A Step-By-Step Guide To Building An App Like Clubhouse

Building An App Like Clubhouse
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A Step-By-Step Guide To Building An App Like Clubhouse

Last Updated on November 21, 2023

The mobile app market is a thriving industry that is rapidly expanding, and there is no evidence of it slowing down anytime soon. The global revenue provided by the mobile app industry has increased dramatically in recent years. 

However, since we all know that transition is the only fundamental and constant in any sector, the mobile app industry is making an explicit declaration about this precept. Social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and others have risen to prominence as widely used applications in the social media world over time, but messaging apps are no less common.

Instant Chat messaging apps like Whatsapp, Signal, and Telegram have now gathered a large amount of user interest over a long period. However, Building An App Like Clubhouse, is gaining momentum and is quickly becoming a household name with a plethora of features and functionalities. 

Clubhouse, a voice-chat-based invitation-only social media platform launched in 2020, has grown in popularity as a way for users to create a tight-knit group and quickly communicate with one another. If you’re desperate for an answer to the most-asked question – How do I build an app like Clubhouse? or How much does it cost to create a clubhouse-like app?

Then you are at the right place!

The clubhouse has grown in popularity, causing many developers and potential entrepreneurs to rethink their app concepts to make something close to Clubhouse. People are tired of engaging over a video call, so they need something new, something that encourages them to be themselves, and Clubhouse is one-of-a-kind and suits the catalog beyond a doubt.

So, What Is ClubHouse App?

Clubhouse is now an invite-only audio-chat social media app that will shortly be available for anyone to use. It is currently only available for iOS devices. Still, CEO Paul Davison has stated that plans to make Android users’ software are in the works and will be implemented shortly. Clubhouse allows users to participate in a discussion by creating spaces, joining groups, or connecting with others in a meeting hall. In essence, the Clubhouse idea has been extended to a conventional room-creating chat-based portal where users can access any ongoing live chat and begin engaging with other participants.

Last year, in May 2020, when the COVID-19 epidemic wreaked havoc and people were forced to stay at home, this random social media software focused on audio-chat was developed. The Clubhouse app’s developers saw this as a chance to create a mobile alternative that would ease people’s boredom while simultaneously putting them together under one platform.

Apart from Elon Musk tweeting about Clubhouse, which helped the platform achieve exponential development and influence, the notion of adding interactive social activities enticed people to use Clubhouse, which proved to be a kind of testament.

What Makes ClubHouse So Popular?

Not everybody wants to be a part of a video-based app like TikTok, and being on the screen can be daunting for camera-shy users. Clubhouse refers to consumers who are tired of video contact because it is a voice-only service. Furthermore, voice chat helps you to be more spontaneous and regular.

The need for alternate ways to link users during the Covid pandemic is part of why Clubhouse is proving to be such a success. It provides an easy way to communicate with the world without the need for video or email.

Clubhouse’s allure stems from its anonymity. The app does not capture any messages. If you wish to participate in a dialogue, you must be present at the time it occurs.

ClubHouse Business Model Canvas
Clubhouse Business Model Canvas

Reason Why You Should Be Developing An App Like ClubHouse?

We all know that social media sites are full of opportunities, so let’s take a look at the top examples of why you shouldn’t miss out on the fastest-growing social and music industries.

  • Valuable Consumer Insights

Clubhouse and other sharing applications offer a wealth of information about customer demographics, interests, and aspirations. Their dissatisfaction with a situation or service is often evaluated and examined. As a result, businesses may use social media to gather valuable, actionable user input for customer service, reading analytics, boosting marketing, product or service innovation, and other vital areas.

  • Constantly Booming Web Traffic

The majority of SEO activities are aided by a social media presence, which drives more traffic to the website and improves the ranking. Members of these networks find it a point to visit the source page if they read something new about the culture. Furthermore, by sharing the posts on their social media accounts, they can create ties. This makes investing in a social networking site an intelligent choice in any way because the enterprise will be able to capture and rate high traffic.

  • The Purchasing Power Of Consumers

Almost 43% of global shoppers use social media to do commodity testing, which is a significant figure. The social media platform makes it much easier for business owners to generate regular income with the least amount of time. The conversions that occur with social applications are significant benefits of social application growth, which stimulates the global economy.

