Build a Home Services App Like UrbanCompany (With 2024 Cost Estimates)

how to build a home services app like UrbanClap
The On-Demand Economy

Build a Home Services App Like UrbanCompany (With 2024 Cost Estimates)

Last Updated on December 4, 2023


On-Demand services isn’t a novel concept. Everything is available with just a tap. Mobile applications and technological advancements have transformed the way we shop. From booking a salon appointment instantly to calling a hairdresser home, from getting your house deep cleaned to fixing a plumbing issue, home services are the new-gen answer to every problem. With growing requirements for everything and a myriad of home appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, ovens, etc, needs equally professional services to maintain them. And this creates a huge demand for home services. 

Let’s dive into the insights on how to build a home services app like UrbanClap along with the cost estimates for your business.

Apps like Urban Company (UrbanClap) and TaskRabbit have clearly filled the gap and have developed and made their space in the on-demand delivery’s highly competitive markets, because of the ease it provides to the customers. Not just the end-users showed interest in the segment but also entrepreneurs searching for a central high-income business model. The hype created by the home service industry for itself has led a number of businesspeople to become involved in joining the space with the aim of regulating the booming on-demand market. 

The On-demand Home Services segment is a fully-featured all-in-one platform where customers can hire from sofa cleaners and carpenters to real estate experts, architects, bartenders, and home cooks, etc., to any specialist. Services apps offer the requisite service by landing the experts at your doorstep in a scrutinized manner. To help you understand more about the fully-fledged working of the leading home services models, we have discussed everything in the article below. 

What is UrbanCompany (Formerly UrbanClap) App?
Here are some quick facts

Founders Founded on Headquarter Total Funding raised ($) Valuation
Abbhiraj Bhal 10 Nov, 2014 Gurugram, India $75m $843.40m

UrbanClap was established in 2014 and by 2019, its revenue reached $17million. UrbanClap’s annual revenue was mere $1.7million in 2017 and since then it has just grown. It has received total funding of $110million which is HUGE!

If we look at all these figures, On-demand services are worth investing in, because it shows a promising future. If you are a service provider or a multi-seller marketplace, this market segment is for you. The industry is seeing a sudden spurt from customers who are searching for efficiently operated services in on-demand services. Although the demand is strong, there is a significant shortage of professional service providers. 

There is also a big issue with outrageously high service charges and poor work – the client would have to negotiate over the service charges and if the job was ineffective, the work performed would be ill-standard and unconvincing. It will put the customer in a bind. 

How to Develop an On-Demand Home Services App Like Urban Company

How does UrbanClap (Now Urban Company) Work?

It’s sometimes hard to find professionals that are worth customer’s trust. Plumber? Carpenter? Beautician? Architect? UrbanCompany answers all your questions. And since the app is full of verified and registered service providers, it also gives the service providers an opportunity to find work or a part-time gig as well. This model benefits both customers and service providers.Users can easily search for in-house service providers and also help professionals find work through the same platform. 

The App operates in two ways:

Customer End:

  • Customers can use the app for in-house professional services. 
  • Users can download the app anytime and select services based on their requirements. 
  • Once they select a service, a pop-up appears that contains information about all the packages. 
  • After they finish selecting a package as per their budget, the users are asked to fill the preferable date and time. 
  • The users can see the profile of their service providers/professionals and analyse.
  • Customers are provided with multiple payment options followed by submitting feedback and ratings.

Service Provider/Professional End:

  • If someone wants to get registered on the platform, he/she needs to undergo intensive training. 
  • When the consumer chooses a service, it notifies the service providers in that region. They can accept the offer request, or reject it.
  • The specialist may accept or reject the offer after evaluating the same.
  • If the service provider accepts the offer request, both the customer and the service provider will get notified.

What Are The Key Features Of An App Like Urban Company (Formerly Urbanclap)?

There are various features developed into the application.

