How To Build An EdTech App Like Abwaab?

How To Build An EdTech App Like Abwaab
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How To Build An EdTech App Like Abwaab?

Last Updated on November 17, 2023

What recollections do you have of your academic years? There is a teacher who imparts concepts and facts to the students. Some students pay close attention while they sit in class, while others pass the time while they wait for the bell to ring. Textbooks or printed materials serve as learning tools.

Digital technology was gradually included in the processes of teaching, learning, and assessment in schools.

This trend was expedited by the COVID-19 pandemic, which also brought about a significant change toward e-learning. In the midst of lockdowns, schools and colleges all over the world had to adopt e-learning methods.

Adults began to download educational apps in the meantime to kill boredom at home and make use of their free time.

Do you have a brilliant concept that can make distance learning easier for educators, assist people in achieving new educational objectives, or foster the intellectual growth of young children?

Tell everyone you know about it. In the post-COVID era, education needs innovative approaches. Something like a lot of startups has been doing lately. And one of them is Abwaab. 

In this article, we’ll learn about how you can also build an Edtech app like Abwaab, and everything related to it. But first — let’s revise the basics first.

What is EdTech?

EdTech is the abbreviation for educational technology. It is the usage of tools during the learning process. To give text and written communications, these systems can use a variety of content formats. Images, video conferencing, animations, audio and video recordings, computer-based learning, the internet, and instructional software are just a few examples of how they can be presented.

Numerous areas of the educational approach are included in edtech. Its fundamental tenets include creating collaborative learning settings where educators from around the world assist in instructing, presenting, and educating students or working adults.

Market Statistics

Globally, the number of educational app downloads increased dramatically from the first quarter of 2020. For example, Google Play said that 466 million learning applications were downloaded from its platform, and the App Store recorded 470 million downloads of educational apps as per reports.

For both platforms, this was the largest ever number of educational app downloads. YouTube Kids and Google Classroom were the most well-liked products. However, a huge number of companies seized the opportunity and entered the competition to make money off of their instructional software.

So, is it too late to start a career in educational technology? No, as there is a significant demand for education. According to research, the value of the worldwide EdTech market is predicted to increase from $89.07 billion in 2020 to $285.23 billion in 2027. By 2025, it is expected that spending on AI in the education sector would total $6 billion.

It would be a pity to miss out on this pie. Just keep in mind that new products need to be exceptional in order to stand out and compete with industry titans; they must meet unmet needs and offer solutions to unresolved issues.

What is Abwaab?

Abwaab is an online learning platform that was established in 2019. It enables students to study whenever and wherever they want, test themselves, and advance with our professional educators.

They are altering how students learn outside of the classroom by providing succinct, interesting video courses, visualized learning journeys, ongoing evaluation, and performance analytics.

They make a significant investment in creating the best possible content for our students, from engaging video animation to reliable question banks. To guarantee that only the finest is supplied, each piece of content they produce goes through a stringent process of quality analysis and audit by subject matter experts.

For grades 7 through 12, they currently provide the Jordanian national curriculum. Math, biology, chemistry, physics, Arabic, and English are among the subjects covered.

Role Of EdTech During Covid19

Following lockdowns, all schools and colleges had to switch to an online learning environment. It was necessary to integrate digital technologies into teaching, learning, and assignment processes. The COVID-19 epidemic saved the EdTech platform from disaster. It improved the technique and resulted in a significant shift toward e-learning.

Global downloads of educational applications skyrocketed in the first quarter of 2020. For instance, the App Store and Google Play saw corresponding downloads of 470 million and 466 million instructional apps. Google Classroom and YouTube Kids were among the most popular downloads.

The influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, which has changed from the traditional teaching methodology, was the main cause of this sharp growth. It suggests that studying with applications is gradually becoming more popular.

It had the effect of making EdTech companies aware of this market need, which they are now addressing by starting to develop apps for the education sector.

Benefits Of An EdTech App

Benefits Of An EdTech App Like Abwaab


The technique of providing or creating electronic tools for educational purposes is known as “edtech,” or education technology.

This can include everything from digitizing textbooks and virtual classrooms to creating specialized instructional apps for each user. EdTech has a number of benefits over conventional teaching methods, including:

  • New learning strategies

Mobile applications offer entertaining, gamified learning experiences that might encourage students to spend more time studying and view the world differently.

  • Flexibility

Students can study anywhere, at their own speed, using online courses. Since users may study while on the road, edtech apps are even more practical.

  • Simple access to educational resources

Educational apps offer suitable study resources. Students who struggle to find and organize their textbooks, articles, and other reference resources can benefit from using an app.

