How To Easily Build A Supermarket App Like Everli

Easily Build A Supermarket App
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How To Easily Build A Supermarket App Like Everli

Last Updated on November 21, 2023

Everything’s at your fingertips in today’s time. Whether it’s a cab booking, a food order, or a shopping experience, just a few mobile phone taps and it is done. Like shopping for other products, people are now also more likely to order their regular food. You will in fact be surprised to know that almost 25% of consumers in the United States order their food online. Demand continues to grow and will stimulate the market to increase growth. By 2022, an appreciation of 133.8 billion dollars is expected in the online food market.

This shift to Easily Build A Supermarket App has enhanced demand for both food suppliers and mobile app developers and gives start-ups, traditional food stores and tech companies great opportunities to invest in mobile app development projects for their own food supply.

The online food industry has become a promising industry for enterprises with the Covid-19 pandemic attack. Combining the interest of consumers to avoid stepping into public areas, and the continued demand for food and essential goods, the demands for food supply apps such as Amazon, Grossfarmer, Instacart, Walmart and even newcomers such as Everli were suddenly increased.

Customers have formerly been resistant to online shopping, but a pandemic has forced several people in various countries worldwide to change their shopping psychology and accelerate industry penetration.

If you are willing to create a supermarket app like Everli, then read on.

What Is Everli? 

Supermercato24 based in Milan has recently renamed and became the Everli brand. It has adopted an innovative model for the supermarket food supply application, which is beneficial to customers, supermarkets and distributors (they hire as shoppers). Customers can select and place the order online in a trusted shop in the vicinity.

Everli was founded in 2014 and allows customers to order from its local supermarkets. The company is using a cost-effective and personal buyer who picks and then delivers the ordered items on the same day or at an additional cost within one hour. The company charges a consumer delivery fee, but also generates revenues through advertising from the charges charged to partner merchants.

It has developed into the delivery partner of some of the biggest food brands in Europe, providing access to over 300,000 products throughout its 70 cities. And, like other online food products, Everli benefits from an increase in e-commerce, and reliance on pandemic and country-based supply services.

Everli’s sales were nearly four times higher than $130 million in 2020. This growth takes place outside Italy and now accounts for over 20 percent of orders through international expansion.

Why Build An Everli Like App At All?

There have been days in the past when buyers prefer to buy essential household items from traditional supermarkets, shops or markets in the area. Initially, however, the local trends were replaced by the supermarket shops, and now there are proudly a growing number of mobile applications.

It is not shocking to say that the mobile app industry thrives without showing signs of a decline for the future with 2.7 million active smartphone users throughout the world. While smartphones are useful for all types of access, from text to calls, online shopping applications are also suitable for smartphones.

Imagine how relaxing it would be to bring in from your mobile screen a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and milk and all the other necessary articles at your doorstep?

As customers feel easier to shop for groceries with an app, more and more companies are benefiting from it. It’s not wrong that food shopping apps play several roles.

why build Everli like app

Benefits Of Supermarket Apps Like Everli

There are a bunch of benefits of Supermarket apps for both — you and your customers. Some of them are:

  • Reduced Shopping Time

Visiting a store without your food list is not only time-consuming but also the angriest time you would never want to face today, collecting your needed items and then waiting for yourself in the long queue.

Did you know, a survey revealed that buyers usually spend about 43 minutes visiting supermarkets 1.6 times a week. On average a purchaser spends around 60 hours on groceries each year when calculating this annually. Your app can, however, tailor your shopping experience to include not more than an hour and a half in your life.

  • Convenience To Track Orders

The more comfort and persuasion you offer the customers the better the impact of your sales will be. Justin Smith, the CEO, predicts that 79 percent of smartphone users prefer to purchase from mobile applications from the OuterBox survey report.

With supermarkets mobile applications, customers can track the order’s location in real time, so they can calculate when the product is delivered.

  • Understanding Customer Behaviour

Many of you have to wonder why this economic issue is discussed in a commercial food app, but it is important to understand it!

With today’s business models in mind, the collection of valuable data for businessmen to understand whether clients like their services or dislike them has become highly essential.

Surveys can double your business sales after customer analysis. A customer behaviour survey can include everything from when they want to shop, how they pay, what customers want and much more.

