Steps To Create Kamion Like App- Uber For Trucks

kamion like uber app for trucks
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Steps To Create Kamion Like App- Uber For Trucks

Last Updated on March 20, 2023

Digitalization has influenced many industries and their operations. Businesses across industries have adopted new tactics to maximize their profits.

Businesses in the logistics industry also need to upgrade their service to boost their business operations and scale their business high. Apps like Kamion are some of the best tactics one can input in their business.

Some startups have already started to operate with Uber-like apps for trucking and are also enjoying success. Kamion is one of the famous software in this Uber-style app for the trucks category.

In case you want to create your own app like Kamion, this article will guide you. In this article, you will learn about the need for an Uber-like or Kamion-like app for your trucking business. We will also discuss the steps to create a Uber-style app for your trucking business, features you can consider, and many more.

What Is Kamion?

Kamion is an advanced app highly suited for the trucking business. This app is basically a truck management system that connects carriers to the wide marketplaces of loads, and carrier services. Kamion drives profitability for logistics companies with modern capabilities. 

An Overview Of Kamion
  • Kamion was founded in 2020 in Turkey
  • The company Kamion is in the Series A stage currently
  • Kamion has generated funding of $8.5 million in 2022

Trucking Industry Of The US

  • The long-distance freight trucking business in the US has increased by 6.6% in 2022 from 2021. There are more than 570,179 long-distance freight trucking businesses currently operating in the US.
  • The market of trucking in the US is valued at nearly $800 billion
  • The trucking businesses move about 72.5% of the US’s freight by weight

What Does Kamion Offer As An Uber-Like App For Trucks?

Kamion is one of the most exciting apps in this category. It offers the trucking business opportunities to enhance its customer experience and stay miles ahead of its rivals. Let’s go through the benefits a trucking company can get through Kmaion-

  • Multi-load Board – Kamion has a multi-load board displaying essential data. One can find better loads, suggested loads near the locations your truck will be empty, and also access the dispatcher performance reports.
  • Improved Communication- A trucking company gets the flexibility to dispatch loads through an SMS or even an email to drivers. The app is also useful in sharing a link to the customers for tracking the truck in real time.
  • Safety And Compliance- Kamion offers the flexibility of automatically receiving your reports regarding IFTA and safety compliances. Users can track existing documents and they will also receive a reminder when they need to check for safety and maintenance.
  • Marking Out Areas- With actionable reports on driver performance, dispatcher performance, and many other areas one can detect the areas they are doing great and the areas that need improvement through Kamion.

In case you are planning on developing an app of Kamion’s caliber contact GoodTroopers now. 

Steps To Create Your Own Kamion-Like App- Uber For Trucks

The overall process to develop your own exclusive Uber-style truck app is divided into several steps. Let’s understand them all one by one- 

  • Market Analysis- The best way to start an app development project is to perform a complete market analysis including your business, industry, and competitors. The market analysis will offer you valuable insights like trends, demands, and scopes to maximize your profit on. 

In order to perform a successful market analysis it is best to hire professionals. GoodTroopers can bring highly experienced and credible business experts to your development team to perform the market analysis accurately for you. 

  • Select Your Business Model- After performing a complete market analysis it is time to start planning the app and the first step is to select the business model that fits perfectly with your needs. 

GoodTroopers solve your problems in this aspect as well. When you appoint us in hiring your development team we bring in experts who can offer us valuable information in these scenarios. 

  • Pick features- Features are the tools for a better customer experience which is why you have to be very critical while selecting the features for your Uber-style app for trucks. 

GoodTroopers makes sure that the teams we hire are capable enough to match all your needs so you don’t need to worry about the capabilities of the team. No matter which features you want we will assign a team capable enough for including those.

  • Design- Design is a crucial and significant part of the whole development process. An Uber-style app for trucks will require a premium-quality design to offer a better customer experience.

GoodTroopers focuses on the credibility of the designers while hiring the team. We maintain a complete balance while picking the right development team for your needs and requirements. 

  • MVP Development- After the designs are done by the experts it is time to create an MVP for your Kamion-like app.

GoodTroopers stay very attentive in selecting the developers who can create a high-quality MVP that can minimize the costs, gather user feedback and help in improving the app for the full version.

  • Full Version Development And Test- As soon as you get the desired outcome from your MVP for an Uber-like app for trucks you need to create the complete version.

In order to verify the app’s capability a QA team is essential. GoodTroopers hire QA teams according to the app to ensure the testing phase is effective.

  • Launch And Update- Once you verify your Uber-like trucking app you can deploy that on your desired platform. However, you need to be attentive in collecting user feedback for future improvements via updates. 

