How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Metaverse in 2024?

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Metaverse in 2024?

Last Updated on December 1, 2023

Metaverse is one of the most trending things in the world at this moment. It is successful in creating a stir in the current society. Many industries are already investing in this prospect and planning future operations via it. Ever wondered how much does it cost to develop a Metaverse? Read this article to the end for comprehensive insights on development costs and more!

To the people unaware of the Metaverse term, it is a blend of the real and virtual worlds. You can imagine this as a virtual ecosystem of a sci-fi film where the protagonists have entered the virtual environment. 

A Metaverse is capable of empowering people to conduct all types of interactions in a virtual realm. In case you are planning to start a business around Metaverse be it a Game, Social Media, or Real Estate you must be wondering how much it would cost you to develop a metaverse app.

Your questions will be answered in this article. We will start with the idea of the Metaverse, the future of this digital revolution, and cover certain areas related to the cost of development. 

The Idea Of Metaverse

Metaverse is a virtual-reality space offering the users opportunity to interact with an environment generated by a computer and other users.

Metaverse is more than just an idea now. Since it is already present it can be accessed by anyone. Although the idea of Metaverse is still fresh, the approach is exclusive and continuously evolving.

Market Overview Of Metaverse
  • According to the reports of PR News Wire, the Metaverse market is set to reach a value of $824.53 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 39.1%
  • Globe News Wire reports that the Metaverse market is all set to grow from $61.8 billion in 2022 to a gigantic $426.9 billion in 2027. 
  • More than 500 companies are already building their Metaverses
  • More than 470 million people are already on Metaverse platforms

Ultimate Benefits Of A Metaverse

In 2022, we can see most people prefer virtual communities and several technological means for communication like web conferencing. Metaverse brings fresh air with a variety of real-world capabilities within a 3D virtual world. Let’s see the advantages Metaverse offers-

    • Remote Work- Increasing remote work is one of the contributions of covid-19 although it is also beneficial for businesses at certain times. However, companies face a lot of issues in the distant working model. Having a Metaverse manager can create a virtual setting and effectively interact with the employees. 
    • Monetization- Metaverse is experiencing a huge surge of attention and that is also helping it in increasing its user base. People that want to earn money through Metaverse will be happy knowing that it can help them. Being an open-source every individual has the freedom to create their project on the ecosystem. 
  • Virtual Tour Experience- Everybody cannot travel to their desired destinations and here comes Metaverse with its flexibility of allowing users to view the locations electronically. An enhanced virtual tour and that too in a first-person view are possible in Metaverse with the AR and VR technologies.
  • Online Gaming- Most of the Metaverse games have become decentralized and contain an integrated economic mechanism that supports play-to-earn gaming. Metaverse offers the users opportunity to purchase, sell and even exchange in-game items in NFTs.

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Key Components Or Technical Elements Of Metaverse Development

Metaverse includes a set of cutting-edge technologies and tools to offer an effective and innovative experience. Let’s go through some of the most prominent technologies-

  • Virtual Reality- Virtual reality is the major access point to the Metaverse. VR plays the lead role in producing computer-generated virtual environments. These environments are explored by users through VR headsets, sensors, and gloves. 

Metaverse VR helps a user in hearing, feeling, and interacting with people across the world.

  • Augmented Reality- AR is the technology that blends digital visual elements with the vision of real-world objects. With the help of computer vision, AR recognizes real-world surroundings.

Metaverse AR allows you to experience your surroundings with interactive digital visuals capable of offering an advanced user experience.

  • Blockchain- Blockchain technology is one of the best technologies available for increasing security standards in a Metaverse. Immutability, fast confirmation of data, and secure transactions help in making the Metaverse a safe place.
  • Artificial Intelligence- Artificial intelligence is one of the best inclusion in any digital solution. In the Metaverse this technology can process huge amounts of data at a rapid speed and even learns from previous interactions.
  • Internet of Things- To create a successful Metaverse you need to create real-time simulations in the virtual world. And to create live simulations IoT technology comes into the picture. 

IoT uses sensors and devices to connect every single thing in the real world to the internet. Every device synced with the internet has its exclusive identifier. These devices can send and receive information automatically. With IoT, you can connect voice-activated speakers, thermostats, and many more devices with a huge range of data.

Apart from these technologies there are more included in a Metaverse development solution-

  • Decentralized Storage Database
  • Smart Contracts
  • NFT
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • 3D Reconstruction

Oyelabs has an experienced workforce excelling in using technologies like- AR/VR, AI, Blockchain, IoT, and many more. Create your Metaverse solution with Oyelabs.

Metaverse Development Cost And The Factors Affecting It

Metaverse is one of the brightest prospects in the modern world. With its huge range of capabilities, it can offer something for everyone. 

Metaverse includes technologies like AR, VR, AI, HMDs, Blockchains, IoT, and many more for a better experience. With all these heavy technologies implemented in Metaverse, it is sure that the development cost can be significant amount. 

However, you can also find a quality Metaverse solution at an affordable price depending on the complexity of your project. The development cost of a Metaverse can vary from $10,000 to $400,000 based on several cost factors.