Features For Customers

  • quick registration
  • login through social media channels
  • data confidentiality and security
  • user-friendly UI/UX interface
  • advanced search filter
  • multiple payment gateways
  • services feedback
  • add details of local vendors
  • in-app chat with local vendors
  • payment history

Features For Local Vendors

  • quick & easy login /registration 
  • in-app chat with customer
  • add hourly, fixed and professional base quote usage charges
  • set availability and time of operation
  • respond to feedback/customer reviews.
  • GPS locations

Features For Admin Panel

  • complete admin control panel
  • view locations of customers and local vendors
  • high-tech cms and CRM system
  • management system for maintaining records of partners and clients
  • backup and system restore facility
  • work records, billing and payment history
  • cloud hosting and storage
  • accounts and taxation system
  • global access
  • advertising and promotions
  • sales analytics
  • notification control 
  • management of price and subscription plan

Do you want an UrbanClap like On-demand Services App?

OyeLabs brings with it years of experience in developing web and mobile applications for our clientele that range from entrepreneurs, startups, SME’s and large organizations.

Technology Stack For An App Like Urban Company

  • Application and Data– Python, Node.js, React, NGINX, MongoDB, Redis, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, React Native, Amazon CloudFront, Kafka, Scala, Amazon Redshift, Airflow, ejabberd
  • Utilities– Elasticsearch
  • DevOps– Jenkins, GitLab, Android Studio, Kibana, Grafana, Amazon EC2 Container Service, AWS Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), Amazon CloudWatch, Logstash
  • Business Tools– Slack, Jira, G Suite, Confluence

How much does it cost to develop an app like UrbanClap (Now Urban Company)?

Looking for a similar app model?

You are at the right place. An app like UrbanClap can cost you between $10,000 and $30,000 with basic features covered on a single platform. And if you want an app that has all the advanced features and can run on several platforms, the cost of production will vary from $50,000 to $80,000.

In addition, the cost of an Urbanclap device depends on the company you select, as well as other similar factors.

  • Small size businesses: $15 – $25 /Hour
  • Medium size businesses: $25 – $40 /Hour
  • Enterprise-level: $40 – $50 /Hour

How much time is required to make an app like Urban Company (UrbanClap)?

Complexity Features Time Estimate
Simple No API integration  
  No back-end  
  Basic UI components  
  Simple features (email subscription, social login, calendar, etc.) 400+ hours
Medium Custom UI/UX features  
  Build-in payment gateway  
  API integration  
  Back-end server 500-800 Hours
Complex Multi-language support  
  3rd-party integrations  
  Custom animations  
  Complicated back-end  
  Custom UI/UX design  
  Real-time features via database integration 800-1500 Hours

It can take about 8 weeks for a more advanced one to create an app like UrbanClap. The time can also increase to 24 weeks depending on the specifications, functionality, and device compatibility for the production of the app.

Our Average Cost Estimation For developing an app like UrbanCompany (UrbanClap)

There are several features that come into consideration to make an app like UrbanClap effective. Based on the OS platform a rough estimate can be from $20,000 to $50,000. To get a reliable cost estimate and specifications to be integrated into the app, we’d need to review your design, functionality, and other added features.

Apps like UrbanClap offer you the ability to instantly get the services at your place. OyeLabs offers on-demand app creation solutions to service providers globally. We will understand your ideas and provide you with customized applications for iOS and Android mobile platforms such as UrbanClap, TaskRabbit HouseJoy, etc.

We’re providing the best facilities at a great price. Our developers are experts in the design and development industry and, when designing the program, they use the latest technologies. We deliver outstanding features and competitive construction facilities and deliver on-time projects.

Growth Analysis of UrbanClap

What is UrbanCompany’s (Formerly UrbanClap) Revenue Model?

We can build the revenue model in 2 ways:

  • Commission based:

This model accounts for 85 percent of the profits that UrbanCompany produces.

Since UrbanCompany offers services to professionals, they have to pay a certain amount of commission for any job they get and accept from UrbanCompany. UrbanCompany acts as a middle man and gets a share in sales.

This platform helps users find a qualified and trusted professional for their work quickly. This app supports professionals as well by serving as a forum that can help them with the job.

Of each form of work, separate commissions are paid. The more experts complete their job, the more money the app receives.

