How to Build a Website like AliExpress in 2024

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How to Build a Website like AliExpress in 2024

Last Updated on December 1, 2023

When the AliExpress platform first launched, it allowed companies to buy and sell products online. Later, it grew to offer other services. It now serves as a sizable internet trade hub that links China to the rest of the world. As a result, the success of AliExpress can serve as an example for other businesses.

Why is this website so well-liked? The solution is rather straightforward: customers prefer to shop quickly and easily. Online shopping is therefore a successful business strategy. At the same time, the market is so oversaturated that creating a marketplace is now not feasible. 

As a result, for your website to succeed in the field of the e-commerce industry, it should be revolutionary like AliExpress.

Are you ready to take a chance? Then, you should put all of your work into improving yourself above your rival. Why not, then? Everything is conceivable! If you heed our advice, you’ll have a genuine opportunity to draw clients who aren’t pleased with AliExpress’s offerings.

And don’t be concerned; as we are here to assist you through the process of learning about how you can build a platform like AliExpress — to build one. 

But for now, read our essay, and we’ll walk you through the process of building a website similar to AliExpress.

What Is AliExpress?

When compared to Amazon and other comparable businesses, AliExpress is a prominent online retailer where customers can purchase goods at significantly lower costs. Alibaba, a sizable Chinese multinational focused on e-commerce and computers and one of the biggest online corporations in the world, owns the shop, which was established in 2010. 

How Does AliExpress Work?

You must first create a free account on the official AliExpress website by clicking the sign-up link in the top-right corner. By manually entering your email address in the registration form or by signing in with your Facebook, Google, or VK account, you can create a new account. 

Following the initial account creation, AliExpress will request your first and last name, gender, date of birth, nationality, and a list of the shopping categories you are interested in, such as consumer electronics, men’s clothes, and tech accessories. 

Questions will be asked to you concerning your marital status, your children’s birthdays, of course, if you have any, the niche you work in, the average wage you get, along with a rough estimate of your monthly online shopping expenditure. 

After creating your profile, you may browse AliExpress and hunt for products using the search bar at the top of the screen. You can purchase any product simply by pressing the ‘But Now’ button on the product’s dedicated product page, or you can add it to your shopping cart by clicking the ‘Add to cart button and make the purchase later on. The majority of other online retailers, such as Amazon or Target, have a similar checkout process to AliExpress. 

To make it easier for the user to traverse the platform, all the articles on the website are separated into various categories.

More specifically, the following are the most frequently browsed product categories by users:

  • Men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing
  • electronic devices
  • Sports equipment
  • health and beauty articles
  • automobile and motorcycle accessories
  • accessories and footwear
  • Jewelry
  • Computers
  • Communications and cell phones
  • devices for the home
  • gardening supplies

There are further divisions inside each category to make the search simple, quick, and logical. Therefore, each product comes with a thorough card that includes pictures, a description of the qualities, and the price.

In addition to conventional payment methods like credit cards and prepaid cards, AliExpress also allows payments through Western Union and Paypal. Alipay, a virtual system somewhat similar to Paypal but entirely Made in China, is the favored way of payment.

How AilExpress Started?

Alibaba is situated in Hangzhou, China, and focuses on significant players and transactions in the wholesale sector. In the meantime, Aliexpress was established to assist small Chinese companies. The founders wanted Chinese retailers’ businesses to become global. The main distinction between Alibaba and AliExpress is this.

Jack Ma, the company’s founder, worked as an English teacher and translator before founding Alibaba. He looked up data about China while on a business trip to the US, but the browser did not display any results. So that’s how he got the idea to build a platform that would link China and the rest of the globe.

To start Alibaba, Jack Ma borrowed $60,000 from 17 friends, colleagues, and former classmates. The enterprise group provides services in a variety of areas today, including technology, banking, and entertainment. The business raised a record $25 billion in its initial public offering (IPO) in 2014—more than Google, Twitter, and Facebook put together.

Alibaba significantly improved Chinese Singles Day. At first, young people believed that November 11 would be a good day to celebrate being single. On this day, Alibaba Group offered special discounts and promotions to boost sales. In the end, the company made nearly $84 billion from its shopping extravaganza in 2021.

The business concept of AliExpress excludes direct product sales. To provide a quick and secure service, the marketplace serves as a middleman between retailers and customers. There are 18 languages on the portal. It includes 220 nations and regions. On the platform, more than 150 million consumers shop.

What Can You Expect While Using AliExpress?

Lower prices: When buying on AliExpress, you may anticipate finding items for sale at a big discount compared to other online or physical retailers.

Address and Payment Information: Unlike other websites, which typically ask you to provide your shipping address and preferred method of payment when creating an account, AliExpress will ask you to do so when placing your first order. Once entered, this data will be kept in your account for use when placing further orders.

Missing Locations: When adding your location on AliExpress, some regions and cities can be absent from the drop-down selections. The text slots for your street address and apartment number allow you to manually enter these.

