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Project Timeline


5 Months


6 Members

Key Platforms

Android and iOS, with customer, tasker and admin modules


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Picture a scenario. You got up, had tea, and headed to the office with a messy space behind you and stinky plates lying in the sink. Yet you find it in the right order as you come back at night, dishes washed and ordered in the racks, carpets vacuumed and the floor sparkling like a star. What will be the first response from you?

Problem Statement

The Home Services Apps capitalizes on the convenience factor, one of the greatest constraints plaguing this sector. In the market we targeted, getting a repairman, or a specialist to one’s house is not a convenient affair – especially when urgent repairs and services are the matter of concern. While in many developing regions, the labour may be relatively cheap, the story is quite different in the developed regions in the states.


Our main challenge was to create a simple-to-use yet effective interface for all age groups. The idea of the application was as follows:
Select required services
Check availability in real time
Task scheduling with available tasker
Real-time tracking
Settle payments online
Rate and check reviews of service providers
Get help 24 hours a day.
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As it was typically difficult to process all data on a mobile device, OyeLabs’ Mobile Design team was strengthened by web designers to develop the server-side of the application because the app’s architecture contained user accounts, task management and ranking systems.


Before we involved ourselves in the coding bit of the process, our  business analyst performed a complex marketing analysis, developed the basic architecture and the decided to incorporate the system in a market for home-service professionals’ databases. After a detailed review and documentation of the software workflow, the baton was passed on to the design team which created a user interface for native iOS and Android apps. Our designers then adopted native iOS and Google Materials architecture standards in order to make the software appear clean and intuitive.

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Design & Development Stage

Ideation :

In this stage, we ideated about how the entire process would flow like. Everything from the basic layout of the app to the functionalities to be added – they were planned here only.

Planning :

We worked tirelessly to make our client’s idea completely clear to our team and to build a roadmap to build an app for the optimum customer experience.

Workflow :

Our fully-fledged production team ensured that the idea was openly articulated and truly collaborative.

Execution :

This was the stage where the actual magic happened. Our team of experts developers our designer’s art into a fully functioning digital solution which turned our client’s dream into a reality.

Features Explained


Professional’s Profile Section

This segment displays a card-like profile with an address, age, gender, language, certification, and preparation for travel accompanied by a video presentation. Any candidate had to undergo an interview before being employed to determine his or her technical adequacy.

If the service supplier is licenced, its hours, location and preparation for travel shall be determined.

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Payment Section

For OyeLabs, the other challenge was to pick a correct payment provider to incorporate the app. OyeLab preferred MangoPay operation, considering the monetization model customers had demanded, advanced financial transactions reports, funds splitting and freezing capabilities along with the fulfilment of European KYC specifications.

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In-App Chats

What if a client needs to directly call their service provider or if a provider has a lot of questions about a client? We have chosen to have a chat feature in the app and have used the socket.io library to incorporate it.

Since Android Operation has its own life cycle, we have to handle it carefully to prevent problems like memory leaks. Any time the app is opened or history, we carefully open and close socket connections. If the app is locked, though, we can still send messages via push notifications, so that no significant information is lost to customers. Relate to the remainder of the app.

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Administrator’s Section

OyeLabs has developed a very versatile user-friendly management area to keep an eye on the entire operation of home care services app admin, to handle and customise consumer orders, to gather statistics about application usage and payment workflow as well as content control purposes.

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Tech Stack Used (Latest & Scalable)

Android: Android Studio 4.x + Java

iOS: Xcode 9 + Swift 5

Frontend: React Latest

Backend: NodeJS 12 + Mysql

End Results

This home service application was successfully designed and introduced in order to please both consumers and users by seasoned teams of developers of different languages at OyeLabs. The application supports many users in the States and encourages and changes their lives.

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