud Services

  • As per the prediction of Fortune Business Insights, the Global Cloud Services Computing Market is all set to become a $791.48 billion worthy sector by 2028
  • On the other side, Precedence Research reflects that the market is expected to be valued at $1614.10 billion by 2030
  • As per Grand View Research, the Global Cloud Computing Market is expected to reach $483.98 billion by 2022.
  • According to Tech Jury, by 2024 only enterprise cloud spending will be accounting for 14% of the total revenue of IT firms globally.
  • More than 75% of firms in the US are using cloud services to innovate their business processes.
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Advantages Of Using Cloud Services In Business

Advantages Of Using Cloud Services In Business
  • Cost-Cutting: Cloud Services if implemented accurately can act as a great tool for cost-cutting. A business is required to invest a heavy amount of money only in the initial phase. With time the services will reflect their effect on cost-cutting and also save ample amounts of time.
  • Security: Security is one thing that cannot be ignored in any way. As every data like files, statistical data, programs, and other important information are kept in online storage, security is a serious concern in cloud computing services. That is why regular surveillance is available through cloud services. 
  • Flexibility: Cloud services also bring flexibility to businesses. Cloud offers a more flexible business than the hosting procedure on a local server. Cloud can fulfill the need for extra bandwidth as well and that too instantly in case it is needed.
  • Mobility: Mobility is an attractive feature that can be made available with cloud services. As all the data is stored in the online cloud it can be accessed with any device from anywhere. It helps a business to let its employees work from different locations.
  • Data Recovery: Cyber attacks are common incidents in today’s world. So the fear of losing data is always there for businesses. Cloud services are highly effective in mitigating this fear. It is possible to recover data from cloud storage in a secure way.

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The Methodology We Follow At Oyelabs



The first phase in our ccloud service and solution methodology is analysis of the business and clients’ plans regarding the cloud service. A complete analysis of the business, its needs, requirements, and the future plans of the client regarding the cloud solution is done in this phase.


Once our exp[ert designers are ready with accurate designs we assign our developers in the process. They utilise their years of experience and highly qualified skill sets to develop the perfect solution for your business based on the latest technologies.
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Deployment and Support

Once the tests are done and our QA teams offer us a green signal we launch the app by uploading it on the clients’ platform. We here in Oyelabs believe in creating relationships for lifetime, that’s why we offer post upload support and maintenance for you cloud solutions.


Once we complete the analysis our experts design the architectures and prototypes perfectly fitting the client needs and plans.


After the development is done our QA teams perform several tests to check and verify the reliability, compatibility, functionality and performance of the developed cloud solution.

Our Cloud Services


Cloud Strategy And Roadmap


Cloud Architecture Review


Cloud Migration Services


Cloud Native Application Development


Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Setup And Optimization


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Site Reliability Engineering Services

Categories In Cloud Services

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
This service is focused in managing the infrastructure (actual servers, network virtualization, data storage) through an internet connection
Platform as a Service (PaaS)
PaaS is an entire development and launch environment within the cloud. It also offers resources to deliver cloud based applications.
Software as a Service (SaaS)
This service helps the users connect and avail the cloud based applications available on the internet.

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FAQs About Cloud Services

Which category of cloud services is preferred most by the businesses across the world?
Software as a Service or in short SaaS is the category of cloud services most preferred by the businesses across the world.
Which cloud platform is best suited for startups?
Amazon Web Services or AWS is the most startup friendly cloud platform.
How will my complete ownership be ensured if I develop a cloud app with Oyelabs?
You will receive the complete source code after we deliver you the cloud solution. The source code will ensure your complete ownership of the developed solution. We also sign NDA and NC to ensure no information is leaked in the process.

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The armour of technology that makes our devices look and work like never before seen on both iOS and Android phones. We use the latest technology in the development process, from the selection of programming languages to the final QA process. Our applications are thoroughly developed and tested, marking a new world standard.