Top 25 Blockchain Development Companies in 2024 (Compared)

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Top 25 Blockchain Development Companies in 2024 (Compared)

Last Updated on July 3, 2024

Looking for top blockchain development companies to work with? 

By comparing the portfolio, expertise, price, technology capabilities and the team behind all the scenes, we have compiled a list of top blockchain companies. With the world’s growing interest in blockchain, global demand for unique and innovative blockchain applications has grown. Startups and companies invest in building proof of concepts for products running full fledge.

Because the blockchain industry is evolving and growing every day, the ideal team that can transform your concept into a functioning blockchain application is hard to find. We recognize that it can result in failure to sign a contract with a wrong development company, so it is important to compare Apple with Oranges. We have therefore thoroughly researched and developed a list of top blockchain development companies for 2022!

Company Name, Costing, Location

LeewayHertz $25-50/hr San Francisco, CA
Consensys $25-99/hr United States
Somish $25/hr New Delhi, India
BlockChangers $25/hr Norway
Blockchain Intelligence Group $50-$99/hr Vancouver, Canada
ChromaWay $50-$99/hr Sweden
OyeLabs $50-$99/hr Panchkula, India
IntellectSoft $25,000+ Palo Alto, CA
Altotos $100-$150/hr California, USA
Techracers $50-$99/hr USA
Primechain $25-$50/hr Pune, India
Solulab $25-$50/hr NYC, USA
Accubits $25-49/hr Virginia, USA
BCDC.Online $25-49/hr Manchester, England
Espeo $25-99/hr Poznan, Poland
4ire Labs $10,000+ Kyiv, Ukraine
Venture Aviator $50-99/hr New York, USA
JatApps $25,000+ Miami, Florida
Sparkbit $25-49/hr Poland
Software Mill $50-99/hr Warsaw, Poland

So, here’s the list of top blockchain development companies to watch out in 2022!


1. LeewayHertz

LeewayHertz is a blockchain technology company that offers various business areas with end-to-end blockchain design and blockchain advisory services. They established personalized applications for their customers in every area of blockchain technology such as smart contracts, dApps, STO/IEO releases, stablecoins, public and private blockchain for the large clientele they have!

LeewayHertz helps its customers select the most suitable blockchain platform for their business such as EOS, Hyperledger, Etherum and Hedera Hashgraph.

Costing: $25-50/hr

Number of Employees: 50-350


Situated At: San Francisco, CA

2. Consensys

Consensys is a blockchain technology company that develops stable and efficient business blockchain applications and developer tools. Several Enterprise Ethereum applications have been developed and deployed.

The organization has also benefited by investing in them to boost blockchain start-ups. They provide resources and tools to Ethereum designers with their experience on Ethereum.  Consensys’ team of experts also conducts in-person and online blockchain technology learning.

Costing: $25-99/hr

Number of Employees: 50-350

Founded: 2014

Situated At: United States

3. Somish

Somish is an Indian-based product design company that offers automation services using the latest technologies. They have been supplying top industrial customers with over ten years of experience in creating, designing and re-engineering services.

Costing: $25/hr

Number of Employees: 11-50

Founded: 2006
Situated At: New Delhi, India

4. BlockChangers

Blockchangers is the blockchain company that has branded its presence in the IT industry to help its customers recognize and exploit blockchain technology’s ability.

Customers who want to build dApp should contact Blockchangers to find out the best idea for their design.

We are specialists in delivering seminars, conferences, consultancy and development services to understand the value of blockchain technology to their clients.

Costing: $25/hr

Number of Employees: 11-50

Founded: 2015

Situated At: Norway

5. Blockchain Intelligence Group

Blockchain Intelligence Group is one of the leading blockchain technology organizations that provide their customers abroad with the Blockchain consulting services they need to build applications.

Operating internationally, they excel in delivering the best products in the market environment as early as possible. The goal of the Blockchain Intelligence Group is to provide an optimal solution to reduce the risks associated with cryptocurrency transactions.

Costing: $50-$99/hr

Number of Employees: 50-249

Founded: 2013

Situated At: Vancouver, Canada.

6. ChromaWay

ChromaWay is a blockchain network providing solutions to smart contracts for sectors such as real estate and finance.

We are pioneers of the global industry in creating personalized blockchain technologies and services that can help businesses build long-lasting impact in the digital economy age of today.

Costing: $50-$99/hr

Number of Employees: 11-50

Founded: 2014

Situated At: Sweden

7. OyeLabs

Oyelabs is a newly formed but highly skilled Blockchain Development Company that aims to use technology to solve complex business and social issues and wants to enable individuals in the country to do the same.

