How To Hire A Blockchain Developer In 2024

how to hire a blockchain developer
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How To Hire A Blockchain Developer In 2024

Last Updated on November 24, 2023

In this article, we will cover how to hire a blockchain developer and what skills to look for while employing one.

Whilst the potential future of cryptocurrencies is already under debate in corporate boardrooms, there is no doubt that blockchain technology is attracting worldwide attention.

Enthusiastic advocates present blockchain to almost each and every sector such as healthcare, manufacturing, banking, public service, and even voting as a virtual disruptor. In reality, blockchain technology has actually begun to change the face of the world, after years of hype. 

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Many scholars agree: that blockchain technology is here to stay! Informed followers of the recent developments of blockchain expect to have blockchain technology at the epicenter in the near future, as the “new normal” of business transactions.

Any business may need blockchain for so many reasons: an opportunity to surpass the competition or even to enter new markets, etc. Irrespective of your blockchain opportunity, the major question is: “How can I find as well as hire an up-to-the-task blockchain developer?” After all, It’s not easy to find a competent blockchain development company these days!

Well, blockchain technology is: 

  • Highly complicated
  • Extremely new as a subject in IT schools
  • Too new in terms of successful practical implementations
  • To sum up, really RISKY, especially when you consider all the failures in the blockchain world!

If you’ve found yourself wondering how to hire a blockchain developer? Well, You’ve reached the right place Well, understanding how to develop a comprehensive blockchain developer job description & understanding the appropriate skills needed from a blockchain developer are pretty important to successfully hire the best code creator for your business needs. Yes,  there are certain important talents that you should be looking for when recruiting a developer of blockchain.

To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of 10 key skills, to which you should pay close attention to:

Here’s your checklist before you hire a blockchain Developer

Detailed Understanding Of Blockchain Technology

The number one expertise you need to look for is a broad understanding of blockchain technology if you want to hire a blockchain developer. This is because you’re not hiring a basic iOS or Android app developer; you want to have a blockchain technology expert. They ought to have thorough education and training, not only a code maker who undertook a random course about ‘ how to be a blockchain developer.’ Evaluate and assess their expertise of how blockchain technology works to ensure that whom you are hiring for your company is the best blockchain builder out there!

Thorough Knowledge Of Crypto-Currency Protocols

If you really want to employ a blockchain programmer, the next crucial ability you should search for is if they have a concentrated knowledge of crypto-economic protocols and various cryptocurrency frameworks. Do they always work on projects in Ethereum? Are they capable enough to create a Bitcoin, Ripple, or EOS-based project? Unless the programmer you hire has a thorough understanding of and extensive experience with numerous cryptocurrency structures for your blockchain task, you might want to think long and hard regarding their ability to execute your blockchain job.

Detailed Knowledge Of Decentralized Applications

Check to ensure that your code creation interviewees have a varied understanding of decentralized applications as well, while you’re looking for applicant blockchain developer training. Have your potential developers previously created distributed apps? Do they possess any form of cybersecurity training in the decentralized data space? When understanding how to hire the best blockchain developer, knowing the distinction points in creating decentralized projects is crucial.

Extensive Understanding Of Smart Contracts

Before you even begin to talk about the blockchain programmer salary you’re going to offer, it’s important that the applicants you’re interviewing understand smart contracts thoroughly. That is a crucial point. A blockchain programmer with no thorough knowledge of smart contracts is about as valuable as an app developer with zero understanding of iOS or Android mobile apps. Make absolutely sure that potential blockchain experts can demonstrate to you their previous work with smart contracts to make sure that the developer you employ has the competence you need for your task.

Experience With ICO & Token Development

Even though you don’t want to sell initial coin offerings or provide project stakeholders with tokens, the ICO design and tokenization applicants for blockchain developers should have experience. Preferences can change, opportunities may grow, and your blockchain roadmap may demand the following skills! You can always interview them in advance, to test their knowledge of the token space or the ICO development -so that you won’t have to face any disappointment later on!

A GitHub Portfolio

These days, most of the blockchain developer positions would require an applicant to own a large portfolio of GitHub, mainly comprising multiple projects focused on blockchain. Hence, you can also review the GitHub repositories of candidates to ensure that they can demonstrate their expertise & competence and not just drop the appropriate blockchain buzzwords by name.

Code Stack

Unless you’re providing a blockchain technology tutorial to get candidates up to speed on your campaign, you’re probably going to need to make sure they already have a deep development/code stack. You also need to know how many frameworks they already use. How many languages are they comfortable to code in? A wide range is not just life’s spice; it’s pretty critical to recruiting a designer of blockchain. Blockchain code-creators need to have a diverse background in growth if they are to excel in the disruptive enterprise blockchain.

Experience In User-Experience Design

When recruiting a blockchain developer, one of the many essential skills to search for is whether they have any background experience in user-experience design. One aspect is to build a blockchain project; making sure that it suits users’ needs is quite another. If you are able to hire a blockchain developer with experience in both blockchain technology and user experience, you’ve hit the holy hire grail.

Rate Structures Matching Your Design

With the right skills listed above in place, one of the final components you must look for when employing a developer on your blockchain task is whether they actually give a budget-specific rate structure. Not every project has a budget like the IBM blockchain. Therefore, if your financial commitment to your blockchain venture is minimal, you will want to be sure of the software creators you are interviewing. can manage to work with the blockchain programmer compensation you are offering to them.

Time Bandwidth

When hiring a blockchain developer, the final talent to search for is whether an applicant has the time and bandwidth to complete the project on time in their schedule. You might have just found the perfect blockchain developer for your company if you can find a code creator who can deliver your venture on the estimated time without blowing up the budget!

Well, all this sounds too difficult. Don’t worry, because the good news is that OyeLabs has the resources that you need for your blockchain project. We continuously invest in better talent and train our existing staff for emerging technologies such as blockchain. Our team is the  “software development factory” that operates to put the best possible resources and creativity into your Blockchain Project. We will help you to turn your blockchain idea into reality. You’re going to win.

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