  • Streamlined Product Categorization

Easy product categorization will make your customers happy and allow you to reach new levels in your business. Well-listed products can enable your customers to navigate and choose from thousands easily. You can add it to your cart and enjoy a smooth buying experience using a number of taps on your mobile device.

A business owner can easily manage the supermarket business with the online food app and simplify its customers’ overall shopping process.

If you are a start-up or supermarket, it’s best to choose to create an on-demand food supply app if you finally want your business to grow with your application.

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Features list Everli like Supermarket app

Basic Features To Include In Your Supermarket App

Each application requires a basic set of functions and features for its various entities. There are 3 major companies: Customers, Store Owner and Admin in the mobile food delivery app. The characteristics for each are:

  1. For The Customer’s App
  • Registration: Customers can register on the app easily. You can easily log in with your basic information (including your name, email address, contact no.).
  • Browse Products: Customers can browse their products from a variety of food and food products.
  • Advanced search: certain filters can be used by users to make searching quick and easy.
  • Mode of payment: Customers have to pay through common and user-friendly methods of payment including Paytm, UPI, Paypal, and Google Pay.
  • Schedule Delivery: Customers should be able to choose a delivery time slot to recieve their order.
  • Tracking of orders: the customer must receive alerts via SMS & mail and the customer can track the order status in real time.
  • Settings: Users need full power to change their settings to e.g. modify information like contact number, e-mail address, etc.
  • Reviews & Ratings: Customers may leave behind their feedback on the products they receive and store. It helps to improve the experience overall.
  1. For The Business Owner’s App
  • Store Locator: The shop owner can transfer their store to the maps,search the map and place orders for them.
  • Store Pickup: if you want to collect orders from the shop, then customers can. It enhances the customers’ offline food industry.
  • Profile Management: The owner of the store has full power to manage his profile. The owner can at any time and from anywhere modify or update his or her details, like name, email address, phones, etc.
  • Live Tracking Path: The store owner should be able to track courier service in real time using GPS or Google Maps for all routes.
  1. For The Admin’s Panel
  • Store Management: Administrators can manage from one location all aspects of the shop. Even the admin can manage multiple stores.
  • Store owners coordination: admin can immediately coordinate with managers and maintain a smooth workflow.
  • Management of the Product List: Admin can manage and even control the product list and adjust prices according to market standards and demand of shop owners.
  • Order tracking: admin looks at every workflow and keeps an eye on the workflow for the systemic process.

Must-Have Features To Include In Your Supermarket App

It is time to implement those features, which can help make your app stand-alone, after implementing the general food delivery app features. Here are some of the advanced features to ensure your application stays ahead of the competition.

  • Push Notifications

Push notifications are alert messages that occur if you don’t use the app on the screen. With these messages you can provide your customers with relevant and customised contents at the right time.

  • Real-time order Tracking

Effective time tracking involves sending live updates frequently to a GPS device, that is, a mobile one. The drivers therefore provide products within the deadlines and customers do not have to wait with uncertainty in the event of a delay.

  • GPS Tracking

In a mobile device, a GPS tracking system offers a personalised user experience. It monitors the location of the user and gives results such as commodities, currency, famous supermarket stores there, nearby shops and so on.

  • Behaviour Tracking

Behavior tracking means tracking user response instances so that a better user experience can be provided. Instances include the most recent items ordered by the user, the most searched items, the timing, the user pattern of the shopping. For example, if you are in Italy, the app recommends that you choose Italian food products like pasta, lasagne, etc.

  • Real-Time Analytics

Effective analytics is the analysis of data once the information is available. It helps you monitor user activity, detect fraud, save costs and increase conversion and profit levels.

  • Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programmes help companies to keep in touch with customers constantly, helping to improve brand loyalty. There are several programmes like Cash, Vouchers, Membership, physical gifts, non-tangible rewards, etc. There are a number of other programmes.

  • In-App Calling

Just like in Uber, OLA and others, both the consumer and the shop owner in the application should have the characteristic of calling the delivery boy.

  • In-App Texts

Similar to in-application calls with a call feature, a chat feature should be provided through which both customers and store owners may be contacted by the delivery boy.

  • Number Masking

Masking telephone numbers is a technology that ensures customer privacy by connecting them to the delivery boy without exposing their actual telephone numbers.

