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POPTUP is the UK’s premier online event and commercial space booking platform, revolutionizing how people plan and host memorable experiences. With a rich tapestry of venues and services across the United Kingdom at your fingertips, POPTUP offers a seamless and exciting way to unlock unique event spaces, from cozy pop-up shops to grandiose conference centers. They prioritize user-centric design and community engagement to offer a unique social experience.


The Challenge

POPTUP’s primary challenge was to create a user-friendly platform that seamlessly offered the event and commercial space booking experience as they embarked on a mission to transform the landscape of event and commercial space booking. In response to this critical obstacle, POPTUP sought a dynamic partnership with Oyelabs to overcome the hurdles and breathe life into their groundbreaking vision.

problem statement

Our Team’s Six-Point Game Plan

pioneering platform

Pioneering Platform

We developed a cutting-edge online event and venue booking portal.
brand transformation

Brand Transformation

We rebranded PopTup with a design that matched its pioneering vision.
Content Enrichment

User-Friendly Control

We provided a simple web control center for efficient management.
scalability strategies

Scalability Strategies

Our guidance ensured growth from the ground up.
digital innovation

Digital Innovation

We infused innovation into the platform's core, setting it apart.
ongoing support

Ongoing Support

We established an enduring partnership, fostering continuous improvement.

Technologies Used

POPTUP (Airbnb clone) Tech Stack

How We Fared

Here at Oyelabs, we checked out the needs and whipped up our ready-to-go rental booking solution as the perfect fix. The result? POPTUP is now the go-to online platform for booking events and commercial spaces in the UK, changing the game for event planning. With a bunch of cool venues and services all over the UK, POPTUP makes finding a unique event space easy and fun. They keep things user-friendly and love bringing people together for a one-of-a-kind social experience.


Here’s How It Looks Today

POPTUP Screens

Marketing Hurdles They Faced

POPTUP encountered the uphill task of creating brand awareness and trust from scratch in a competitive market. The challenges included low market visibility, unfamiliarity among potential users, and the need to differentiate in a crowded space. Navigating through these hurdles, POPTUP faced the ongoing challenge of establishing a solid foothold in the market.

Project Mapping

How Did We Help?

Oyelabs deployed a comprehensive approach to tackle POPTUP’s marketing challenges. By harnessing data-driven insights, we meticulously tailored creative marketing campaigns to resonate with the target audience. Our in-depth market analysis allowed us to identify opportunities and navigate industry trends effectively. This multi-faceted strategy played a pivotal role in POPTUP’s journey, culminating in the establishment of a strong brand presence and trust within the industry.

The Transformative Outcomes

Through the partnership with Oyelabs, POPTUP achieved a more intuitive platform, empowered community, efficient scalability, and a seamless social experience, ultimately reshaping its impact in the commercial leasing and event marketing landscape.

Transformative outcomes
It's been a fantastic experience, so I would definitely rate Oyelabs a solid ten out of ten. I've had such a great experience that I wholeheartedly recommend Oyelabs to everyone. I've even generated a few new ideas and I'm exploring the other services Oyelabs has to offer.

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