  • Efficiency of communication

EdTech tools can improve relationships between teachers and parents, students and institutions, and students and tutors.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Even if an online course has the same price as a traditional one, it saves a lot on travel and/or lodging expenses.


    With Customized On-Demand Solutions by OyeLabs

    Types Of EdTech Applications

    Types Of EdTech Applications

    • mLearning

    Mobile learning is referred to as mLearing. It is a novel way to use mobile devices to access learning information online. You may learn on your device at your own speed thanks to mLearning.

    • EdTech Portal

    Classrooms have evolved from the large desktop computers that were formerly the norm in today’s society. Students can readily acquire the needed information via EdTech portals with tablets’ live online classes. On EdTech mobile and web applications, they can instantly access study materials like notes, lectures, and assignments.

    • App for Personalized Learning

    An educational program, learning experience, instructional strategy, and procedural combination known as a personalized learning app is created to address the unique learning requirements of each individual learner. You can build compelling apps for mobile devices using enhanced UI, graphics, and development techniques for the people who want to learn.

    • A platform for Learning Experience (LXP)

    Businesses can purchase self-paced eLearning services from the Learning Experience Platform, and the platform will evaluate learners’ historical performance, reports, and behavior. These programs use artificial intelligence to tailor learning modules to each user’s need.

    • Management of learning (LMS)

    These apps offer corporate trainers and learners a rich environment for hassle-free and result-driven training through content delivery and management systems. Groups of learners can be efficiently assembled by businesses utilizing cutting-edge automation techniques.

    • BYOC

    By enhancing the educational experience of the learners, BYOC learning apps help businesses succeed. It makes use of a cutting-edge eLearning methodology that gives students access to a comprehensive and integrated education. Employees of an organization are now able to access cloud services thanks to the trend.

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    Benefits Of An EdTech App

    How Can You Build An EdTech App Like Abwaab?

    1. Decided What Do You Want To Offer

    There is much more to investigate, even when discussing the education sector.


    There are numerous instructional app categories and sufficient ideas that it will likely become challenging for everyone to discover them all. 

    Therefore, it will be a lot simpler for you to determine what features and functionalities you want in your app once you have decided exactly what you want to give. And that’s how you move forward to create productive educational software.

    So if you want to create a language learning app, you should concentrate on merging several languages while taking students’ and learners’ perspectives into account. Plan the features accordingly, incorporating brief assignments, brief films or tutorials, short audio clips, and quizzes.

    Consider the application’s appearance and feel as you proceed. The target demographic must be identified as well because your application’s features and appearance should draw users in. In the section after this, we’ll go through how to determine your target market and do a competitive analysis.

    2. Do Your Market Research

    Being an entrepreneur, you would undoubtedly avoid taking a risk while investing a lot of money on something. As a result, it is advised that you do market research before moving forward with the creation of an instructional app.

    Why is research required before creating an application?

    • to determine what the target market wants from your goods
    • to be aware of your consumers’ challenges
    • a suitable educational program for your intended audience
    • to understand how your software will increase the efficiency of your organization
    • to determine the monetization strategies and to comprehend the revenue models
    • To enhance current tactics and recognize market trends.

    How should research be done before the app development process begins?

    • To identify apps that are comparable to your idea for an educational app, search app stores.
    • Analyze user reviews of these apps to see what your intended audience wants.
    • Search for openings and errors committed by rivals.
    • Engage a reputable market research firm.

    To ensure that your education mobile app survives in the market, there is one more item you must complete: SWOT analysis of your own app idea.

    You will be able to choose the features you wish to add to your mobile education application once these two rounds of app creation are complete. So let’s examine step three.

    3. Pickup The Features To Include

    Knowing exactly what you are prepared to provide to your prospective pupils will help you decide on the features for your app. In addition, you may look through the educational apps’ most popular comments in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

    In the comment box of an app, users frequently submit their thoughts and expectations for functionality. You could even make a poll and ask potential customers to vote on the features they would like to see.

    You can also take a look at the following cutting-edge features of the program we shared for schooling. This list was put together with the most recent developments in schooling in mind.

    Modern Educational App Features

    • Audio and visual materials
    • Live seminars and classes
    • Online programmes
    • 3-D lectures and game-based learning
    • Using push notifications
    • Discussions in-app and in group chat
    • Routine analysis and practice
    • Screen capture
    • Parent and student dashboard
    • Monitor accomplishments and progress

    4. Figure out a development plan

    Have you made up your mind about whether to create your app for iOS or Android? Or are you interested in cross-platform development, which is creating a single software that works across various platforms?

    The success of your app in the online education sector is dependent on choosing the proper platform. Google’s Android currently has the most users, at roughly 2 billion.

    Unexpected Fact: Although Android has more users than other platforms, iOS commands more than half of the market share for smartphones in the USA.

