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Thinking about launching an e-commerce business? Try our Noon clone integrated with new-age features and functionalities.

Our Noon clone script is a 100% customizable white-label solution to your problems.

Noon Clone- ecommerce store app

Stand-Out Features Of Our Noon Clone

  • Simple Onboarding- Our Noon clone keeps it very simple for new users to be onboarded. To enhance the user experience we made the registration process fast and simple for the users. We have integrated the feature of signing in using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Google.
  • User-Friendly- It is important to keep the UI quite simple to catch the interest of the users and that is why we have made our Noon clone UI highly user-friendly. 
  • Catalog- Our Noon clone app is integrated with a user-friendly catalog. We have integrated a picture-oriented catalog that also suggests similar products to the user.
  • Search- Users can easily find the products they are looking for as our Noon clone script has an easy search option along with some advanced filters.
  • Multiple Languages- Our clone script is compatible with multiple languages which automatically gives you the flexibility of targeting a global audience.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways- Our clone script supports multiple payment gateways which helps you offer the end users flexibility in paying for the products they bought.
  • Admin Features- We offer all the essential features an admin requires to run the e-commerce business successfully in our Noon app clone.

100% Customizable White-Label Noon Clone

We have focused on all the currency generation demands and requirements in an e-commerce application before creating our leading-edge Noon clone script. Our dedicated research has enabled us to integrate all the essential features in our Noon clone. Moreover, our solution is 100% customizable which gives you complete control over adding or removing any feature you want.

We are bringing you a readymade white-label solution to help you accelerate your time-to-market for your e-commerce app. Still not convinced, try a demo.

Top Rated Features Of Our Noon Clone

Buyer App

Easy Login
Buyers will be able to simply login into our Noon clone using their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or even Google.
Profile Update
Buyers will get complete control in managing their profiles in our Noon clone app. They can update their name, contact details, or even address anytime they want.
Easy Search
We have integrated an easy search feature where the buyers can type a specific keyword related to the product they are looking for and find it in our Noon clone app.
Advanced Filters
To make the searching more simple we have added a few advanced filters which will help the buyer search for their desired item more easily.
Discount & Offer
Buyers will get discounts & offers from the stores available for the item before they make the payment.
Buyers can mark the items they like as favorites and add them to their wishlist to purchase later.
Order Tracking
Once a buyer has placed an order he can track it easily using our Noon clone app.
Store Information
Buyers can easily access the store information in our Noon clone app which will help them decide better before making a purchase.
Once the customer makes a payment he will receive an invoice that will specify the amount of the product, taxes, and other charges.
Rate & Review
Once a customer has received the item he can rate & review the store on our Noon clone app.
Noon Clone App- Store features

Store App

Store owners will have the option to set their menu on the Noon clone app. They can edit or update the menu anytime they need. The menu feature includes categories, subcategories, stocks, prices, and more options.
Create Offers
Store owners will get the option to create a discount or offer specific to a product or two from our Noon clone.
Product Listing
Store owners will be able to list their items in our Noon clone with proper descriptions, images, and prices.
Order Management
Once an order is dispatched store owners can also track the delivery using our Noon clone app.
Manage Drivers
Store owners will be able to add their own delivery drivers and vehicles once they are verified by the admin. Store owners can then assign orders to their drivers from our Noon clone app.
Sales Analysis
In order to help the store owners assess their overall sales in a week, month, or year we have included a sales analysis feature in our Noon clone which will offer the store owners a detailed sales report.
Rate & Review
Just like customers, store owners will also be able to offer their feedback to the customers after every order.

Admin App

User Management
The admin will be able to manage the users on the platform by tracking their activities. Admin will also have the ability to ban any user from the platform.
Store Verification
The admin will get the option to verify the stores on the platform by going through their details.
Set Charges
Admin will be able to set the delivery charges accordingly for different zones and keep the prices as per the radius of the delivery.
Access To Reviews
The admin can go through the feedback given by customers, and store owners. It will help them to track user activities more efficiently.
The admin will be able to send both text messages and emails to the store owners, and customers. The admin will even get the option to schedule the messages for the future.
Order Tracking
Admin will also get the option to track the orders made through the Noon clone app.
Product Management
Admins will have access to the product listings including their details like description and pricing, they can even modify or delete a product listing from the platform.
Innovative Dashboard
We have integrated an innovative dashboard for the admins which will display the overall users, sales information, total earnings, total payments, and more details to help them track the activities on the Noon clone app.
Noon Clone App- Admin Panel Features
Noon Clone- Delivery Man App

Delivery Man App

Add Vehicles
Delivery drivers will be required to input their vehicle details like model, manufacturing date, and more on the app. These details are to verify him on the Noon clone app.
Accept or Reject Delivery Requests
We have included this feature in the delivery driver’s app to offer them complete control in deciding which deliveries they will like to accept and which they will not.
Delivery men can mark themselves as available or unavailable in our Noon clone app.
Track Address
To help the delivery drivers track any address we have integrated our Noon clone app with an address tracking feature which will offer them multiple routes to the customer’s address.

