InDriver App Business Model – How It Works & Generates Revenue in 2024

InDriver app Business Model & revenue model
The On-Demand Economy

InDriver App Business Model – How It Works & Generates Revenue in 2024

Last Updated on November 23, 2023

On-demand services have received a huge demand all over the world in the recent few years. Many entrepreneurs have capitalized on this opportunity to establish successful businesses. InDriver is one of those successful businesses, the app has focused on on-demand taxi and delivery services.

The on-demand taxi and delivery services have been quite popular during the recent years and due to that InDriver has become one of the highly successful apps in this domain. In this article we will present to you the indriver app business model of the InDriver app, how it works and most importantly how it makes money.

In case you are planning on developing an indriver-like mobile application or getting an InDriver clone, this article is meant for you.

What Is The InDriver App?

InDriver is one of the highly preferred ride-hailing apps in the world. The app is quite popular among users due to the complexion-free and reliable ride-hailing experience it offers. The flexibility of negotiating your fare with the driver makes it one of the most user-friendly on-demand taxi and delivery service apps.

An Overview Of The InDriver App’s Success

  • The InDriver has recorded more than 150 million downloads worldwide
  • The app is operating in 47 countries and 700+ cities
  • InDrivers is the second largest among ridesharing and taxi apps across the world in terms of downloads
  • InDriver has provided over 1 billion rides

A Look Into The InDriver App Business Model

Key Partners

      • Drivers
      • Passengers
      • Investors
      • Payment Processors
      • Customers Who Need Courier Services
      • Technology Partners

Key Activities

      • App or Platform Development
      • Promotion
      • Hiring Drivers
      • Drivers’ Payments
      • Customer Support
      • Expanding To More Cities

Value Proposition

  • For Service Users-
        • On-demand Services
        • Fare Negotiation
        • Door-To-Door Delivery
        • Rating System
  • For Drivers-
        • Switch To Driver
        • No Investment Upfront For Drivers
        • Scope Of Earning

Customer Relationships

  • For Service Users-
    • Security
    • Fare Pricing
    • Fare Negotiation
    • 24*7 Support
  • For Drivers-
    • Opportunity To Earn
    • Easy Switch From Rider To Driver
    • 24*7 Support

Customer Segment

  • Passengers
  • Drivers
  • Customers Requiring Delivery Services

Key Resources

  • Active Riders
  • Active Drivers
  • Data Assets
  • Technology Assets
  • Employees
  • Digital Assets


  • Internet
  • App Store
  • Mobile
  • Play Store
  • Website
  • Social Media

Cost Structure

  • Cost Of Revenue
  • Sales And Marketing
  • Research
  • Development
  • Maintenance 
  • Admin

Revenue Streams

  • Commission On Each Transaction

Sneak Peak into InDriver App Working?

The InDriver app was founded by Arsen Tomsky in 2012. The app has always focused on offering a quality experience to the users- both riders and drivers. InDriver has become a global leader in on-demand taxi services. Let’s go through how the InDriver app works-

For Riders-

Users first need to download the app from the App Store or Play Store. Once the app is downloaded they need to sign up by providing their details like phone number and name. The app will ask for location permissions and once the user provides the InDriver app that permission it will present a pop up with nearby driver details. 

The rider will be required to enter his destination and offered fare. Once the rider inputs that the driver can ask for a different fare or accept the first offer for the services.

Once the ride is completed the rider can provide rating and review to the driver.

For Drivers-

Drivers can sign up as a driver or register as riders first and then switch to a driver account. The switch option is easy to use and very fast to be implicated. Drivers will receive offers from riders with details regarding destination and fare. If the driver is interested in that rider’s offer he can easily accept that.

But in case the driver is not comfortable with the fare offered he can reply with a counter offer. If the rider accepts that counter offer the driver will go and pick him up to drop him at his entered destination.

Once the ride is completed the rider will pay the pre-decided fare amount to the rider through the app. 

Revenue Model- How Does InDriver App Make Money?

Although many on-demand taxi apps like Uber, OLA and many more follow multiple revenue models in their business operation, InDriver has a simple yet effective approach in making money. 

InDriver makes their revenue through charging a specific percentage of commission in each transaction on their platform. One of the most interesting features of InDriver is they offer completely commission free service for the first 6 months of launch in a new city. Once the 6 month free offer expires they charge only 5%-10% of the fare.

But with only 5%-10% commission InDriver became this much successful? The answer is no, they have managed their expenses to make the revenue healthy. 

As the company is only charging 5%-10% of commission and that too depending on the market they are operating in, users receive services at a lower cost and drivers also generate a good income for themselves. This “lower cost” is seriously low against the other available competitors of InDriver.

This lower cost trait has offered InDriver the momentum to grow at such a quick speed. Moreover InDriver has also adopted the strategy of “grow by word-of-mouth”. They have never opted for heavy marketing and that has helped them in reducing their expenses to a significant level. Lower expense directly improves the revenue of any company and that is the case in InDriver as well.

Features That Led InDriver To Its Success

  • Fare Negotiation- The most exciting feature that has led InDriver to success is fare negotiation. With this feature riders can offer the drivers an amount for the mentioned distance. Drivers can accept that or even counter that offer with a new amount. 

This feature is not available in any other competitor apps and is only exclusive to InDrivers currently. 

  • On The Way- This feature was introduced in the InDriver app recently. With this feature drivers can enter their destination and press the “On The Way” button so that they can receive ride requests from the nearby riders there.
  • Riders Can Choose Drivers- There are many concerns in safety and security aspects while booking an on-demand taxi service. In order to make the orders feel more secure and safe, the InDriver app has brought this feature where riders can easily select the driver they want from the app.
  • Drivers Have Option To Choose- InDriver offers drivers the flexibility to choose their tours. When a rider sends an offer to the driver, the driver will have three options- accept, reject and bid higher. With this feature drivers can easily accept, reject or even raise the bid amount as per their suitability.

Top Competitors Of InDriver App

Although InDriver has taken a significant lead in on-demand taxi and delivery services, there are few alternatives who can be counted in top competitors of InDriver-

  • Bolt
  • DiDi
  • Uber
  • Little
  • Mevo
  • Bliq

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On-demand taxi services have completely revolutionized the way of transportation. InDriver has very beautifully capitalized on the growing demand of on-demand taxi services. 

InDriver’s tactic of offering flexibility to the users be it rider or driver has made them one of the most user preferred ride-hailing apps. Fare negotiation, driver selection, tour selection and advanced features like “On The Way” have proven to be highly effective in making the users feel more valued.

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Que. How much will it cost to develop an app like InDriver?

Ans. Depending on the complexity, features, required technologies, development process duration, development team size and other factors you can expect the development cost of a custom InDriver like app to be from $20,000 to $800,000.

Que. What makes InDriver so successful?

Ans. InDriver has adopted a strategy of “grow by word-of-mouth. And due to that they have saved the marketing expenses. Apart from savings InDriver has become successful by offering the users complete flexibility in fare negotiations, selecting driver, selecting tours, and a reduced fare compared to the other popular options.

Que. How can Oyelabs help me in buying a ready-made InDriver clone?

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