How To Launch An Online Marketplace App Like Gazelle

develop an online marketplace app like Gazelle
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How To Launch An Online Marketplace App Like Gazelle

Last Updated on December 2, 2023

Online marketplaces have become highly popular in the current times. A primary reason for that is considered to be the outbreak of the pandemic that has restricted the masses from getting out of their homes every day, even for mundane tasks. This has made a lot of marketplace platforms highly successful and profitable. Reports from Forrester state that by the year 2023, 17% of all worldwide transactions are forecasted to go through e-commerce apps and marketplaces which shows just how fast the use of online marketplace platforms is increasing.

These online marketplace like Gazelle are great for people to get together for the purpose of exchanging electronic goods and other products too. It is through these online marketplaces that interaction between the buyers and sellers has been made easier than ever without including any third party in between.

Considering all of the factors, it has become even more difficult to launch a successful online marketplace app like Gazelle, where the users can either buy or sell electronic goods. This is all because of the reasonable prices and ease of functionality offered by the online marketplace.

This article focuses on presenting the readers with a guide to launching a successful online marketplace app like Gazelle to buy or sell electronic goods.

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gazelle like app development steps

Steps To Launch An Application Like Gazelle

Here is a stepwise explanation as to how you can successfully launch an online marketplace app like Gazelle in order to help the sellers and buyers exchange electronic goods. Read the pointers carefully for more precise details.

  • Research

The very first step of creating any application irrespective of what nature and purpose it might have is for you to research immensely about the industry, the current range of the marketplace, the features offered by currently available applications, and how you can take things up a notch by improving what you already have created. 

  • Documentation 

After you have completed the first phase of it through intense research, you need to start documenting every single aspect of the application, whether it is the ideas or the features incorporated or the difficulties that you think you might come across. Having it all sorted down will make things a lot easier for you.

  • Coding for Backend

By this point in time, you must be completely clear of what you need to create, and sensibly, the next step is just getting started with the physical implementation. Start writing the code for the back end where you can add the provision for functionality and effective features. You might see yourself in the initial stages of development in the application, but the backend is something that is going to be with you till the end and Hence, it is essential to use state-of-the-art technical support for the best possible results.

  • Designing

After you have worked extensively on the backend, the next step is to start working on the user interface as well as the design of the application for making it friendly and easy to use, which will attract more users. 

  • Prototype

After the front-end and backend have been created, the next obvious step is to test the prototype in order to make sure nothing goes out when you are ready to work on the rest of the aspects of the application.

  • Testing

After the Prototype has been tested, you can start working on the real deal; since you’re familiar with most of the operations and steps of the application, this is the phase where you can step up and save considerable time and head on to testing the application as soon as it is done.

  • Fixing Bugs and Maintenance

It is quite normal for you to come across certain bugs in the code which might create nuisance in the further stages. Nip them in the bud so that your application is ready to be deployed real soon. Other than this, you need to come up with occasional patches of code to help your application progress and improve on the go while it is live. These patches are usually added after taking into consideration the experience of the users from their feedback.

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    How To Make A NoteWorthy Change With An App Like Gazelle

    In the current times that we are living in, smartphones have turned out to be an integral part of our everyday life. There is not even remotely regular activity that has not been affected by the technology. 

    As the times are changing, you also need to keep up with their technology; hence, it has been observed that your smartphone is one of the few commodities that you change more frequently than anything else. When you are planning to buy a new smartphone, getting rid of the one that you already own can be quite difficult. 

     It is a well-established fact that you spend a huge amount of your wealth when it comes to upgrading your mobile phones. It only makes sense that you are getting a good value for the one that you plan to replace. At this point in time, applications like Gazelle turn out to be a great help as it is a hub for buyers and sellers where you can not only find electronics that are in good shape but can also sell yours at a very reasonable price.

     Applications like Gazelle are an integral part of the currently evolving internet community in the present scenario. These apps have not only been popular among the common population but also for the entrepreneurs who can find fruitful opportunities to make great profits from on-demand applications which are currently ruling the world. It is the amalgamation of the daily needs of common people and smart solutions which ends up creating opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

     If you are looking for a gracious opportunity where you can create an entrepreneurial empire with an online Marketplace application like gazelle, it is highly essential that you focus on the key features which have segregated Gazelle from other similar applications.

    Gazelle app features list

    Integral Features of Gazelle That You Must Incorporate

    The number of applications that are being added to the online marketplace has grown immensely over the years. Thus, it certainly has been more difficult than ever for you to find the one application that can successfully help you in order to sell or buy electronic goods. The most appropriate option for you is to select the application that can successfully present you with the best and most features. 

    The following is a list of dedicated pointers consisting of all the integral features of Gazelle that you must incorporate in your application if you wish to make the best out of it. Read on in order to know more about the essential details.

    • Easy To Register

    Whenever a user is trying to reach out to an application in order to use the services being offered, the first step is to register himself or herself. While there are certain applications that can complicate the process of registration but it has been observed, the easier you make it for the user, the chances for the user to stay loyal to your applications are more bright. This can be achieved by presenting the user with a friendly, easy-to-use registration portal.

    You can also bring effect by incorporating social media platforms that already contain the necessary information for the process of registration. After the user has logged into their social media profiles, the application must redirect them to the homepage, where they can use the application for said purposes.

    • Advanced Search

    Even though the application presents the user with the option to scroll through the listing of the product added by the sellers. For this, you need to categorize the products in a streamlined manner. It might be a little hectic in the initial phase of development, but eventually, it will present you with tremendous results.

