Entrepreneurs Guide To Create A Wine Marketplace App Like Vivino

Guide to Create A Wine Marketplace App Like Vivino
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Entrepreneurs Guide To Create A Wine Marketplace App Like Vivino

Last Updated on July 6, 2024

In the last decade we have seen the rise of online purchase. People are now avoiding the traditional marketplaces for the marketplace apps. The fusion of technology and industries are making physical shopping a past habit.

Vivino, Uber, Amazon and many more are evident examples in this debate. The apps are quite helpful for everyone in shopping through the comfort of their home.

Vivino is one of the best wine marketplace apps for both buyers and sellers. With advanced features like scanning a wine label to avail its information are making the app more relevant for users.

In this article we will offer you in depth details of the Vivino app and a brief guide to create a wine marketplace app like vivino. 

What Is Vivino?

Vivino is the most wide-ranging online marketplace app for wine. Buyers and sellers both can avail the services of the app. The app Vivino is well-reputed for its unbiased review and information regarding wine.

Vivino’s Success Is Reflected On Its Numbers

  • Vivino is the most far-reaching in fact it is the biggest wine marketplace in the world. It has a database that contains over 12.5 million different wines.

How Does Vivino Work?

Vivino started as a free wine label scanner. The app used to provide only the details of a wine when it is scanned through the app. But later it revolutionized itself and became the largest marketplace app for wine.

For Buyers- Users need to create an account and only then they can explore the available options for wine. The app has a humongous range of options for wine one can select from. 

If a wine is in stock the price will appear next to it with a green button. Once the buyer taps that button another screen will appear asking him to select the number of bottles he wants.

Once the buyer specifies the number of bottles he will be required to go to checkout and input his shipping details and pick the payment option he likes. The buyer will receive his wine in time. Then he can rate and review the seller.

For Sellers- A seller first needs to fill a form with some of the basic information of his business and his contact details. After that the Vivino management will contact him to update him if he is approved as a seller or not.

Once the seller is approved by the officials he can immediately start selling his wines. First he needs to list his wine inventory and then just wait for orders. The seller need to ensure some aspects for a better rating like-

  • Seller needs to confirm customer’s orders within 24 hours in workdays
  • Seller is required to mark the customer’s orders sent within 24 hours of confirmation

Revenue Streams Observed In Vivino

Vivino has planned the revenue generation strategies brilliantly. The app has multiple revenue streams in its system lets go through them-

  • Commission- The main revenue stream of Vivino the largest wine marketplace app in the world is commission. The app charges a specific amount of commission from the sellers in every sale they avail through through the app.
  • Subscriptions- Another significant revenue stream of Vivino is selling subscription plans to its customers. Vivino offers a Wine Club subscription plan at $120. With a huge customer base and a healthy amount of Wine Club subscribers already Vivino makes good revenue.
    • In-App Ads- Vivino gets a huge amount of organic traffic on both its app and website. This attracts the advertisers from the wine industry or any other relevant industries. In exchange for advertisement fees Vivino runs ads of these advertisers in its app.
  • Selling Aggregated Data- Having a huge customer base Vivino has successfully collected millions of data related to consumer behaviors. This data however is not only useful for Vivino but also for several other wineries too. So Vivino sells this aggregated data to these wineries at an attractive price.

All these revenue streams can be highly profitable for your wine marketplace app as well. Oyelabs can create your wine marketplace app like Vivino and help you generate a great revenue with all these revenue streams.

What Makes Vivino Stand Out?

Vivino as we have said earlier is the largest wine marketplace app in the world, so it is common that the app has its own exclusive factors making it stand out. 

    • Attempt To Capitalize On Opportunities- In order to maximize the engagement, conversions and loyalty among the customers Vivino attempted to capitalize on certain parameters-
  • With the help of merchandising and paid channels on taste profile, the app Vivino suggests to its customers different wines they have not tried yet.
      • Vivino uses the user data to understand the user’s tastes and take that into consideration according to the likes, dislikes and ratings he has given. All this data will help the app in suggesting the customer wines they will enjoy.
      • With the match percentage feature of Vivino users get a match percentage of different wines that are unique to them.
  • Focus On Customer Touchpoints- Vivino focuses on the customer experience with a serious mindset-
  • Scan- The image recognition technology is used in Vivino. It helps the users in getting information regarding a wine by only scanning the bottle.
      • Research- Vivino provides a huge range of information to its users regarding a wine like ratings, taste, wine type, grape, region and perfect food to go with it.
  • Buy- Users can directly buy wine from the Vivino app itself and that too within a few clicks.