  • Lead Generation:

The commission model is for fixed and specified jobs, what if some consumer has a certain requirement?

Imagine there is a wedding and the user wishes to employ a makeup artist or a beautician for 4 days. The user can list the requirement and accordingly, UrbanCompany will provide them with leads from experts who can provide the service depending on the special needs.

Once the professional has been selected by the user, UrbanClap charges both the user and the service provider for the lead generation.


    With Customized On-Demand Solutions by OyeLabs

    What will be the working mechanism of an app like UrbanCompany (UrbanClap)?

    • customer selects the service
    • The customer defines the task
    • selection from the available service providers in that area
    • service provider reaches a customer’s location
    • provides an estimate for any other service requested
    • completes tasks
    • payment is done
    • reliable user ratings and reviews

    What Benefits will you get if you build a Home Services App like UrbanClap?

    • Time-Saving with the UrbanCompany (UrbanClap) App

    This crucial feature and implementation of on-demand services let users save time and money by eliminating the age-old process of searching for online service providers and assigning tasks to unverified strangers. The service providers are handpicked and checked via the app before they are added to the App.

    • Safe and secured UrbanCompany (UrbanClap) App

    The app has been designed with countless security trials to ensure that any unforeseen hacking attempts don’t hinder the efficiency. The service provider’s contact information, ratings & verifications can not be changed.

    • User-Friendly

    Seamless design, upgraded UX/UI and user-friendliness were how the device user interface was designed to endear user experience. The app helps its end users to access services effortlessly. Customers can scan their service needs and determine from the available drop-down choices.

    • Multiple Online-Payment Options

    Customers can choose from any online payment options available through debit or credit card, e-wallets, built-in digital payment apps, net-banking among others. This helps maintain track of payments and also prevents the hassle of paying via cash.

    • Advertisements on the App

    The design elements of the app help combine several ad sections for ads that do not interact with or interrupt the user interface.

    • Sponsored Profiles on the App

    Professionals/service providers can post their profiles under the best profiles section by sponsoring themselves and hence more business and profits.

    How will an app like this be among the best startups?

    People love to access apps like these as it helps them in finding work and searching the right people for the required job. Searching for a similar startup?

    Think OyeLabs!

    Launch an app like UrbanClap in the market and earn money.

    You can also make extra money on such applications by featuring ads on your app for third-party items. In addition to this, you can also charge the users’ processing fee, particularly when there is a high demand for such services during the festive season and then you can charge them extra easily.


    Individuals are currently gigantically subject to the web to find innovative experts who could help them in a variety of orders such as clothing, transportation, nutrition, growth, plumbing, electrical assignments, outfitting, basic food products, cleaning, protection, planting, etc. As a result, more progress is being made in innovation; the necessity and demand for applications for on-demand home services will certainly boost it. By starting your own on-demand company with a mobile app like UrbanClap and other on-demand solutions like Taskrabbit, uber for x, and many more, you can create exciting start-ups as an entrepreneur.

    It is of great interest not only to the end-customers who use it in an increased way because of the comfort offered to them. To build an on-demand home services solution is prime time.

    The process to follow to create a clone of UrbanClap like application would simply require you to link back to front with the best mobile application development firm that would understand the on-demand home help industry. And at OyeLabs, we do that. Our industry experts will guide you and help you build an app that resonates with your ideas and aspirations to move forward.


    Interested to know more? Here Online On-demand Home Services App Development

    Frequently Asked Questions for building an app like UrbanClap (FAQs)

    Que. What are some apps like UrbanCompany?

    Ans.  Some apps similar to Urban Company are Airtasker, Porch, ThumbTack and HouseJoy among others.

    Que. How does UrbanCompany manage its services?

    Ans. Urban Company provides easy access to its home services through an online website and mobile app. The company has built a platform that is collaborative and easy to understand. Everyone can easily use it and book its services. Any user, or expert, effectively accesses the features.

    Que. How does UrbanCompany generate revenue?

    Ans. Some methods used by such apps are Commission Fee, Trust and Support fee , Advertising charges and peak pricing.

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