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React Native App Development Services

Characteristics Of React Native Framework

  • UI focused: UI is one of the most crucial aspects of mobile app development. React Native minimizes the threats regarding it as its primary focus is to enhance the UI.
  • Programming language: React Native uses JavaScript as its main programming language. JavaScript is one of the common programming languages across the internet. Therefore future updates and modifications will be easily accessible.
  • Tested: React Native is one of the most common frameworks to develop a mobile app. Social media giant Facebook also prefers react native. So it is clear that the framework is reliable.
  • Performance: The performance of mobile apps are important in order to benefit the businesses. React Native is loaded with features, libraries and components to enhance the developed app’s performance.
Characteristics Of React Native Framework

Benefits Of Developing React Native Apps

Benefits Of Developing React Native Apps
  • Cost-effective: As React Native allows the use of the same code to develop apps for multiple platforms like IOS and Android it helps businesses save extra costs.
  • Quick development: React Native allows developers to develop multi-platform apps with the same code. So it not only saves the business cost but also time. The framework also maintains the quality, and performance to the highest standard.
  • Speed: React Native has its own component outputs that enhance the user experience with great speed in the app.
  • Ease in modification: React Native offers the developer’s opportunity to modify or update an app quickly with no complications. So, a business can modify the apps if it is needed within a short time.

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Our React Native App Development Process


Noting The Requirements

Planning a project is crucial in order to complete it as per modern standard. That’s why Oyelabs hosts a discussion round with the client to mark out the client requirements.
Demo and Development

Demo and Development

As soon as the outline of the app and its key components are ready we present a demo to the client. Once the client is satisfied with the demo and his suggested changes are applied our highly skilled and experienced developers start developing the React native app.
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Deployment and Support

As soon as our experts approve the app to be launched we deploy the React Native app on the client’s given platform. As we look to build long term partnerships we also provide post deployment support and maintenance.


Once our experts have the client requirements and expectations regarding the app development , our design team works on the UI and UX.

Quality Testing

After the developers are done it's time for our expert QA team to ensure the app’s functionality with tests like Unit tests, UI tests and interaction tests.

Our React Native App Development Services


Custom React Native App Development

Prototype and Wireframe Development

Prototype and Wireframe Development


Widget Development


React Native Migration

App Development Consultation

App Development Consultation

App Support & Maintenance

App Support & Maintenance


App Quality Testing

Types Of React Native Apps We Develop

Custom React Native App
Augmented Reality App
Enterprise Solutions App
Bluetooth App
IoT enabled App
Utility App

Industries We Specialize In

Food Delivery
Grocery Delivery
Home Services
Wellness And Fitness

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FAQs About React Native App Development

Why is React Native So Famous?
React Native is quite popular mainly due to the benefits it brings like ease in upgrading, availability of developers due to JavaScript being its programming language and it is cost effective.
Who are some industry giants using React Native?
Facebook, Instagram, AirBnB, Discord, And even Walmart are using React Native apps.
What is the total cost of developing a React Native app?
Cost of developing a React Native app depends upon multiple factors like category of the app, required features, time, essential technologies and number of developers needed. So there is not any specific cost of React Native app development.

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