How Oyelabs Is Helping Startups Build On-Demand Grocery Business

Build On-Demand Grocery Business with Oyelabs
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How Oyelabs Is Helping Startups Build On-Demand Grocery Business

Last Updated on December 5, 2023

In this blog, we will explore how Oyelabs helps startups build on-demand grocery business.

In recent years, mobile devices have become a highly important business tool from being just a means of communication. When technology progresses every day at lightning speed, people become dependent on smartphones and other mobile devices.

The Media Marketing and Analytics Giant, comScore, found out in a survey carried out in 2017 how long the average US spends on our mobile devices and smartphones. The average American has been found to be spending on these devices an average of three hours a day.

When this estimate is multiplied over a month, it adds up to half the total time they spend on their full-time job during the same period. And this is the more conservative estimate of several recent studies. According to reports, online grocery sales in the USA are forecasted to reach $59.5 billion by 2023 from $23.9 billion in 2018.

It is quite clear how important mobile app creation is in the industry. The way we do business has changed with mobile apps. The apps have allowed consumers to access company details at the speed of light and stay linked to their favorite brand at the same time. Those applications are a crucial brand building, marketing & communication tool for these companies to broaden their portfolio while providing massive and important brand visibility.

And this is the reason why at OyeLabs, we take mobile app development so seriously.

In the previous years, the grocery industry has taken a huge leap from what it used to be & has transformed into a high-profit yielding, every-green industry. And thanks to the pandemic, people learned its true value. 

We at OyeLabs pioneers in building outstanding Grocery Delivery apps. In the past three years, we have worked on numerous Grocery Delivery platforms — and we are proud to say that most of them have turned into really successful ventures, globally.

Launch Your Grocery Delivery App in 2 weeks

    With Customized On-Demand Solutions by OyeLabs
    why choose Oyelabs for grocery app development

    Reasons To Build On-Demand Grocery Business with OyeLabs 

    • We offer both Custom & Ready-To-Use Solutions

    Unlike most of the companies out there — our solutions are tailored to fit your needs, as we offer both Custom & Ready-to-use solutions.

    If you need an app to be made especially for you, we could do that. Our expert team of engineers & designers would use their expertise & get you a fully customised platform made to address all your needs. Or, we have a ready-to-use solution made which we could deploy for your business, anytime you want.

    • The Power To Track Your Fleet, In Real Time

    With both the Admin pane and the Driver-side apps, our solution comes with the built-in Google Maps API so that you can now monitor the position and movement of your drivers in real time using your GPS app. 

    The dashboard has all the necessary features you would want in your grocery platform, so that travel time, distance covered, locations can automatically be registered. Our goal is to provide you with the most precise and trustworthy geographical information for your apps using Google Maps.

    • Easiest Order Management System Ever Made

    Our apps are so simple, so intuitive that, just in a few taps, you could register new orders from customers directly in the admin panel and easily transfer to a specific driver or driver category. 

    Depending on your needs, this work request can be dispatched manually or automatically. You can also handle delivery processes such as sending information to the assigned driver via text notification, prioritizing job and scheduling etc.

    • Build True, Deeper Connections With Your Customers

    In order to give your bird’s eyes the daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual output in terms of profit of your company, our platforms accumulate and process data from orders and drivers. 

    Automated monitoring and reporting on the Admin Panel lets you track the entire fleet and the efficiency of a driver. You may also compile and tailor the product and/or service offerings for your customers.

    • Power Of Your Business, Wherever You Go

    The beauty of platforms built by  OyeLabs is that it now helps you to handle deliveries from anywhere. In Tookan, you can conveniently access apps on various devices such as PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a web-based admin panel.

    • Scalability Will Never An Issue For You

    Standard mobile apps are designed to manage limited resources and processes. These apps will not be able to handle the load if your company expands. On the other hand, custom grocery delivery apps designed by OyeLabs will have all these parameters in mind and can be easily expanded if necessary or when needed.

    • Data Security

    The advanced security feature of general business applications may or may not endanger your business details. With our apps for your business alone, your data protection framework could be improved manifolds, as a number of necessary security steps are taken to meet your business needs when creating apps.

    • Easy Platform Maintenance

    You risk yourself at the helm of an unknown mobile app developer by using regular applications for your everyday business activities. If the developer wishes for whatever reason to discontinue the software then a new app will be available and your current operations will be stopped. You get its full power and don’t have to rely on someone else by making your own customized business app.

    • Help You  Build Brand Recognition & Awareness

    An efficient tool for brand recognition and awareness is a mobile app. For the definition purposes, mobile applications can be compared to a white sign, you can do whatever you want. It can be hip, trendy, insightful, practical or surprising. All is in your hands’ palm. What you want to do, though, is to create an app that your customers enjoy but that is well-designed and well marketed.

    As a company, it is critical that your products and/or services acclimatize your customers. The greater your participation of consumers with your product/services, the more likely they are or would be to secure it through your mobile app. This is recognized in ads as an important frequency. You can be remembered as a rule of thumb when you hear and/or see your brand at least 20 times.

    We understand how your business is for you.

    And this is why we use the best practices possible to turn your grocery app idea into a success!


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