AliExpress’ Monetization Methods

You must choose how your portal will generate revenue if you intend to operate a website similar to Alibaba or AliExpress. The monetization plan is crucial because it aids in retaining customers for your company.

Although AliExpress encourages free registration and dropshipping, there are additional costs.

  1. The business charges a fee for each sale made by a seller that ranges from 5% to 8%.
  2. Additionally, it raises $1500 for website registration or shop changes.
  3. Additionally, the company generates about $7 million in revenue from advertising each year.

There is one more suggestion for vendors that want to advertise their online store. If a vendor hits a particular level of sales on AliExpress, they might receive annual discounts of up to 50%. Such an approach aids in the growth of sales on your platform for merchants when you create a website similar to Alibaba or AliExpress. Consequently, your business will grow.

AliExpress’ Pricing

Similar to Alibaba, AliExpress provides goods from independent vendors in a range of areas. You don’t need to get in touch with suppliers and haggle over prices; instead, anyone can place an order immediately through the website. These are the primary differences between AliExpress and other marketplaces. Despite the higher prices per item on AliExpress, customers may submit significantly smaller orders and frequently get free shipping.

Although many businesses use AliExpress to acquire products, the website operates more like a retail site in that anybody may make a purchase and there are no minimum order restrictions. While anyone can contact an Alibaba seller for a price, the sellers normally only engage with businesses and have higher minimum order requirements.

Why Should You Build a Website Like AliExpress?

  • No need to keep a stock of items on hand.

You are only a middleman; you don’t sell anything unless you want to. Thus, stocking is not required, which results in cost savings.

  • Encouraging numbers.

Online purchasing is becoming more popular, as evidenced by recent studies (+ 20% annually). Therefore, starting your B2C marketplace is a wise and opportune decision.

  • Cause and effect.

You start a trigger effect if you draw in early sellers who are successful in picking the curiosity of some buyers. The user base will then naturally expand as a result of the word-of-mouth effect.

  • Availability of efficient analytics.

You have the chance to continuously enhance your platform and fulfill the most ambitious expectations of customers and business owners by analyzing user activity.

Top Features Of AliExpress Like eCommerce Website

  • User-Friendly Navigation

The following section will discuss essential elements for your eCommerce website. Anyone can be questioned about what they initially scan on an eCommerce platform. Navigation is without a doubt the solution. A user-friendly navigation system increases the likelihood that visitors will return and attracts a large number of potential customers.

The Oyelabs staff is aware of your needs. everything from the logo’s clickability to the menu bar’s quantity of items, a sticky main navigation bar, and icons used. There are a lot of other aspects of eCommerce websites to think about. In any case, usability comes first. Due to our emphasis on mobile-friendly designs, our team of experts is skilled in producing interactive UI/UX designs that are simple to use on any device.

  • Product Filtration.

Oyelabs takes into account a variety of features for eCommerce websites. We will start by mentioning product sorting and filtering as one of the eCommerce functionalities. This is because the success of your eCommerce brand is directly linked with how easy it is on your website to find your products. Even if you have the ideal company plan, the availability of hundreds of products when buying online may cause you to consider the necessity for product filtering.

The thing is, people nowadays have become a lot more conscious about how much time they spend online looking for products. That’s why giving people the option to sort the products in terms of different categories, criteria and relevance makes a lot more sense than we think.

  • Product Reviews

What do you do first when you visit a website? Make a guess. 

You look at the ratings! It makes sense why you act in that manner. Product reviews are acknowledged by OyeLabs as one of the top eCommerce features. We also advise you to reconsider the significance of unfavorable evaluations, which can boost your credibility just as much as positive ones. 

It’s essential for you to engage with both your present and potential clients if you want to succeed. After all, good product reviews not only support decision-making but also increase sales, and help you establish trust. As a crucial eCommerce feature for your company’s success, our team develops a user-friendly platform for writing evaluations.

  • Wishlist

Every time we create an eCommerce website, the Oyelabs team introduces the top features to our customers (from B2B clients to B2C, C2B, and C2C clients), one of which is WishList. You’ve all probably made your wish list at least once in your lives, we bet! Wishlists are quite useful for business owners using eCommerce systems.

Employing such technology increases website traffic makes it a lot easier for the customers to deal with out-of-stock items, and helps you understand your customers’ way of thinking. 

  • Related Products

What often appears at the bottom of an online store page? There is information available about some further goods that you might find interesting. When creating an eCommerce platform, our team makes use of cross-selling as a feature since it makes sense: if a consumer can’t discover the product they’re looking for, they may eventually uncover related items and product descriptions, which will prompt them to go back to the filter options. As a result, we can guarantee that your traction will soar!

  • Shopping Cart

One aspect of eCommerce that bridges the gap between browsing and buying is the shopping cart. It is a piece of software that makes the actual purchase possible. This tool collects the payment method used by a consumer and provides that data to the payment processor and other parties.