Factors affecting cost to develop a metaverse Let’s understand the factors that affect the development cost of a Metaverse-

  • Hardware- To teleport users into the virtual world the medium needed is a VR headset. Apart from VR headsets, smartphones, laptops, and PCs can also serve as the medium to enter the virtual realm. 
  • Infrastructure- An accurate infrastructure is as necessary as hardware like VR headsets, smartphones, and PCs. To ensure non-stop connectivity with the virtual world, 5G towers are super important as they bring better internet connectivity. Users feel low latency in the virtual environment with a 5G connection.
  • Digital Avatars- Digital avatars are the digital representations of individuals. The digital avatars can be the exact copy of the users and users also have the opportunity to recreate them. These virtual avatars can communicate emotions and feelings in an advanced way. 
  • Security- Anything related to the internet is always under threat of cyber attack. In 2022 cyber crimes are more frequent than ever. So you must improve the security, privacy, and cyber morals of the Metaverse environment development. 

Security in transactions and data privacy is also a major deal. With Metaverse blockchain development, you can ensure that security is well maintained. 

  • Tech Stack- To make multiple worlds interact with each other for making a Metaverse successful. And for doing this we need technologies like VR, AR, Blockchain, AI, IoT, and 3D modeling.
  • Development Team- A proper Metaverse ecosystem development needs the following-
  • Independent Database
  • 3-4 Full Stack Programmers With Knowledge In Node.js and React.js
  • UI/UX Developer
  • At Least 1 Developer For Unity, Unreal, and CRYENGINE
  • 3 3D Modelers- Blender, Max3Ds Developer
  • Decentralized Wallet Developer
  • 1 Decentralized dApp Producer

Having a full-fledged team can cost you a high amount of money but will serve the purpose accurately.

In case you have a plan ready for your exclusive Metaverse solution Oyelabs can make that a reality.

Cost to Develop a Metaverse Across Industries

  • Gaming- For the gaming world in the Metaverse, the required technologies are-
    1. AR
    2. VR
    3. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
    4. 3D Reconstruction
    5. IoT

Cost Of Development- On average the development cost of Metaverse games lies between $30,000-$300,000.

  • Social Media- Social media has evolved significantly over the years. Metaverse has emerged as an extension of social media platforms in recent times. Metaverse can enable bringing together several social media elements-
    1. Live Entertainment
    2. Collaboration
    3. Commerce
    4. Immersive Experiences Via VR/AR

Cost Of Development- Depending on the complexity of the social media Metaverse the development cost can be from $25,000 to $400,000.

  • Real Estate- Isn’t the idea of buying land in the virtual realm sound interesting? Yes, it is expected to be the future of the real estate Metaverse.

Cost Of Development- The cost of real estate Metaverse can be between $15,000-$300,000. 

Oyelabs can deliver you a Metaverse solution for other industries as well. Contact us to share your Metaverse idea.

Key Steps To Create A Successful Metaverse

To create an effective Metaverse, you need to follow three key steps-

  • Build The Infrastructure- Similar to the physical world, you need to create the underlying framework of your Metaverse. The infrastructure must allow multiple users to perform different digital activities simultaneously. 
  • Define Standards And Protocols- The next step you follow should be creating standards that define how your Metaverse will operate. In this step, you must keep the issues like transaction and security as your main goals. 
  • Fill Content- After you have built the infrastructure and defined the standards you should move to the third step. The third and final step is filling your Metaverse with content, assets, and activities.

Oyelabs can help you in each of these three steps. With our highly enriched workforce, we can provide you with the correct infrastructure, define your standards precisely and fill your virtual realm with engaging content.

Create Your Metaverse With Oyelabs

Oyelabs is one of the most experienced IT service providers around the world. You can avail the benefits of the ultimate experience we have in working with several businesses across industries and around the globe. 

We can serve you with top-standard services in Metaverse App Development. We have a highly skill-diversified, experience-rich, and talented pool of developers to create your Metaverse solution as you need.

We have experience with all the emerging technologies like- AI, IoT, Blockchain, and especially AR/VR. From consulting, and design, to development, launch, and support Oyelabs will be with you in each phase or need of yours. 

We as client-oriented firm respect the privacy of our clients and that is why we have an NDA signing even before the discussion of each project.

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The Closing Words

Metaverse is yet to reach its full potential but still, it has already established itself as one of the major innovations. Tech professionals are researching more technologies to innovate the already innovative Metaverse experience. 

According to several tech experts, Metaverse is all set to become the future for all industries. Various technologies will be included in the virtual realm development process. 

The development cost of a Metaverse is heavily dependent on the factors like hardware, software, infrastructure, security, avatars, tech stack, features, and development team capabilities. You can have your simple Metaverse solution at a budgeted price. But the complexity of the project can increase the costs as well. Let’s look at the industry-wise Metaverse development costs-

Industry Development Cost
Gaming $30,000-$300,000
Social Media $25,000 to $400,000
Real Estate $15,000-$300,000

Oyelabs is excited to hear about your ideas on Metaverse development. Please contact us to learn more about our Metaverse Development Services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Que. Name some major companies developing Metaverse.

Ans. Meta, NVIDIA, Epic Games, Microsoft, Apple, and Roblox are some of the major companies developing Metaverse.

Que. Do Oyelabs offer after-launch services in Metaverse Development Services?
Ans. Yes, Oyelabs believe in long-term business relationships which is why we also offer after-launch services.
Que. What are the emerging technologies Oyelabs excel at in Metaverse Development Services?

AnsOyelabs can integrate several emerging technologies. We excel at AR/VR, AI, Blockchain, IoT, and several other technologies in Metaverse Development Services.

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