Features That Must Be Included In Your Uber-Like Trucking App

There are hundreds of essential features that are a must in your Uber-style app for trucks. Let’s learn about some of them-

  • Driver’s App
      • Registration- Registration is the most important feature you must include. It helps in identifying a user. For registration, you can select several options. The two most common registration options are email registration and social media registration. 
  • Shipment Details- A driver must have access to all the cargo information before accepting the shipment. That is why we integrate the shipment details feature containing information like- dimensions, weight, fragile or spillable, date, pick-up, and delivery locations, and scheduled time for pick-up and delivery.
  • Filtering- In an Uber-like app for trucks, you must ensure that the information regarding shipment is well-sorted. Then our feature of filtering can help the drivers in looking for shipments based on their preferences.
  • Route Optimization And Tracking- With this feature drivers will be able to track the routes live. Moreover, it will also help them in detecting traffic, accidents, and road repairs. With this feature, the driver can ship the delivery more quicker.
  • Proof Of Delivery-  Once the driver delivers the shipment, they need to present proof to the shipper. This feature will come in handy as drivers will be required to upload the documents or a photo only.
  • Shipper’s App
  • Registration- As in the driver’s app registration feature is also mandatory in the shipper’s app. With a registration feature for the shipper’s app, you can easily separate your Uber-like app for truck users among drivers and shippers.
  • List Of Vehicles- A shipper gets a list of all the available vehicles in the area and their essential details. It will help the shipper pick the correct vehicle and maintain safety as well.
  • Booking- A booking option is a must in a Uber-style truck application but you can innovate and offer flexibility to the shippers. You can include both booking options- beforehand bookings and instant bookings.
  • Multiple Payment Options- In order to increase the efficiency of your Kamion-like truck app you can include multiple payment modes. It will offer the shippers flexibility and improve your user experience.
  • Real-Time Tracking- With a real-time tracking feature shippers can track the vehicles carrying their shipment easily. You can add this feature to maximize the user experience.
  • Admin Panel
  • Dashboard- Including a dashboard that displays all the valuable information regarding vehicles, shippers, drivers, and orders can be a game changer for your Uber-style truck app.
  • Track Drivers- This feature can help admins in tracking the vehicles, product details, and estimated time for delivery. 
  • Bill Management- Include a bill management system for admins to easily verify and approve the bills generated by the app.

Problems That Need Special Attention

  • Security Of Cargo- Every business has its own secret problems. In logistics services, the most serious problem is the security of the cargo. In case you create an app like Kamion or an Uber-like trucks app- it will be a marketplace that connects carriers and shippers. 

So, you need to be sure about your carriers’ loyalty and reputation. You can perform a background check of drivers and only then approve them to take shipments.

  • Security Of Data- Another critical problem in Uber-like apps for trucks is the security of data. As it will be operating as a marketplace there will be loads of user data you need to handle carefully. 

GoodTroopers can hire credible developers who can integrate top-tier security standards in your Uber-style app for trucks.

  • Double Booking- The problem of double booking can be frustrating. So you need to make sure that the double booking issue is not available in your Uber-like trucks app.

GoodTroopers find credible development teams who can create an algorithm to prevent the issue of double bookings.

Best Ways To Monetize Your Uber-Style App For Trucks

You can undertake several strategies to monetize your Uber for trucks app. With the experience of GoodTroopers, we can suggest a few strategies like-

  • In-App Ads- In-app ads are one of the most used strategies in the world. You can run ads in a controlled manner to generate healthy earnings from the relevant third parties. You need to make sure the ads are limited as many ads in the app can decrease user experience. 
  • Commission- After in-app ads, the commission strategy is an effective and widely popular way to monetize an app. You can charge a commission on every single money transfer through your Uber for trucks app. Your charges must be according to your competition as a high charge can ruin your customer engagement.
  • Subscription- Another widely popular method of monetization is a subscription. You can introduce monthly plans for your users with all the features of the app. It will help you stabilize your earnings and generate stable revenue as well.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Uber-Like Trucks Application?

The development cost of an Uber-like trucks app depends on the factors like-

  • Type Of The App
  • Platforms
  • Features
  • Tech Stack
  • Development Team Size
  • Longevity Of The Project

So without knowing all the factors and details it is impossible to predict the estimated price for your Uber for trucks app. But GoodTroopers is an experienced firm so we can tell you that the development cost will start around $35,000 and it can go up to $70,000 depending on the complexity of the app. 

GoodTroopers For Uber-Style Truck App Development

GoodTrooper is an online platform dedicated to helping you find quality app-developing companies and teams around the world. 

  • GoodTroopers appoint experienced developers excelling at developing Uber-like apps. We also assign relevant business experts to accurately plan your Uber for trucks app.
  • GoodTroopers also helps in updating your existing Uber-like truck apps
  • Avail the affordable services of GoodTroopers for Uber-Style truck app development
  • We can create your Kamion-like app scalable and help you in achieving all your relevant future needs

From planning to development GoodTroopers can help you in any phase of the development by assigning top-rated dedicated developers. In order to know more about the services of GoodTroopers, contact us now.

The Final Words

Kamion is one of the exciting apps in the modern logistics industry. You can have your own Uber for trucks app too. Following a correct process and accompanied by an accurate team can offer you a perfect solution.

There are hundreds of things that need to be considered when you decide to move ahead with your plan for Uber-style truck app development. Although all these things are manageable by having a perfectly balanced team for development. 

GoodTroopers can solve all your problems related to Uber-like truck app development. We can hire the best team suitable perfectly for your needs and requirements. Offer GoodTroopers the opportunity to serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Que. How long does it take to develop an Uber-like truck app?

Ans. The time is heavily dependent on factors like features, technology, development team size, and many more. But with our experience, we can say it will take around 4 months for your Uber-like truck app to be developed.

Que. Name some Uber-like truck apps other than Kamion.

Ans.GoShare, Uber Freight, Bungi, Uber Fleet, and BlackBuck are great examples of Uber-like truck apps.

Que. Do GoodTroopers make the hired teams sign NDA?

Ans. Yes, every one on the development team will sign the NDA to protect your privacy.

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