They have expertise in Blockchain, IoT, Machines Learning/ Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Apps, and Web apps.

Costing: $50-$99/hr

Number of Employees: 11-50

Founded: 2019

Situated At: Panchkula, India & Jersey City, New Jersey. 

8. IntellectSoft

Intellectsoft has been providing its customers with high-quality services in the IT sector since 2007. It is an application development firm that comprehends emerging technologies like Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Big Data, Things Internet, and Artificial Intelligence.

They own a successful blockchain team that has practical experience in creating distributed applications and developing private/public blockchain.

Costing: $25,000+

Number of Employees: 250-999

Founded: 2007

Situated At: Palo Alto, CA

9. Altotos

Formed in 2001, Altoros is a U.S.-based company that helps companies and corporations to take on the new features of technology and expand their business to a greater extent. With the right consulting and elevated-quality software development services, they support their international clients.

They offer end-to-end quality services that are needed to build an application, ranging from concept analysis to product design and product delivery.

Costing: $100-$150/hr

Number of Employees: 250-999

Founded: 2001

Situated At: California, USA

10. Techracers

Techracers offers robust and enterprise-class blockchain services as one of the top IT industry leaders. Techracers has a broad group of developers and designers who grasp blockchain technology’s key concepts.

Through providing blockchain solutions, they seek to turn every size of the company and make them gain competitive advantages.

Costing: $50-$99/hr

Number of Employees: 101-250

Founded: 2012

Situated At: USA

11. Primechain

Primechain is a start-up, providing high-octane blockchain development services to its customers. They dealt with engineering, insurance, aerospace, defense, and military sectors.

Their team of experts has deep knowledge and experience in the design of high-quality, scalable strategies based on blockchain with amazing features.

Costing: $25-$50/hr

Number of Employees: 50-250

Founded: 2016

Situated At: Pune, India.

12. Solulab

SoluLab is a provider of technological solutions with competence in the development of blockchain, web, and mobile. The company has started working with notable customers and delivered high-end projects in a short time, supported by a prominent squad.

The business is not just like another off-shore development company, it is a knowledgeable technological partner for small and medium-sized businesses.

Costing: $25-$50/hr

Number of Employees:50-250

Founded: 2014

Situated At: NYC, USA

13. Accubits

As a prominent blockchain developer, Accubits has developed many blockchain solutions based in the United States.

They have really been providing robust blockchain development services for several years, including the development of blockchain, construction of blockchain, smart contract development and development of cryptocurrency wallet.

Costing: $25-49/hr
Number of Employees: 50-250

Founded: 2012

Situated At: Virginia, USA

14. BCDC.Online

BCDC.ONLINE is a UK-based startup that is committed to creating and leveraging new technologies to create a positive effect on the world. Whatever your business may be, they can deliver top-notch blockchain management services and guarantee customer and partner confidence.

They actively engage with blockchain technology and provide advice on how customers can transform their business.

Costing: $25-49/hr

Number of Employees: 11-50

Founded: 2017

Situated At: Manchester, England.

15. Espeo

Espeo is an international software company offering comprehensive global product development, design, and testing solutions. They recognize the time to value and follow the automated method to quickly build solutions and deliver them as soon as possible.

Espeo examines the potential use cases and design structure so that at the point of each project they can provide the most appropriate solutions.

Costing:  $25-99/hr

Number of Employees: 50-250

Founded: 2008

Situated At: Poznan, Poland

16. 4ire Labs

4IRE LABS is a global software development company, which has hands-on experience in developing robust solutions using blockchain, machine learning, and IoT.

They are dedicated to delivering robust mobile and web applications that help businesses to achieve the targets in a shorter period.

Costing: $10,000+

Number of Employees: 10-50

Founded: 2010

Situated At: Kyiv, Ukraine

17. Venture Aviator

Venture Aviator is a prize-winning app & web software company providing its customers with the latest blockchain development services. We consider every element of the plan and explore as a business point of view what could be the best solution.

They aim to provide excellent support for the development of technology platforms to entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses.

Costing: $50-99/hr

Number of Employees:50-249

Founded: 2012

Situated At: New York, USA

18. JatApps

Jatapp virtually designs and develops outstanding solutions to help customers achieve business objectives quickly. They are dedicated to creating a professional mobile application that takes advantage of the competitors.

As a leading company in the creation of blockchain, Jatapp provides its customers with outstanding services to help them improve their market growth, analysis, and ROI. Our dream of technology lets them develop reliable and user-friendly mobile apps that can shape the future of technology.

