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With a team of 20+ backend developers to help you achieve your project goals for web application, mobile application , API and enterprise solutions. Our backend developers are certified in various latest languages such as Ruby, Node.js and many more. 

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Who we are?

Oyelabs is a mobile applications, website development and maintenance providing company. We provides back end developers for other business and start ups depending on the client requirement. We have a wide range of back end developers who specialize in various nice and industry which can help our customers grow at a faster pace. Oyelabs gives the freedom to hire back end developers according to the customer’s project needs and demands. Oyelabs deploys top-notch developers and teams who can define and bring your vision to reality.

Why Us?

Experienced Talent pool

Indian developers are considered as one of the sharpest mind across the globe. Hiring with us gives you access to some of the best back end developers for a very cost effective prices.

Quality Control

Our customers are delivered with high quality solutions that are reliable and scalable. We also ensure proper quality assurance before a project is launched.

Proactive Project Team

Our team emphasizes on timely communication and project delivery. Our team is focused on providing high value customer service to our client.

20+ Developers

We have a huge talent pool of developers that can be utilized according to your project needs and demands. We have experienced back end developers that can reduce the development time of your project.

Transparent Communication

Our project managers have excellent communication skills that can help in understanding the project requirements effectively.

Cost Suitability

We ensure to give cost effective services to our clients based on their needs and requirements. In comparison to other countries like USA and UK we provide a budget friendly development solution.

Your Search for unparalleled expert backend developer ends here.

Our dedicated backend developer team is ready to bring your vision to reality. Improve your project with our professionals to build a better future together.

Dedicated Technology Experts


Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers

To craft elegant and efficient PHP-based web applications.

Hire Dedicated Node.JS Developers

For seamless and scalable server-side JavaScript solutions.

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Hiring Models

Hire a Team of Dedicated Backend Developers

This hiring model is best fit for mature startups working towards complex projects with multiple features and languages. This model includes 5-7 experienced developers.

Hire a Backend Developer

This hiring model is best fit for adding member to your internal team. We outsource 2-3 top notch developer that can help your team in completing your project in house.

Hire Developers on a Per-project Basis

This hiring model includes our dedicated team of developers for your large projects. This team is headed by a experienced project manager that helps in better coordination and seamless working.



Gathering Needs

Our process starts by understanding your goals and project requirements. We collect all the related information such as scope , vision , mission , features ,functionality, timeline and any specific requirements.
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Shortlisting Developers

Once we acquire your requirements we start shortlisting our developers from our talent pool according to your requirements. We select the best fit your requirements and project specifications.

Interview Developers

Next step is to share the list of shortlisted candidates with you. You can conduct an interview with the developer and also examine their skills through coding challenges and technical tests.

Non Disclosure Agreement

Before starting your project we sign a NDA for safety. This document is for protecting your confidential information and intellectual rights. Our team provides a customized NDA for your project.


After selecting developer for your project we create a clear line of communication, milestones and goals. Our developers blend into your teams and project by adopting to your management process.


We provide a seamless onboarding process with our developers. Our developers will become part of your team and coordinate to achieve your milestones. We believe in providing weekly or fortnight updates and transparent communication.
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Boost Your projects with our dedicated Backend experts for a lasting success.