Vivino closely observed the gaps and needs in this sector and attempted to capitalize mainly on those. Oyelabs can help you by assigning our highly experienced business experts to mark out the gaps and needs of your specific industry before creating a world-class wine marketplace app like Vivino.

Step By Step Guide On How To Develop A Wine Marketplace App Like Vivino

  • Perform Market Research- In order to accurately plan your wine marketplace app you need to perform a complete market research. This research needs to be aimed at identifying the trends, needs and gaps to capitalize on.

You can hire highly experienced business experts who have worked with several businesses across industries at Oyelabs. We assign dedicated business experts to maximize your wine marketplace app’s chances of success.

  • Pick The Revenue Streams- After you have completed your market research it is time to pick the correct revenue stream or streams for your wine marketplace app.

Experts at Oyelabs will offer you multiple options in the revenue stream. They will also guide you on the accuracy of each revenue stream for your app.

  • Select Features- An app always depends on its features for better customer experience. So it is important to select the correct set of features for your wine marketplace app.

Oyelabs is capable enough of including higher-end features to maximize your user experience in wine marketplace app development like Vivilno.

  • Design- Once you are ready with the revenue streams and features you need it is time to design your wine marketplace app. 

Here in Oyelabs we have highly experienced and skilled designers to create you all exclusive UI, UX and all other visual aspects of a wine marketplace app.

  • MVP Development- As soon as the designs are ready you need to define the essential features and create the MVP version of the app. An MVP helps you in understanding the capabilities of the app in mitigating user needs.

Oyelabs has an enriched team of highly talented developers excelling at different technologies. We aim at offering you a world-class MVP that can help you in minimizing the costs and collect user feedback for improvement in the full version.

  • Full Version Development- Once you achieve the desired results with the MVP you can start developing the complete version of your wine marketplace app like Vivino.
  • Test- Once the full version is developed it is essential to verify it via different tests.

Oyelabs organizes a testing stage to verify the app’s accuracy. We perform tests like- unit test, stress test, functionality test, compatibility test, performance test and reliability test. 

  • Launch And Update- After completing all the above mentioned stages it is time to launch the app. You need to focus on the user feedback to improve your app in future.

Oyelabs prefers long term business relationships that is why we also offer after launch support and maintenance services in wine marketplace app development.

Key Features You Must Include In your Wine Marketplace App

There are hundreds of features available for a wine marketplace app. But some features are essential and must be included in your wine marketplace app. Oyelabs offer a huge range of features for your app lets go through some of them-

  • Customer App
      • Sign Up- A completely secured sign up system for customers to easily register themselves on your wine marketplace app by providing basic details like email address and contact details. 
  • Search Filter- Oyelabs can integrate a search filter feature which will help the customers in easily locating a specific wine with relevant keywords or by price filters.
      • Order Tracker- A live tracker of orders must be present in a wine marketplace app. That is why Oyelabs adds a live tracker to help customers monitor their orders.
  • Cost Calculator- Having a cost calculator can help a customer calculate and compare the costs of a wine from  different merchants.
  • In-App Chat Helpline- A customer can connect with the merchant or the delivery agents for queries regarding his order through the in-app chat helpline integrated by Oyelabs.
  • Merchant App Or Store Manager App
  • Staff Management- A store manager can have the flexibility to manage the list and record of his whole staff from in-store employees to delivery agents with a staff management feature in your wine marketplace app.
  • Product List And Cost Management- Oyelabs integrates a product list and cost management feature for store managers and merchants. With this feature they can add or delete any wine from the listing and also mark the unavailable items. They can also update the price, category and other details of the wines via this feature.
      • Real-Time Order Tracking- A store manager or merchant can update the delivery status of the wines till the time they reach the customers on the provided addresses.
  • Reports- A store manager can gain analytical data with graphs through the reports feature integrated by the experts of Oyelabs.
  • Live Notifications- A merchant or store manager can alert the customers with a notification for new offers or new wines. 
  • Admin Panel
  • Gallery Management- Admins get the flexibility of viewing, adding or deleting images and videos in the gallery section of the app. 
  • Vendors And Staff Management- Oyelabs includes the vendors and staff management feature for admins to keep the record of all the professionals with unique employee id.
      • Product List And Cost Management- We add this feature in the admin panel of your wine marketplace app development as well. It helps the admins add and delete any wine from the listings. 
      • Ads Management- In order to monitor all the third party apps running on the wine marketplace app we add an ads management feature for admins.
  • Reviews Management- Oyelabs offers a reviews management feature in your wine marketplace app to improve your brand’s online reputation.
  • Delivery Agent App
  • Profile Management- With a profile management feature the delivery agents can update their existing info or add some new details in their profile.
  • Live Path Tracker- Oyelabs understands the difficulties of delivery agents in finding specific locations. So we include a live path tracker to help the delivery agent navigate to the customer’s provided address.
  • Delivery Status Upgradation- A delivery agent can update the status of a wine delivery order once he has picked up the parcel and also when he has delivered it.