    All this makes sense as the point of reaching out to an online market for the user is to ensure that they do not end up spending more time on getting a good deal for their electronic goods. The introduction of subsections for the available products can certainly help you in this prospect.

    • Pop-Up Notifications

    It is a well-established fact that the mobile phone of every individual is filled with a zillion applications. Not only do you need to come up with an application that will be helpful for the users, but you need to come up with ways that ensure to maintain a relatability factor and a constant reminder as to why the user needs this application. Frequent pop-up notifications can certainly help with that.

    • Sort and Filter

    When a user is looking to either buy or sell electronics goods, one of the most essential factors is the price of the product. Secondarily, the nature of the product, as well as the brand, are also considered. Gazelle is an application that allows the users to use certain filters and sorting options where the user can find a certain product coated with the desired price from a particular brand, saving an ample amount of money as the last time.

    • Loyalty Rewards

    Gazelle is an application that continuously tries to build a community for electronics lovers. In order to keep the members of this community interested, the application has come up with a loyalty program for every device that the users introduced on the application. They are presented with certain points, which can be redeemed later when the user plans to buy these electronic goods all traded with the app. Other than the addition of electronic goods, the users are presented with points when they link their social media networks with the application.

    • Enterprise Opportunities

    If you are an individual who is graciously looking for opportunities for an enterprise to either sell or purchase electronic devices in bulk, then Gazelle is just the right place for you to gain more profits. All you are required to do is list at least ten devices on the app, and then you are good to go.

    • Better Functionality

    As compared to that of its peers, Gazelle is an application that is known for better functionality and ease of use when it comes to the user interface of the application. The application makes it easier for the user to switch between different pages presenting the user with a smooth and hassle-free experience.

    • Payment Options

    Gazelle serves as a bridge between the sellers and the buyers and makes sure that both the parties are presented with a safe payment gateway in case of any financial transaction.

    How Does Gazelle Work?

    Before you go ahead to be a part of the Gazelle community, it is essential for you to understand how it actually works. Primarily, you can either be a seller or buyer on the platform. The following is a list that helps you understand how the buyer section of the application is differentiated from that of the seller section. Read on in order to know better.

    • For the sellers

    If you are planning to act as a seller in order to sell your electronic device through the gazelle application, it is essential for you to first of all grab all the information associated with the product that you are planning to sell this could include the model, color, storage limit as well as the current condition of the device. 

    Considering all of the information that is provided by you on the platform, the application will present you with quotations, and you are given a timeline of about 30 days, after which you will send the electronic device to the app. Once the electronic device gets a heads up from the Gazelle center, a price is fixed and discussed with the seller as to whether it is worth it or not.

    After a price is fixed, the application comes across buyers who can choose the mobile phone, and the application ends up sending the payment through a feasible payment mode, and sellers end up receiving it within the notified time. It is the streamlined process that makes things so much easier for the sellers and buyers.

    • For the buyers 

    If you are someone from the buyer end of the gazelle application, you can scroll through the zillion of options for the electronic goods on the application. The sort and filter feature helps you to speed up things and find an application that you have been looking for. If you find the right price which fits your budget, you can buy the product, and even if after delivery you find it on set this fine, you can get it replaced or returned but within a dedicated period of time.

    Technology Stack For An App Like Gazelle

    • Application and Data– JavaScript, jQuery, Java, MySQL, CloudFlare, Google Drive, AngularJS, Redis, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Sass, Ruby, Heroku, Markdown, Amazon RDS, Objective-C, Memcached, Spring, Passenger, Amazon VPC, Amazon ElastiCache, Fastly, Sidekiq, Amazon EBS, Sinatra
    • Utilities– Google Analytics, PayPal, GitHub Pages, Amazon, Route 53, Twilio SendGrid, Mailgun, Mixpanel, Optimizely, Segment
    • DevOps-GitHub, Git, Docker, IntelliJ IDEA, Sublime Text, VirtualBox, Vim, New Relic, Ansible, Sentry, Vagrant,Amazon CloudWatch, CircleCI, Datadog, Bower, Pingdom, Chef, Code Climate, boot2docker, Tutum
    • Business Tools– Jira, Confluence, Skype, HipChat

    Tips To Make Your App Better

     Here is a list of things that will help you in order to make your application to sell electronic Goods more optimized than the available options in the online marketplace. Read on carefully in order to acquire more details.

    • Opt for a simpler and easy-to-use user interface rather than select overcomplicated. You can start out by creating an MVP with basic features and can incorporate newer ones on the basis of feedback.
    •  Make sure that the purpose of the user is being met and that they are able to exchange electronic devices which are fit for use.
    •  Payment gateways are always a huge concern for the buyers as well as the sellers, so make sure that you do not lack in that prospect. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions When Launching An Online Marketplace App Like Gazelle (FAQs)

    1. Is there a marketplace app dedicated to Electronic goods?

    A. eBay, Craigslist, Gazelle are some of the apps among others that provide a marketplace for electronic goods

    2. What business model does Gazelle use?

    A. Gazelle basically uses a refurbishment/renovation business model where they buy used electronics, refurbish them and resell them as Gazelle-certified items.

    3. How do I choose the right development company for my marketplace app?

    A. First, you need to establish your needs and requirements like if you want a readymade app or a custom-built app. The budget for the development is one of the primary factors, for example, something custom-built would cost more than a ready-made app in terms of development.

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