For the following reasons, Oyelabs stays current with trends and creates such functionality for eCommerce websites: A shopping cart keeps track of product information; it serves as a portal for order and customer management, building trusting customer relationships; it also displays product categories and website information. Simply put, it is an online replica of a grocery store basket and cashier.

  • Chat Box

Online chat is one of the most popular eCommerce features that our team puts on eCommerce platforms right away. An eCommerce website with such a function gives your clients the impression that you respect, and value their time on your website. That’s because live chats allow them to avoid waiting on hold or for a response to an email.

Additionally, you also save time as you can manage multiple customers at the same time, making your company’s work more effective. For all of our clients, the Oyelabs team advises using the live chat services. Even instant message replies from such software might be saved in your knowledge base (Intercom or Beacon may be applied).

How To Build a Website like Aliexpress

  • Info Gathering

The primary goal of the first step is to gather all of the project’s information. As a design team, you should ask appropriate questions to learn more about the company’s requirements. Analyze the client’s demands in depth before deciding on the purpose and objectives of the website. The most typical objectives are information exchange and financial gain. Your team must analyze how a high-quality website may help the organization reach its goals.

Then, conduct some audience research. Who is the first person you want to contact? What are their ages, interests, and daily routines? By answering these questions, you can choose the appropriate design aesthetic for your website.

The designers must be conversant with the website material. What kind of material will the site’s target market seek? Is it specific information on a product or service, online purchase, or something else? The appearance and message are inextricably linked.

  • Planning, Strategizing, And Wireframing

It’s time to compile the information gathered in step one and construct a complete website plan. At this step, a site map is constructed. A site map is a list of all of a website’s key subject areas, as well as any relevant subtopics. This site map will help users understand the website’s navigation structure and the content that will be provided. Because the website’s end users are potential customers, their experience should be as simple as possible. A well-designed user interface is the foundation of an easy-to-use website.

  • Designing

To reinforce the company’s identity on the website, visual components such as the logo and brand colors must be carefully and tastefully used as part of the design process. Throughout the design process, the group often creates one or more website prototypes. A prototype is frequently a static representation of the website’s final appearance. Making interactive prototypes of the site before production begins is a clever way to offer the customer a sense of what to expect.

This process usually involves a considerable connection with your clients, such as email correspondence and collaboration through content-sharing sites (Dropbox, Zeplin). To ensure that the completed website matches the intended results, preferences, and vision, they should be kept in the loop throughout the design and development process.

  • Development Stage

At this point, the design should be completed. However, turning the whole design into static graphics takes time. Therefore, depending on the complexity of the design — some extra programming effort is required at times to convert it to HTML/CSS and then add a layer of animations or JavaScript.

First, a “shell” for the internal pages is developed, followed by the homepage. Communication between your team and the client should be continuous at this point. The client will need to examine the modifications made to the website to rapidly make all of the necessary repairs.

Any designer would benefit greatly from learning the principles of front-end development. Writing good HTML/CSS code that adheres to web standards and different web browsers is essential for this. Understanding this knowledge will improve collaboration and help to minimize miscommunications.

After development is complete, everything, including the website’s primary navigation, which serves as a template for the content pages, must be extensively tested. After this shell has been created, the design team’s responsibility is to add content to internal pages.

During this phase, interactive contact forms and e-commerce shopping carts should be designed and made operational.

  • Testing Stage

Once the material and photos are ready, the testing procedure may begin. Every page must be checked to ensure that the website is shown appropriately across all browsers and that all links work. The phrasing of titles and descriptions can have an impact on how well a website performs in various search engines. Once your website gets some traffic, you may utilize A/B testing methodologies to find the best combination.

  • Launch

The website may go live as soon as the customer gives you final approval. But first, the website must be double-checked to confirm that all materials were correctly uploaded and that it is operational. In addition, web hosting accounts and the website domain name must be established.

Other final components of this procedure include plugin installation (for WordPress or other CMS-driven websites) and SEO activities. SEO is the practice of improving the title, description, and keyword tags of your website for it to rank higher in search results. Website optimization for search engines is important because it ensures that the developed website is accessible to users and that they can access it.

  • Maintenance

Once the website is up and running, periodic maintenance is usually required. User testing on new content and features can be repeated to improve the usability and discoverability of features. All of these may result in new design and development responsibilities.

Wrapping Up

What factors contributed most to AliExpress’s success? Understanding consumer requirements is key. After entering the Chinese market, AliExpress grew internationally. The platform is well regarded because it is quick and affordable. Their crew also has a concern for the customers. The company is ready to assist buyers and sellers with payments, shipping, and product returns.

Find out what other needs there are if you want to build a website like AliExpress. Your website will expand as a result of special features or services.

Contact us if you have a suggestion for an e-commerce platform and want to test its viability. Our team of professionals is happy to assist you in building your beautiful, effective, and successful marketplace.

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