A Proper Team Structure For Wine Marketplace App Development

A proper team structure is an important step in developing a wine marketplace app. Oyelabs understands this aspect and that is why we have an accurate team structure perfectly suitable for your wine marketplace app development.

Our team includes-

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analysis Experts
  • Android and iOS Developers
  • Front-End Developers
  • Backend Developers
  • QA Professionals

A World-Class Tech Stack For A World-Class Wine Marketplace App

Oyelabs has an advanced inventory containing the leading technologies. We plan the tech stack as per our clients’ preferences.

Available tech stack for your wine app development is-

  • Database- HBase, MongoDB, Cassandra, Postgres
  • Platform- Android, iOS, Web
  • Push Notifications- Push.io, Twilio
  • Cloud Environment- Azure, Google, AWS
  • Navigation- Google Map
  • Payment gateway- PayPal, Apple Pay, Net Banking, Google Pay, Stripe, e-Wallets

Cost Of A Wine Marketplace App Development Like Vivino

There are multiple cost factors in a wine marketplace app development project-

  • Development company location
  • Features you want
  • Tech Stack
  • Platform of the app
  • UI/UX design
  • Complexity
  • Third party integrations
  • Number of developers
  • Timeframe of the project

With all these factors taken into consideration a wine marketplace app development cost can vary-

  • For a small size wine marketplace app $15,000 to $20,000
  • For a mid-size wine marketplace app $25,000 to $30,000
  • For a complex wine marketplace app $50,000 to $70,000

Why Oyelabs To Create A Wine Marketplace App Like Vivino?

Oyelabs is one of the most well-reputed IT service providing companies around the world. With our enriched workforce of talented designers, experienced developers and skilled QA professionals we excel at app development.

We have the experience of working with several businesses from different industries across the globe. We have a track record of successfully meeting the clients’ needs in our every project.

We are a highly flexible team of professionals dedicated to creating world-class solutions. With our diversified experience and skilled professionals we can create you a successful wine marketplace app.

Contact us now to discuss your wine marketplace app development idea.

Wrapping Up

Wine market is a highly valuable marketplace. Over the years the sector has been experiencing a mammoth growth. But when you look at the eCommerce area of the same market it seems like the industry is not interested in it. Vivino is enjoying the demand with few other wine marketplace apps due to this ignorance. 

An Accurate revenue model and clear focus on the opportunities and factors worked in Vivino’s favor. With a proper planning and developing partner you can also achieve success like Vivino.

Oyelabs is the idea partner for your wine marketplace app development from ideation to creation. We follow a proper process and ensure the wine marketplace app we create helps you in achieving your business goals. We are serious in maintaining a proper team structure so that our service remains accurate throughout the development process.

Hurry contact us now to start your wine marketplace app development.


Que. What are some wine marketplace apps other than Vivino?
Ans. Drizly, Wine.com, and Tannico are some of the other popular apps in the wine marketplace app category. 

Que. Do Oyelabs sign NDA in wine marketplace app development?
Ans. Yes, Oyelabs sign NDA and NC to ensure your privacy in wine marketplace app development.

Que. Can Oyelabs make my wine marketplace app multilingual?
Ans. Yes, with our extremely talented developer teams we can create your wine marketplace apps multilingual.

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