    This indicates that you might wish to create your educational application for both iOS and Android. The alternative is to choose cross-platform mobile app development.

    The following are a few things to take into account when choosing an app development platform:

    • Geographical location
    • App development time
    • The complexity of development

    You can employ a mobile application development company if you’re still unclear. They will advise you on selecting the appropriate platform for your app and help you design it in accordance with your specifications.

    5. Hire An App Development Company

    After making decisions about all the crucial criteria, you must locate a reputable company that develops instructional apps. And without a doubt, this is one of the most significant phases of app development.

    Being a business owner, you wouldn’t want to risk the quality of your app by working with a novice developer or a startup that has no prior expertise in creating instructional mobile apps.

    On Clutch, GoodTroopers, and Toptal, you can locate a qualified team of developers, though. Prior to employing developers or organizations based on your business requirements, check out their websites or portfolios and entire work experience.

    Because of our expertise in creating educational apps, you can also think of OyeLabs as your trustworthy partner in producing mobile apps. We have created more than 400 iOS and Android apps to date. You’ll be amazed to learn that OyeLabs has never failed to land a job on Upwork.

    Indeed, we have expertise in creating ten or more mobile education applications for clients. Over 30 million people have downloaded our designed apps, which have received over $1.2 billion in funding.

    Our client, Michael, provided feedback following the successful launch of an educational app. Michael claims that OyeLabs has given him the services for developing apps. And he is making the anticipated profits thanks to his excellent schooling app.

    6. Launch The App, And Market It

    You may rest comfortably if you hire Oyelabs to create your educational software. We will support you in effectively launching your app. In reality, we include publishing the app to the appropriate app stores in our process for creating mobile apps. In addition, we provide free app maintenance for 90 days following the launch of the application.

    Your software has thus been released.

    What follows?

    How would you connect with your target market?

    Do not be concerned; we have the answers to all of these queries.

    You can advertise your education app on multiple social media networks to reach your app’s intended audience. In order to draw in the right kind of traffic, you can really announce your app on your website or issue a press release.

    How to Promote Your E-Learning App

    • Create a guest article or a blog entry
    • Establish a landing page.
    • Create an app store optimization video for the introduction.
    • Offer discounts, vouchers, and promotions

    Business Models You Can Adapt For Your EdTech App

    • Free Trials

    You can start by offering customers free app trials and then offer a more complex plan when your app gains more users in order to establish yourself in the EdTech company industry and compete with your colleagues. It is a model that entrepreneurs find appealing since it enables them to establish brand trust and gradually turn into niche leaders.

    • Paying Subscriber

    Users can choose to quit using your app, uninstall it, or upgrade their plan when the trial period expires. If you provide good service, the majority of users will continue to be your loyal clients. It implies that customers won’t pay unless they utilize the app and eventually subscribe. For your primary plan, you must impose a modest one-time fee, and then you must raise the cost afterward.

    • An EdTech Marketplace

    Developers can make money by offering educational content and getting a cut of what they make on the platform and business model known as the EdTech Marketplace. Because of this, the EdTech sector is well-known, but it requires the right skills.

    The EdTech platform offers a large number of courses from businesses and people that offer a wide range of monetized study resources. You can find a variety of courses connected to communication, entrepreneurship, management, personality development, and other professional skills, as well as academic, technical, and ethical hacking courses.

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    • Institutional Model

    It is a typical company plan that employs a top-down strategy. The business idea is really simple. Simply present your course modules to academic institutions like universities, colleges, schools, and private businesses.

    The institutional approach, however, affects large businesses more so than individuals. However, in order for this strategy to grow, a sizable workforce may be required to conduct initial research and visit each school and organization.

    • Organization or B2B Sales

    If you work in the B2B and organization management areas, sales in organizations or B2B also functions as a top-down process. You will need to pitch or sell your product to decision-makers within large corporations if you choose to follow this route.

    It often has a set duration and includes a renewal package at the conclusion of the year. With this strategy, you will gain dual advantages. You will receive assignments to generate initial income and long-term collaborations to create top-notch content, first.

    Wrapping Up

    Online education is more relevant than ever at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is still causing havoc around the globe. The competition in the booming EdTech market is intense. In the EdTech sector, there is still a lot of work to be done.

    It offers many prospects for newcomers, businesses with fresh ideas, and startups. It’s time to create your educational application and share it with the world if you have a brilliant idea for improving and streamlining the eLearning process.

    It’s important to plan the introduction of new EdTech applications because they face several difficulties. To develop creative, user-friendly, and feature-rich EdTech applications, decide on your specialty, do in-depth market research, select a monetization strategy, and establish your positioning

    Have an idea for a mobile app?

    Get ready to digitally transform your business.

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