How To Create InDriver App in 2024 – Step By Step Guide

Guide to Create Indriver app
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How To Create InDriver App in 2024 – Step By Step Guide

Last Updated on November 23, 2023

InDriver is one of the most successful on-demand taxi and delivery service businesses. It has given Uber a tough competition across the world. The success of the InDriver app has led many companies to invest in developing apps like InDriver or we can say InDriver clones.

In case you are one among the many aspiring entrepreneurs who are planning to create indriver app and launch your own on-demand taxi and delivery solution, this article is for you.

In this article, you will find a top-to-bottom elaboration of the InDriver app, including its work model, reasons to get an InDriver clone app, and most importantly a step-by-step guide for InDriver clone development.

What Is The InDriver App?

InDriver app is one of the finest apps for on-demand taxi and delivery services. The app is focused on providing trouble-free and user-friendly ride-hailing services. Complete freedom for the riders and the drivers to negotiate the fare is the best feature available in this app.

How Does The InDriver App Work?

The InDriver app is extremely user friendly and it is very simple to use:

For Riders-

  • First, the rider needs to download the InDriver app from App Store or Play Store
  • Sign Up with essential details (Name and phone number)
  • Grant location permission
  • A pop up screen will be displayed with all  the drivers available in the nearby area
  • Enter destination and proposed fare
  • If the driver does not accept the proposed fare a different offer may appear from the driver’s end
  • Once the negotiation is done and the driver accepts the offer the rider can avail the services
  • After the ride is over the rider can provide rating and review for the service

For Drivers-

  • First, the driver needs to download the InDriver app from App Store or Play Store
  • Sign up as a driver or just register as a rider and switch to driver later with the “Switch to Driver” feature
  • Once signed up as driver offers will come with details like destinations and fares 
  • Driver can counter the offer with a fare of his choice for negotiation
  • If the rider agrees with the counter offer the service will be provided by the driver
  • After the ride is over the driver will be paid the pre-decided amount by the rider 

Why Invest In InDriver Clone Development?

InDriver has made its reputation across the world and if you are planning to develop an on-demand taxi and delivery service app InDriver clone must be your selection for development. Here’s presenting to you some reasons to invest your money in InDriver clone development:

    • Reduced Development Time- Planning and designing is a very long process and in case you are planning to develop an entirely customized on-demand taxi and delivery app the process can take a huge amount of time. So investing the amount of time and most importantly money in InDriver clone development is the right decision.
    • Quality- You will be free from the threat of poor quality of app. InDriver is one of the best on-demand apps available in the world and cloning it will ensure the standard of your on-demand taxi and delivery service app stays high.
    • Tested & Tried- You can even buy a ready-made InDriver clone from a reputed company to fasten your time to market. The ready-made solutions are always tried and tested so you will be free from the performance worries.

Step By Step Guide To Create InDriver App

  • Requirements Collection- In order to plan for a successful InDriver like app the ideal start of the development process is with the requirements gathering step. Before jumping into the development of the InDriver clone it is essential to identify what are your requirements, preferences and most importantly target audience, and target locations. 
  • Planning- Once the requirements are identified and noted down the crucial step of planning out the development process comes next. In this step it is crucial to assess the requirements and pave the perfect roadmap for the InDriver clone app development. 

Having a proper plan will make the development process of the InDriver like app smooth and effective and it will also help you assess the progress with pre set parameters.

  • Design- After the plan is ready for the complete development process of the InDriver clone a team of expert designers must be assigned. The designers will wireframe every single screen, create the blueprint structure for the app, and most importantly create a user friendly premium quality UI. 

The designers will be creating the overall structure which is like the skeleton of an app. So in order to make your InDriver like on-demand taxi and delivery app successful, having the perfect team of designers onboard is important.

  • Development- Development step is the key to success as all the customization and upgradation will be performed in this phase. Once the designers have built the best UI for your app developers will be required to create your app with all the latest features using the latest technologies. 

In case you are buying a ready-made solution for InDriver clone the development process will be short but significant. As per your requirements the developers will customize the ready-made solution to match your desired results.

  • Testing- Once your InDriver like app is ready it is highly recommended to try and test the app before launching it. You can opt for a rigorous testing process including tests for compatibility, reliability and functionality of the InDriver clone you just developed. It will help you identify if there are bugs in your solution.
  • Deployment- Once your InDriver like app is approved by the QA experts you can move forward to the deployment stage. Launch your solution on the desired platforms like Android, iOS, or even Windows. 
  • Update- Just deploying the app is not going to end your responsibilities to keep the InDriver like app successful. Continuous monitoring and frequent updates integrating new features based on the observed demands of customers is required.