  • Improved Consumer Experience

Users on social media are often attempting to find brands/service providers for many reasons, including getting help, making a purchase decision, and so on. Furthermore, it is projected that 54% of people currently use social media for customer service. As a result, businesses that provide social application programs profit from improved brand awareness, expanded word-of-mouth referrals, and loyal consumers.

  • CRM Opportunities

Since mobile apps can monitor and measure collective customer behavior, they can provide valuable information to businesses. As a result, multinational organizations can best understand and deliver better services to their clients, thereby improving CRM capabilities.

  • Scalability

When designing a social network platform from the ground up, you can experience high traffic loads due to the active user base’s rapid rise. The solid cloud providers, on the other hand, will comfortably serve the ever-increasing demand. As a result, if you use the most up-to-date technology, your company will develop without making any changes.

  • Wider Business Reach

Since social media networks have such a large user base, businesses will benefit from a more comprehensive market scope and a larger potential buyer pool. The niche culture often brings together like-minded and connected buyers of choice who serve the company as loyal customers. As a result, it also contributes to the development of society.


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    How To Build Audio-Only Social Media App Like ClubHouse?

    Developing Your Business Strategy

    Decide what you want your users to do with your app or, conversely, what your software should be able to do for your users. Do you want to create something akin to a private chat space, or do you want to concentrate on hosting massive podcasts and free collaborative sessions?

    This will help you to determine the kind of audience you’re aiming for, the benefits and drawbacks, and how you compare to other options on the market. With these aspects in mind, build your approach around your company’s primary goal and the philosophy that will help you accomplish it.

    Clubhouse Business model

    Choose Your Business Model

    The corporate model explains how a corporation can work and make money in the long term. These are the ways by which businesses make money by selling their goods and services.

    There are three popular business models for social media sites, or any software for that matter, and one particular model for Clubhouse-like apps:

    • You monetize your product by forcing consumers to pay a one-time charge for your app.
    • It may be a subscription-based app in which you charge a weekly, quarterly, or annual fee for the services you provide.
    • The software will act as a digital marketing tool, with businesses paying you to sell their products.
    • You’re providing an outlet for your clients to engage and learn from business experts. Although you may be able to have free private rooms for friends and family, you may be able to charge premium subscriptions or “seminar fees” for anyone with a broad enough fan base. It’s a win-win arrangement when the star and the business divide the fees.

    Based on the business model you chose, you’ll need to build a business strategy that describes some essential goals you’ll need to meet and how you’ll accomplish them. The strategic plan would outline main assumptions, objectives, and a method for achieving those objectives.

    Business goals are intended to be executed, so if you cannot do that due to unforeseen conditions, you will still make adjustments. There isn’t something set in stone.

    clubhouse like app Features listSelecting The Features For Your App

    As we continue down the road, the approach gets more detailed as we dive further into the details. The features you can have in your software are as follows:

    • Clubhouse creates the ability for individuals to enter private and public Chat Rooms. As a result, that is a must and the essential factor.In a chat room, the Clubhouse-speaker should be able to identify positions. People may be assigned to roles such as host, visitor, interviewer, delegate, or speaker. This will make it easier to manage the chat room, and people will be able to speak and discuss in a more unified manner.
    • Crosstalk is a risk since the Clubhouse-like app can use speech as a means of communication. This can be a messy situation to deal with. Now you need to make sure that only one person talks at a time and that the chat room does not turn into a fish market when addressing a delicate issue.One function may be where all members are silenced, with only the moderator having the authority to encourage anyone to talk. Alternatively, you can include an AI-based function that recognizes different voices and allows everybody to speak in turn.
    • If the app is paying or has a fee for participating in lectures, payment gateways could be another integration. Safe payment gateways such as Amazon Payment, WePay, PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe are now required.
    • In big chat rooms, polls and surveys can be another valuable method for allowing users to express their thoughts about the subject at hand anonymously.
    • Not the minutes on your SIM card, but the minutes were taken during a meeting. Minutes are needed in official sessions, and your Clubhouse competitor may have a similar feature. It’s now up to you if you want someone to write the minutes as at every other official meeting or if you wish to use AI apps to hear what users are saying and document it in the form of summarised mini-messages. Who knows whether you or the customer will like to refer to their previous conversations.

