What Exactly Is “Key” By Amazon In-Garage Grocery Delivery

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What Exactly Is “Key” By Amazon In-Garage Grocery Delivery

Last Updated on January 25, 2024

What Exactly is Key by Amazon In-Garage Grocery Delivery?

Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery is a safe and convenient method to receive your grocery and other amazon packages inside your garage itself! 

This delivery option requires a compatible Smart Garage Hub or Wifi Garage Door Opener to allow authorised delivery associates to leave packages in your garage.

The Key In-Garage grocery delivery works by allowing prime members to link their myQ Smart Garage Hub or compatible garage door opener to Amazon’s Key service, then the customers can select “Key Delivery “ at checkout when they order groceries. A one-time access is then provided to the delivery associates to put groceries from Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods into the customer’s garage.

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What are the advantages of In-Garage delivery?

There are many advantages of In-Garage delivery which is helping this new innovative method of delivery to gain popularity. The advantages of this method of delivery are:

  • In- garage delivery helps to prevent theft and keeps your package safe from potential damages due to weather like heat and rain.
  • In-garage delivery is contactless as there is no interaction between the customer and the associate and no contact even between the associate and the garage door.
  • Customers can also install compatible cameras which include Ring Indoor Cam, Ring Stick Up cam and myQ smart camera to keep track of the delivery as it happens or see the video later.

Success Of this New Service

Ever since Amazon has gotten into the grocery business in 2017 when it acquired Whole Foods for $13.7 Billion, the company’s key aim has been to make it as easy to spend money on groceries as it is to purchase anything else for delivery and allowing someone to physically bring grocery into your home is the obvious endgame that Amazon aimed at.

The Key by Amazon In-Garage delivery has gained popularity all over the US and has now been expanded by the company to over 5,000 Cities in the US where customers can now use this service to get Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods orders delivered directly in their garage.

Takeaways “Key” By Amazon In-Garage Grocery DeliveryKey Takeaways

For Entrepreneurs

The Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery is a very unique delivery method which has grabbed the attention of multiple customers and is gaining popularity day by day. It is a perfect move made by Amazon at a time like this.

It is nothing short of a lesson for entrepreneurs that analysing the market situation and the coming up with out of the box solutions is key for the success of any business. Such unique solutions make your business stand out from the crowd in a competitive market and to in turn gain customers and market share.

For Competitors

Amazon’s competitors in the grocery market can either take this move by Amazon as an inspiration to introduce new delivery methods in their business or do one better to beat them.

For Example, Walmart has also introduced InHome delivery service which gives its customers the option to get their orders delivered in their garage or even in their home . The same smart keypad system and live video tracking system is used by Walmart as well. Both Amazon and Walmart complement each other as competitors and help each other get better. Both the companies are exploring other innovative delivery options as well like drones and autonomous vehicles.  

Amazon’s move is a perfect example of how you can use the market situation in your favour by analysing the market and bringing in unique incentives and services which can even be  considered to be the need of the hour!

Such unique innovation is what makes a business stand out and succeed in an already competitive market!

Bonus Information

Some other business models adopted by businesses recently to meet customers demands in the on-demand delivery category

– Dark Store Model : Dark stores are basically distribution centres that only deliver orders that are placed online. Customers can either choose to pick up their orders or they can get it delivered to their house.

Gorillas grocery delivery is a company that has adopted this model and is very successful. Gorillas grocery delivery was established in 2021 itself, and their USP is supermarket delivery in under ten minutes on average. They do that by using hyper-local fulfillment centers, also known as “dark grocery stores,” which are close to dark kitchens that double as delivery-only restaurants.

15 Minutes Grocery Delivery:  As the name suggests the company guarantees their customers home delivery within just 15 minutes! This attracts a lot of customers as this assures them speedy delivery and increases customer loyalty.

Weezy is a UK based company that has adopted this model and is called The 15 minute Supermarket. It is now one of the biggest names in the grocery delivery market in the UK.


Amazon’s Key In-Grocery delivery is a brilliant initiative, especially given the current climate where people are cautious about public spaces. This timely effort not only showcases Amazon’s innovation but also significantly enhances customer retention and satisfaction. In an era marked by hesitation towards traditional shopping experiences, this service caters to the evolving needs of consumers. By providing a secure and convenient solution for grocery delivery, Amazon solidifies its commitment to meeting customer demands and navigating the challenges of the modern world. The Key In-Grocery delivery stands as a testament to Amazon’s strategic prowess in adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of consumer behavior.

Revolutionizing grocery delivery, Amazon’s Key In-Grocery service demonstrates unparalleled adaptability to contemporary challenges. Its emphasis on convenience and safety ensures a lasting impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty, setting a new industry standard.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) How is in-garage delivery safe?

A1) In-Garage delivery is made safe by taking many measures like the background check of delivery personnels and installing compatible cameras to keep track of the delivery.

Q2) Who are other delivery companies that have started this form of delivery?

A2) Other than Amazon , Walmart is another prominent name that has started this service .

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