Revolutionize Your Uber Like Taxi App With These 20 Features

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Revolutionize Your Uber Like Taxi App With These 20 Features

Last Updated on November 21, 2023

So, what exactly is an Uber Clone App, and why should you consider it for your taxi business? The Uber like taxi app clone offers a cost-effective and efficient way for aspiring entrepreneurs to enter the ride-hailing industry. The industry is expected to have 1.45 billion users by 2027. Instead of embarking on the arduous journey of developing a ride-hailing platform from scratch, they can harness the capabilities of the existing Uber clone script. This script, having undergone rigorous testing and validation in the market, serves as a solid foundation for building a competitive and customer-centric ride-hailing business. 

The success of your platform depends on meeting the demands of riders, drivers, and administrators in the quick-paced on-demand ride-hailing industry. Your Uber clone app needs to have several crucial features to guarantee a pleasant user experience for everyone. We’ll go into these features in this article and emphasize how crucial they are to successfully manage your ride-hailing business. 

Comprehensive Features of Your Uber Like Taxi App:

Rider Features:
  1. Fare Estimation: Providing riders with fare estimates based on their chosen pickup and drop-off locations empowers them to make budget-conscious decisions. After the ride, a detailed fare breakdown in the bill enhances transparency.
  2. Wallet Option: Cashless payments are the way forward. Offering a wallet option within the app streamlines payments, and riders can easily top up their wallets with debit or credit card information.
  3. In-App Chatting: Effective communication between riders and drivers is essential. In-app chatting enables seamless interaction, ensuring riders can get in touch with their drivers when needed.
  4. Ride Scheduling: Rider convenience is paramount. Allowing riders to schedule rides for the future based on their preferred date and time enhances user experience.
  5. Live Notifier: Keep riders informed at every stage of their journey, from booking confirmation to payment completion and nearing their destination, enhancing their overall ride experience. 
  6. Social Media Login: Simplify the onboarding process by allowing riders to log in with their existing social media accounts, eliminating the need for lengthy sign-up procedures.
  7. Cancel Ride: Grant riders the flexibility to cancel rides when needed, with service charges applied based on their loyalty score, discouraging excessive cancellations.
Driver Features:
  1. Dynamic Routing: Time efficiency is key for drivers. Dynamic routing guides them through the shortest and quickest routes to reach the drop-off location, improving overall service quality.
  2. Payout Account: Drivers should have the flexibility to manage their earnings efficiently. Offering options to add multiple payout accounts ensures convenience.
  3. Earnings Report: Transparency is vital for driver satisfaction. Providing a comprehensive earnings report that tracks weekly and total earnings, along with ride statistics, empowers drivers to monitor their performance.
  4. Dynamic Profile Page: Provide drivers with an active profile page that stores and displays vital information about their ride activities, credit scores, payments, and analytical insights for self-improvement.
  5. Driver’s Status: Drivers can control their availability with an online/offline toggle. This feature informs the app algorithm of their readiness to accept rides, optimizing driver utilization.
  6. Virtual Ride Meter: Simplify distance tracking for drivers with a virtual ride meter that calculates travel distances accurately, eliminating the need for manual odometer checks.
  7. Personalized Recommendations: Offer personalized recommendations to drivers for skill enhancement, improving rider experiences, and adapting to changing market dynamics, ensuring they provide top-notch services.
Admin Panel Features:
  1. Geofencing: Geofencing is a powerful tool for administrators. It allows them to define the operational boundaries of the platform on a map and set ride fares based on specific locations, enhancing control and flexibility.
  2. Sub-Admins Management: Efficient delegation of responsibilities is essential for administrators. Enabling the creation of sub-admin accounts with assigned roles and responsibilities streamlines operations.
  3. Auto-Payout: Simplify financial management. The auto-payout feature automates earnings distribution to drivers, eliminating the need for manual calculations and ensuring timely payments.
  4. Users and Booking Management: Comprehensive user and booking management tools allow administrators to oversee the platform’s integrity. This includes monitoring ride details, verifying user identities, and managing earnings effectively.
  5. Map Management: Enable map management for admins to monitor driver performance, including speed, completed rides, and ride rejections, enhancing analytical capabilities for better decision-making.
  6. Govern Users: Provide administrators with the authority to review, manage, suspend, or delete user accounts that do not comply with business guidelines, ensuring smooth operations.

Add-Ons for Your Premium Uber Clone:

  1. Watch Taxi Bookings: Imagine the convenience of booking a ride right from your wrist. Our Watch-based booking feature allows riders to make seamless bookings using their smartwatches, providing yet another way to access your services effortlessly.
  2. Multiple Language: Cater to an international clientele with support for multiple languages, making your app accessible to users from diverse linguistic backgrounds.
  3. Manual Booking: For ultimate convenience, let administrators book rides manually in response to user requests, ensuring that travel plans are never disrupted.  
  4. Phone Number Verification: Enhance security and build trust by incorporating Twilio technology for SMS verifications, ensuring that riders are who they claim to be.
  5. Ride Sharing: Promote eco-friendly transportation and reduce costs by enabling users to share rides, reducing the number of vehicles on the road.
  6. Child Seat Accessibility: Prioritize safety by allowing riders to select vehicles equipped with child seats, ensuring a secure journey for families with young children.
  7. Handicap Seat Accessibility: Enhance inclusivity by enabling riders to filter vehicles with handicap facilities, ensuring that all passengers can access your services comfortably.
  8. Covid Feature: In these pandemic times, reassure riders by notifying them of safety precautions before the trip, contributing to their peace of mind.

Why Uber Like App Clone by Oyelabs?

Choose OyeLabs’ Uber Clone for its user-friendly simplicity, high-performance capabilities that minimize loading times, and the convenience of a ready-to-launch solution that cuts down on development time while still offering full customization options. Moreover, OyeLabs prioritizes top-notch security, crucial for apps dealing with sensitive data. This all-in-one package ensures a smooth and secure ride-sharing experience for both you and your customers. 


In conclusion, the Uber like taxi app clone script is a comprehensive solution for revolutionizing your taxi business. With an array of top-notch features catering to riders, drivers, and administrators, it empowers you to create a competitive and customer-centric ride-hailing platform. From fare estimation to geofencing, from personalized recommendations for drivers to multiple language support, this Uber Clone script covers it all. Its simplicity, high performance, and robust security measures ensure a seamless and secure experience for both you and your users. By choosing OyeLabs, you save time and resources and gain the flexibility to customize your platform according to your unique business needs. Embrace this ready-to-launch solution to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of the on-demand ride-hailing industry. 


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