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Real Estate App Development Company

Key Stats Regarding Real Estate Apps

Real Estate apps are one of the rapidly growing markets around the world. Recent years have witnessed a Speedy growth in the market of Real Estate Apps. According to The Business Research Company, the market is expected to rise from $9.12 billion in 2021 to $10.06 billion within 2022 with an expected CAGR of 10.2%.

The site also forecasted that the market will be valued at $14.61 billion in 2026.  As per Globe News Wire, the global Real Estate software market is set to reach $15.8 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 8.9%.

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Advantages Of Real Estate App For Businesses

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  • Enhanced Customer Relationships: Real Estate apps help businesses in managing all their clients from different locations across the globe. The apps also help in tracking customers through social media handles as well.
  • Performance: Real Estate apps help businesses in optimizing their promotional activities as well as overall business performance. It helps the organizations in maintaining the lead or even gaining a sustainable lead in the industry. 
  • Data Access: Real Estate apps help businesses in fetching national data related to Real Estate and it helps them big time in listing the properties. 
  • Paperless Process: Real Estate apps come with cloud storage to store the data of higher levels. In this way, businesses can adopt paperless processes and online documentation processes for properties.
  • Reduces Cost: Real Estate apps are capable of reducing operational costs. Due to the app businesses can minimize their staffing, save huge costs of printing, reduce traveling costs, and have a remote working process along with the small inventory.
  • Enhanced Sales: AR, VR, and even MR technology implemented apps help in higher sales by offering the buyers a virtual experience of the property.

OyeLabs’ Methodology To Real Estate App Development



We perform a detailed analysis of your business and bring out essential information required for developing your Real Estate app.


Our third step is developing the app and include only the latest versions of all essential technologies.
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If our QA team verifies the product as ready to be launched we will offer a demo to you. After confirming from you OyeLabs launches the app on your provided platform.


Once we have the data our expert designers will create the unique UI, wireframes and prototypes for your Real Estate app.


As soon as our highly skilled developers are ready with the Real Estate app our QA team will verify the compatibility, reliability and functionality of the app through various tests.

Real Estate App Development Services We Offer


Custom Real Estate Mobile App Development


Custom Real Estate Web App Development


Online Property Booking App Development


Enterprise Solutions


Property Managing App Development


Lead Handling Solutions

Must Have Features In Real Estate Apps

User Profiles
Users must have the option to create their own profile in the Real Estate app so they can access all the services available on the app.
In a Real Estate app there are more than thousands of properties available. So a user may find it difficult to search and find what he is looking for. Including a filter feature may solve this issue for the user.
Push Notification
One of the strongest marketing tools of current times is push notification. This feature allows businesses to enhance customer experience as well as notify them about deals on properties.
Property Cost Calculator
One of the must have features is the property cost calculator. It helps in offering the users an estimated cost of a property based on different factors like taxes, loan interests, and payment schedule.
Property Profiles
Property profiles help the users with description of property, photos, videos, price, value proposition, owner information and locality.
Call Or Message
A communication method in the Real Estate app helps the buyers contacting the agents. In this way communication stays relevant in the app and users can have a better experience.

Trending Technologies In Real Estate Apps

Blockchain is an effective integration in Real Estate apps. Blockchain helps in verifying the encrypted transactions and also makes sure that no financial record is hammered.
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Real Estate apps integrated with AI can offer automation in exact valuation, lead management, and even understanding the behavioral data. This technology plays a huge role in forecasting, analysis, and data representation during decision making practices.
Internet Of Things (IoT)
IoT in Real Estate apps helps in marketing as per proximity and offering data analytic reports. The technology is also capable of giving intensive care to equipment.

FAQs About Real Estate App Development

What are sources of revenue for Real Estate apps?
Real Estate apps have three primary sources of revenue , namely,Selling ad slots in the app, Service offering to agents and Commission on every finalized deal through the app.
Which are the best real estate apps?
Zillow, Real Estate by Xome and Trulia are three of the best Real Estate apps at present.
What are the important features of a Real Estate app?
Before developing a Real Estate app one must ensure that certain features must be available in the app. Features like login, property listings, virtual tour options, user-friendly interface, filters and chat options must be available in the Real Estate app.

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