  • In-app Navigation

In-app navigation, especially via Google Maps, helps users to track the delivery address very easily and also helps the delivery boy to find the destination.

  • Re-Ordering

If a customer wants to make the same order many times, he/she can order the same order again and again without the hardship of adding items.

  • CRM Integration

CRM integration can help your business centralise, optimise and streamline your customer communication and improve customer knowledge, increase the segmentation and retention of customers, and many more benefits.

  • ERP Integration

As your business grows bigger, all aspects of it are difficult to manage properly. ERP integration helps you simplify and monitor all your business processes.

  • Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence assists business owners, with accurate data, in making better informed choices. In the end, it will help them identify new business possibilities, reduce costs or identify inefficient reengineering processes.

  • Custom Dashboard

Smart, data-driven decisions can be made through Custom Dashboards to give every entity in your firm a central location for access, interaction, and analysing the latest information.

  • Visual Search

If the user cannot identify a true product but wants to buy it from your app, the visual search on the basis of AI helps. Visual search uses real-world images as stimulation to search the website and gives desired results (screenshots, web images, or photographs).

  • Recommendations

It has increased the user experience and also increased sales on your site by recommending similar items that the user was looking for or navigating for on your application.

Technology Stack For An App Like Everli

  • Application and Data – JavaScript,Python,Node.js,React,HTML5,NGINX,MongoDB,Ubuntu,TypeScript,ES6,Redis,Sass,Firebase,Modernizr,React Native,GraphQL,Redux,Android SDK, Google Cloud Platform,Google Compute Engine,Socket.IO,Electron,Google App Engine,Google Cloud Functions,Sails.js
  • Utilities- Google Analytics,Postman,Google Tag Manager,Google Maps, Elasticsearch,Stripe,Mailgun,
  • DevOps- GitHub, GitDocker, Visual Studio Code,Kubernetes,Bitbucket ,IntelliJ IDEA,Webpack,PyCharm,Android Studio,Docker Compose, Xcode, ESLint, Yarn,Terraform ,WebStorm,CircleCI,Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Business Tools- Slack,WordPress,Google Fonts,Font Awesome,Jira,G Suite, Mailchimp,Confluence, HubSpot,InVision ,Intercom, Strapi

Cost Of Building An App Like Everli 

Clearly, mobile applications also matter a lot about the cost of developing food delivery. Numerous factors are, however, determine the development costs. They are:

  • Reputation Of The Developers

A prestigious, experienced and well-known mobile app development company such as TCS, Infosys and Wipro definitely will charge more than players in the development phase.

  • Location Of The Developers

The development company’s geographical location is also important for the cost. For example, South East Asia’s development costs could be between $20-30 per hour while hundreds of dollars an hour in North America.

  • Team Size

When you ask for an app within a very short time limit, the company will obviously increase its costs. A large team of developers is also going to cost more.

  • App Type – MVP or a Complete App

An app with just essential properties, while a full product is an application with essential and advanced features, is a minimum viable product. Developing an MVP food supply application for South East Asia can cost between $15,000 and $25,000, and a fully-fledged application can cost between $25,000 and $35,000. It would be advisable to start with an MVP if you are a beginner in that segment and gradually expand the app features.

You can also check out our guide on making an app like Weezy for insights on the development process and cost to build one of the biggest supermarket apps in the UK.

Wrapping Up

It is important to find an experienced app development company to build your super app. Supermarket apps like Woolworths and Everli have become increasingly popular and many new-age customers are choosing these apps over traditional supermarket shopping.

To stand out from the competitors it is important to hire an app development company with experience in this industry to make the perfect for you and understand your vision.

Frequently Asked Questions for Building an App like Everli( FAQs)

Q1) How do I start a business like Everli?

A1) You should start by carrying out research if your app like Everli has a demand and target audience and also if you have a unique value proposition. Once you form an idea all that is needed is a team of experienced developers to turn your vision for the app into reality.

Q2) How much does it cost to build an app like Everli ?

A2) Cost of building such an app may vary depending on various factors and complexity . A ready made solution would cost around $10000.

Q3) How do I find the best suited developers for my app?

A3) You can start by searching for experienced developers in your area that understand your vision or get in touch with developers on online platforms who have a good record and understand your vision. You can then discuss your idea for the app and get a quote.

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