Here Are Some Addons We Offer For Noon Clone

In-App Message & Call
Enhance the communication between store owners, delivery men, and customers by integrating in-app message, and call features.
Multiple Payment Methods
Add more payment options to offer your users flexibility in payment.
In-App Wallet
Eliminate all the issues related to payment by integrating a custom in-app wallet in your Noon clone.
Multiple Languages
Target a global audience by integrating more languages in your Noon clone app.
Help the buyers get a more clear understanding of the items by integrating AR/VR technology in your Noon clone app.
Schedule Delivery
Offer the buyers an enhanced experience by allowing them to schedule the delivery.
Social Media Integration
With this social media integration addon you can allow the buyers to share a product with their friends through social media.
Rewarding Features
Reward your customers when a product is ordered from their shared links. A reward will also improve the user experience.
Subscription Plans
We can add subscription plans for users to enjoy the valuable features of your Noon clone app.
Push Notifications
Add the most powerful marketing tool, Push notifications in your Noon clone.
Noon Clone app- Add on features

Advantages Of Investing In Our Noon Clone


Data Collection Device

You can easily collect valuable user data which will be very helpful in identifying customer behavior.

Brand Visibility

As Noon is already a popular e-commerce app launching a clone can help you gain better brand visibility.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Our Noon clone has an easy-to-use interface which makes it way easier for users to navigate across the app and buy items.

Higher ROI

By purchasing our readymade Noon clone app you will be saving chunks of money and an ample amount of time. A faster time to market is always effective in generating more sales which automatically improves the ROI.

Here’s The Workflow Of Our Noon Clone

  • Buyer Perspective-
    • A buyer will be required to select the store he wants to buy from
    • After selecting the store he is required to search and select the items
    • Once he has selected all the items then he will be required to select the payment method 
    • Once the payment is done the buyer will receive an invoice
  • Store Owner Perspective-
    • The store owner will be required to acknowledge the orders, and prepare them within the requested delivery time
    • Once the store owners have prepared the orders they can assign the delivery drivers
  • Delivery Man Perspective-
    • Delivery drivers need to be online to receive delivery requests
    • Once they receive a request they can accept or reject the delivery
    • If they accept they need to pick up the order from the store and deliver it to the customer at the given address

Our Noon Clone Development Process

  • Delivery
    As soon as we get the green signal from our QA team we will launch the app on your preferred platforms with complete responsibility.
  • Design
    As soon as the roadmap is ready we assign our design experts to create unique and innovative designs including all features for the Noon clone app.
  • Development
    Although we will offer you a ready-made solution, in this phase, we need to integrate the features the clients require for a successful business operation. Our developers using all the latest technologies build the Noon clone app perfectly fitting your requirements.
  • Requirement Analysis
    To understand the client's plans and future expectations from the Noon clone we host a meeting with them. In this meeting, we collect their requirements and later assess them to plan a proper roadmap for the project.
  • Support & Maintenance
    Oyelabs will ensure you don’t face any trouble running your Noon clone app by offering your free support and maintenance services for a reasonable period.
  • Testing
    We always check the quality of the solution before delivering them. So, once the Noon clone app is ready our QA team will perform rigorous testing to verify the functionality, compatibility, and reliability of the solution.
mvp business plan

Why Choose Oyelabs For Your Noon Clone Development?

  • 100% Customizable- Our Noon clone is completely customizable so you can add any feature or functionality you need with ease.
  • Free App Submission- Oyelabs keeps its clients as the first priority which is why we take complete responsibility for submitting your app to the respective platforms and that too for free.
  • Complete Ownership- Once you purchase the Noon clone script from us we will offer you the complete source code to ensure your ownership of the solution.
  • Free White Labeling- Oyelabs offer you free white labeling by integrating your brand image, logo, and theme color in the Noon clone app.
  • Free Technical Support- We ensure you don’t face any complications even after the deployment of the solution by offering 30 days technical support for your Noon clone app for free.
  • Free Bug Support- Just like technical support you will also get free bug support for a period of 30 days from Oyelabs for your Noon clone app.
  • Round The Clock Support- Oyelabs offers you 24/7 dedicated support for your Noon clone app to ensure you get the support when you need it.

Making a Difference Beyond Business.

As a people-centric organization, our success is intervened with the well being and growth of the Individuals we collaborate with. We thrive when our partners associates flourishes.


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Que. What is the Noon app?
Ans. Noon app is an e-commerce app that gives you instant access to items from all your favorite brands.
Que. What is a Noon clone?
Ans. Noon clone is a replica of the original Noon e-commerce app. Our Noon clone script is 100% customizable, white label, and loaded with key features.
Que. Can I get this Noon clone script elsewhere?
Ans. No, this Noon clone script is only available at Oyelabs and you can buy it from us only.
Que. Can I add more features to this Noon clone app?
Ans. Yes, as our Noon clone script is 100% customizable you can add more features as per your requirements.
Que. Is this Noon clone app compatible with multiple payment gateways?
Ans. Yes, our Noon clone script is compatible with multiple payment gateways.
Que. Does this Noon clone support multiple currencies?
Ans. Yes, our Noon clone script supports multiple currencies.
Que. After purchasing the Noon clone script will I get complete ownership of the solution?
Ans. Yes, once you purchase the Noon clone script from us, we will offer you the entire licensed source code to ensure your 100% ownership.
Que. Are there any complimentary support and maintenance services offered by Oyelabs if I purchase the Noon clone script?
Ans. Yes, Oyelabs will offer you free technical support, free bug support, and other maintenance services for a period of three months if you purchase the Noon clone script from us.
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