    Getting The Design Right

    In a busy app store, there isn’t much space for mistakes. The user interface and intuitiveness of your app must be prioritized. A few glitches and consumers having trouble navigating an interface is what it takes to destroy an app’s chances of success.

    To captivate and attract smartphone consumers, visual appeal isn’t enough. You’ll need a better idea of what the customer expects from the app to offer it. It’s challenging to find a balance between beauty and functionality. It is, however, necessary if you want to create an experience that appeals to all of your target customers.

    Working On Your MVP

    You may have a long list of features you’d like to include in the voice chat app. However, it is impossible to create the software from the ground up with all of its functionality. It is expensive and can cause a pause in time to market. Instead, you can build an MVP and try out the fundamental concepts as soon as possible. You’ll also want to include only the MVP’s most essential features and save the others for later updates.

    Launch – Iterate – Grow

    In the tech world, the term “data is the new oil” is prevalent, and anybody creating some kind of app, mainly social media sites, should be aware of it.

    Any space would be a repository for massive volumes of incoming data regarding the user’s identity and other demographic data. These app insights will help you learn more about your customers and how they use your app.

    This would be much more useful if the app’s revenue model is based on advertisements. Marketers on your website would accurately target their audiences, resulting in increased sales for the brand.

    ClubHouse app revenue model

    Technology Stack For An App Like ClubHouse

    • Application and Data– JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, HTML5, NGINX, TypeScript, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, React Native, GraphQL, Markdown, Swift, Kotlin, Amazon DynamoDB, Less, D3.js, Clojure, Relay Framework
    • Utilities– Google Analytics, Elasticsearch, Gatsby, Chartio
    • DevOps– GitHub, Git, Docker, Sublime Text, Sentry, Bower, Rollbar, Emacs, Flow (JS), Librato
    • Business Tools– Slack, Zapier, Shortcut, prismic.io

    How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like ClubHouse?

    If you want to create a Clubhouse clone and benefit from its popularity as the makers of Clubhouse did, you’ll need to learn the complexities of chat messenger applications. Take a minute to consider Clubhouse and other similar chat applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, and others’ appealing strategies.

    According to Statista, 79 percent of the United States population has a social networking profile, with over 3.2 billion users accessing the internet by smartphone. With these numbers in mind, designing a social media platform with user-friendly functionality becomes a more urgent necessity for companies.

    It’s important to remember that each app is specific in its own right, and the process of creating one from the ground up will vary greatly depending on many factors such as requirement review, UI definition, graphic design, QA process, and so on. 

    While there is a slew of features you can incorporate in your audio-chat-based app to make it the best and stand out from the crowd, the following is a mobile app checklist that lists the essential items to bear in mind when designing an app like Clubhouse.

    • Target audience
    • Backend infrastructure
    • Complexity and app features
    • Technology stack
    • Inclusion of visual element

    Let’s get down to the point: how much does it cost to build an iOS app like Clubhouse? However, it is clear to industry savvy that the more streamlined their app is, the more money they will have to pay. Furthermore, if you are a company and wish to integrate Clubhouse-like functionality into your product, app creation would cost you between $50,000 and $60,000.

    Let’s look at the case of Clubhouse and how it became famous immediately. We will see that it was marketed on other social media sites by bigwig celebrities and high-profile capitalists. If you’re looking for top Clubhouse options, you’ll find that no other app like it has been found yet, which is one of the reasons why the site is flooded with new users every day.

    Frequently Asked Questions for building an app like ClubHouse (FAQs)

    Que. What are some apps similar to ClubHouse?

    Ans. Some apps similar to ClubHouse are Discord Voice Channel, Riffr, Leher, Spoon and Twitter Spaces.

    Que. How does ClubHouse make money?

    Ans.  Clubhouse, for now, is free. However, according to its creators, the app is in the process of implementing monetization for creators in the way of tickets, subscriptions, and the like. This will allow users to earn on Clubhouse and it will also possibly allow Clubhouse to earn:
    1)By taking a small fee from each in-app transaction
    2) By making accounts that can be monetized premium
    The option the founders will go with is yet to be announced.

    Que.  How can I develop an app like ClubHouse?

    Ans. To make a clone of the ClubHouse app, the procedure to follow will need you to get in contact with mobile app development firms who understand the social media industry which will help you to completely understand the feature list and the software stack to proceed with development of the app.

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