Features You Must Add In Your InDriver Like App

The InDriver app has 3 different modules for three different roles- Riders, Drivers, and Admins. So, there are a huge pool of features you must focus on:

For Riders-

  • Fare Negotiations- One of the most important features and the key reason that InDriver is ahead of many taxi booking and delivery business apps is the options to negotiate fares. You must include the feature for riders to bid for their ride.
  • Live Notifications- For riders having an idea about their ride is very important and it also triggers user experience. That is why live notifications are recommended. 
  • Communication- For better communication in-app chat and call features are the best options. It helps in keeping the personal information of riders safe as well as it offers a convenient way to communicate with the drivers.
  • Accept or Reject Offers- In an InDriver like app riders get complete freedom in selecting drivers and even accepting or rejecting their price quote. It helps in making the user experience even better.
  • Switch To Driver- One of the major success factors of InDriver is the easy switch to driver feature. It helps riders turn into drivers within a few clicks. Integrating this feature can help you in having a bigger network and offering a passive income source to many users.
  • In-App Payment- Once the rider reaches his destination he must have the option to pay the driver the fare they mutually agreed on through the app itself. For this you must include in-app payment options. Multiple payment options will give the rider flexibility and you will secure a better customer experience.

For Drivers- 

  • Accept or Reject- A driver needs to have his freedom in accepting or rejecting an offer from riders. Adding a feature of accepting or rejecting an offer for them can be a great idea. 
  • Counter Offer- When a rider sends offers to drivers they may offer a very low fare. To fix this adding a feature of counter offer in your InDriver clone app will surely help the drivers earn. It will also create a balance between the driver and rider with a mutually beneficial fare.
  • Driver Availability- To improve your drivers’ user experience you can provide them an option to mark themselves available or unavailable in your InDriver clone app. 
  • Driver Profile- A driver profile must be available in your InDriver clone app to help them showcase their rating and reviews provided by riders. It will also help the riders in deciding the drivers.
  • Rate & Review- Not only to riders a rate and review feature must be available for your InDriver clone app drivers. Once the ride service ends a driver too needs the option to rate and review the rider.

Admin Panel-

  • Revenue Manager- To keep track of the earning of drivers on daily, weekly, monthly, and even on an annual basis a revenue manager feature can be integrated in your InDriver clone admin panel.
  • Role Management- It is important for your InDriver clone’s admin panel to have a role management feature. It will help in creating sub-admin profiles to assign them in certain roles.
  • Transaction Manager- An on-demand InDriver like app for taxi or delivery business will always have countless transactions. In order to keep track of all these transactions a transaction manager feature is crucial in your InDriver clone’s admin panel.
  • Verification- Verifying the drivers is highly important to run your InDriver like taxi business. Admins must have the option to verify the riders once their documents are assessed.
  • Analytic Reports- Integrating an analytic report option will help your admins generate reports using different filters for detailed information regarding daily reports or transaction reports. 
  • Remove User- Safety needs to be a high priority for your InDriver like app. So when a user of your app is identified as a  threat for the safety of others, admins need an option to remove that specific user from the platform. 

How To Generate Revenue With An InDriver Like App?

InDriver app makes money by charging a fixed percentage of commission on every single transaction taking place on the app. In case you want to develop your taxi booking app exactly similar to InDriver you can follow their commission-based revenue model.

In case you want to implement a new revenue model without hampering the fare negotiation concept below mentioned ones can be considered- 

  • Ads- You can integrate relevant third party advertisements in your InDriver like taxi booking app. It will help you generate good revenue as well as maintain the fare negotiation concept. 
  • Subscription To Remove Ads- Many users prefer an adless user experience and ads can be really frustrating for them For this you can present them with a subscription plan for an adless experience as well as special discounts in taxi booking services.

Oyelabs Offers White-Label InDriver Clones Within A Week

Oyelabs is one of the most client-oriented app development companies around the world. We offer completely customizable and white-label InDriver clones within a week and that too with the complete source code. 

With us you can be sure of the quality, your InDriver clone’s performance, and continuous support. We will build your InDriver clone backed by the expertise of our heavily skilled, experienced, and professional team of developers.

We are one of the best developers for on-demand app solutions. We have experience in developing apps for on-demand taxi and delivery services. With our experience, we can make your InDrive clone solution stand out among the rest of the competition.

Contact us to start your InDriver clone development now.


InDriver clone is one of the highly demanded and preferred apps in the on-demand taxi booking category. If you want to enter the on-demand taxi booking app and obtain huge success developing an app like InDriver can be the best idea.

From features to revenue model, InDriver is completely focused on impressing the users. You have to offer flexibility to the users to make your app highly preferred by them. 

Oyelabs can help you build your own InDriver clone app within a week and fasten the launching of your own on-demand taxi and delivery business. Reach out to our experts for a detailed consultation session on your InDriver clone solution.


Que. Is the InDriver app globally successful?

Ans. The InDriver app is available across 47 countries and 700 cities. It has also recorded 150 million downloads which reflects its global demand and success.

Que. Should I invest in a ready-made InDriver clone or in developing a custom solution?

Ans. Both the ready-made and custom-developed solutions will bring your certain benefits. If you buy a ready-made solution it will help you save time and shorten your time to market. On the other hand, a custom development process will be time taking but you will get complete control of the InDriver clone development. It is up to you to decide which one fits your preferences and requirements.

Que. Where can I develop an InDriver clone?

Ans. Oyelabs can offer you a white-label InDriver clone and even integrate your desired features in the solution and deliver you within a week with complete source code. Contact us now to start your InDriver clone development.

Que. Does Oyelabs offer support after the development of InDriver clone solutions?

Ans. Yes, Oyelabs does offer complete support and maintenance service for up to three months once you develop your InDriver clone with us.


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