Costing: $25,000+

Number of Employees: 50-249

Founded: 2010

Situated At: Miami, Florida

19. Sparkbit

Sparkbit is a company that specializes in the development of blockchain, custom software, web development, and artificial intelligence apps. We use the latest programming tools when designing and implementing the code and adopt the methodologies and quality standards of the sector.

We have highly skilled designers and engineers who can understand the complicated problems and procedures to provide consumers with the ideal solution.

Costing: $25-49/hr

Number of Employees: 11-50

Founded: 2014

Situated At: Poland

20. Software Mill

SoftwareMill is one of the best companies in blockchain technology that has produced many blockchain-based projects. We have a skilled team within the organization that meets the needs of companies.

Our emphasis is on providing consumers with innovative solutions using the new stacks of technology. The Polish-based company claims that while having the perfect solution, its focused teams will resolve the problems vigorously.

Costing: : $50-99/hr

Number of Employees: 50-249

Founded: 2009

Situated At: Warsaw, Poland

Other Mentions (Bonus)

21. Info Pulse

They deliver flexible services and consulting with 27 years of experience to allow the success of the company in 25 countries worldwide. Typically they deal with the IT industry’s mid-sized companies.

InfoPulse falls in line with the business goals of the client with a robust innovation strategy to drive the digital transformation of their smooth journey.

Costing:  $25-49/hr

Number of Employees: 1000-9,999

Founded: 1991

Situated At: Kyiv, Ukraine

22. Unicsoft

Unicsoft is an emerging technology company that provides agencies and growing startups with software products based on Blockchain and AI techniques. Their skilled team examines the expectations of clients to improve businesses and establish long-lasting relationships with organizations.

They do things at the highest quality level and strive for success through experience in result-focused mindset, efficiency, and high-performance standards.

Costing: $50-$99/-

Number of Employees: 50-249

Founded: 2005

Situated At: Edinburgh, Scotland

23. Aeries Blockchain Corporation

A company based in the United States, Aeries Blockchain Corporation is committed to the production of high-quality blockchain applications. Their international group is spread across Europe and Asia to provide many sectors with blockchain strategies.

These are focused on distributed ledger systems such as Hyperledger, Ethereum, Cassandra, Corda, and Quorum.

Costing: $25-49/hr

Number of Employees: 50-349

Founded: 2018

Situated At: Cary, North Carolina

24. Axioma

Axioma was founded in 2009 and is one of the pioneers of technology-driven approaches. In various sectors such as fintech, e-commerce, and gaming, they have established robust and complex blockchain projects.

They entered the major crypto industry at the beginning of 2017. Because of their considerable years of experience, they quickly adapted the blockchain and provided the solution for many companies looking to transform their businesses.

Costing: $25,000/+

Number of Employees: 10-49

Founded: 2009

Situated At:  Riga, Latvia

25. Titanium Blockchain

Titanium Blockchain, based in Tel Aviv, is a software developing company with about ten employees. Our group is specialized in designing the digital ledger and record-keeping process for the blockchain. Blockchain development, DApp and ICO consulting blockchain implementation can be provided by the seasoned corporation.

The business has software development experience using state-of-the-art technologies like blockchain, AI, and IoT.

Costing: $10,000/+

Number of Employees: 50-249

Founded: 2017

Situated At: Tel Aviv.

26. SheerChain

SheerChain provides comprehensive blockchain applications that meet the needs of its customers and support its companies. They introduced the true blockchain solution to the customer with experience and enthusiasm.

Sheerchain works primarily with clients from small businesses in different sectors such as banking, healthcare and IT.

Costing: $25-$49/hr

Number of Employees: 50-250

Founded: 2018

Situated At: Kharkiv, Ukraine

So, how can you or how should you select the right company for your upcoming blockchain project?

Initially, people get confused between blockchain companies with the companies in charge of carrying out cryptocurrencies transactions. Yet blockchain businesses help businesses create a digital database that can automate their business activities and make the ecosystem transparent.

We have built a detailed listing of top blockchain technology businesses on the following criteria to help business owners and investors choose the right blockchain creation partner:

  • Years of experience
  • Team Strength
  • The expertise of Blockchain Developers
  • Technologies the company works with
  • Number of Blockchain Projects completed by a company
  • Number Of Blockchain Services
  • Expertise in business development

In summary, the above-mentioned organizations have in-depth knowledge of blockchain, how it functions, what challenges it can solve, and what its multi-industry use cases might be.

Therefore, you should investigate these blockchain technology companies and their services for your business when it comes to finding the right technology partner.

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