How To Create App Like Cajoo Dark Store Grocery Delivery App

How to create a dark store grocery delivery app like Cajoo
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How To Create App Like Cajoo Dark Store Grocery Delivery App

Last Updated on November 25, 2023

Grocery apps have exploded in popularity in this new era of online shopping, where everything can be found on the internet. There are several popular grocery apps available today, including Instacart, Grofers, Cajoo, and others. In the near future, this market will generate much revenue.

Most consumers have switched from traditional shopping to online stores because of many convenient offers and other factors such as not having to leave their homes. As a result, why not shop for groceries online? Many people are moving towards On-demand Grocery Delivery Application development because there is a huge market that and needs to be met.

The number of people using on-demand grocery apps is growing rapidly. Also, compared to the past, the number of people using grocery mobile apps has skyrocketed. 

The idea of ordering groceries online and having them delivered on time appeals to people. You don’t even have to go into the grocery store and stand in line to pay. This is the main reason why the number of people who shop for groceries online has exploded in recent years.

Aside from that, On-demand app development has the potential to bring in much money. For those who have come here to learn how to develop an On-Demand Grocery Shopping App, you probably have questions about getting started with this from scratch and more. 

Let me walk you through the process of creating an App similar to Cajoo, Step-by-Step:

Why Create App Like Cajoo?

Cajoo is a French grocery delivery app that promises (and keeps it very well) to deliver groceries across France in just 15 minutes of ordering.

Sketching out an idea or concept for a product can be extremely helpful in developing an MVP for further testing and feedback from early adopters.

There are a number of factors that must be considered to come up with a basic idea or concept for Grocery Delivery App Development.

Furthermore, in addition to the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your own home, there are a few other advantages to shopping through these apps as opposed to traditional retail stores.

Why Do You Need It — Identify.

Especially when they are working, and the market is closed, people are too busy to go out and buy their groceries in this age of mobile taps. Grocery apps were born out of the need for an affordable solution that could deliver groceries to their doorstep. They are the new generation’s weapon against the passage of time.

Aside from that, millennials don’t have the time to waste going from one place to another for their daily needs, such as grocery shopping. Aside from that, the new generation does not want to bargain and does not have the know-how. Apps for grocery shopping are a convenient solution for them.

To summarise the reasons in three headings, they are:

  • Convenience

Good groceries can be purchased without having to travel the entire city. For the most part, they only need a mobile phone with an internet connection to shop and have their groceries delivered to their door.

  • Time Saver

Because we live in a time-strapped world, these apps are the human race’s secret weapon for saving precious moments with the family. Another important reason to use grocery apps is to save time.

  • Money Saver

Apps for grocery shopping are also cost-effective. As an example, they can reduce your travel expenses while also offering discounts and loyalty points.

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    Types Of Dark Store Apps

    Grocery apps come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of functions and business models. These common types of grocery apps can be categorized into four categories, as follows:

    • Aggregators

    Aggregator Apps connect all of your local grocery stores to a single platform. Their app lists them all, and the customer can choose from any of them and add them to their cart. After adding all of their items to the online shopping cart, the customer can check out and pay for their purchases using one of the many available payment options.

    Orders confirmed by the stores can be tracked in real-time until they arrive at your door. The store is solely responsible, not the app developer.

    • MarketPlace

    The Marketplace is very similar to an aggregator. One exception is that it has a team of delivery boys who pick up the groceries from the store and deliver them to the customer’s doorstep with care.

    • Single Store

    From updating the online menu to fulfilling orders and collecting payments to maintaining an app and resolving customer issues — Single Store is like a virtual grocery store. Piece by piece, you need to take care of everything.

    • Grocery Chains

    Many powerful and wealthy grocery chains, such as Walmart, prefer mobile apps and on-demand delivery solutions. As a micro-level operation of single stores, it can be viewed as such. 

    As mentioned earlier in the article, every aspect of the business is managed by you, from delivering orders, collecting money, and maintaining the app to resolving customer issues.

    There are many different business models of a dark store that can be adopted on the basis of your business plan and investment plan.

    Benefits of creating a dark store grocery app

    Benefits Of Having A Dark Store Grocery Delivery App

    People no longer go to local vendors to buy groceries in their area; instead, supermarkets and Walmarts have taken over the market. 

    There is no doubt that online shopping has become a major force in retail since grocery stores began going online. When it comes to developing a Cajoo-like app, let’s see how it will benefit your users.

    • User Friendly

    A user-friendly app is the first step in developing a grocery delivery app. Your users are here to save time, so providing them with a feature-rich and user-friendly app will keep them engaged and increase the likelihood of returning to your app in the future.

    • Online Payments

    Because millennials don’t like to carry cash around with them, online payment is a must. Around 80 percent of people prefer cashless payment, according to global statistics on online transaction ratios.

    • In-App Chat

    A grocery delivery app like Cajoo can be enhanced with an in-app chat feature, allowing your users to get all the answers they need in real-time. Your customers can contact you directly through the application, and their questions can be answered within the app itself.

    • e-Wallet Options

    Your Grocery Delivery App Development can also integrate an E-wallet to make the payment process easier and more secure for customers.

    • Schedule Orders

    When it comes to combining features, scheduling is the most important one. Customer convenience is maximized by giving them the option to schedule their grocery deliveries by date, time, or even next month’s grocery delivery!

    • Order Tracking

    This feature allows your customers to track the delivery of their orders using their smartphone’s geo-location tracking system.

    Steps to develop an app like Cajoo

    How To Develop A Dark Store Grocery Delivery App Like Cajoo

    • Pick The Right Features

    Every time someone asks how to create a mobile app, we suggest they start by making a list of all the features that will be required. As a result, there is no standard set of features because every application is unique. As a result, knowing whom you’re attempting to reach is crucial in determining the most effective method of assisting them.

    Identifying the most popular features on your existing website can help you get started. Always pay attention to what mobile visitors are doing because context can make a big difference.

    • Then Hop Onto Wireframing

    As far as mobile application development for business is concerned, this is arguably the most important step. To give designers and developers a rough idea of what the app will look like, wireframes can be shared with content teams to know what kind of content will be needed.

    Working on the wireframes early will help you identify any potential problems that may arise in the future. Early refinement allows everyone to get on board with the final design, saving both time and money. Inexperienced developers are the only ones who attempt to create a mobile application without first completing the Wireframes.

    • Competitive Research

    Comparative analysis is always beneficial, which is why it’s widely used in the business world. Why? Sales teams will be able to understand better what makes people buy, and business owners will be able to plan for the future more easily. As a result, it allows you to set benchmarks and track metrics so you can compare yourself to your competitors’ performance.

    • Pick The Development Platform

    Making mobile apps is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive from people who want to learn how to do it. Platforms such as React are among the most widely used. Xamarin, Ionic, and Swift are just a few of the available technologies. You or your developers will have to research to determine which platform makes the most sense for you.

    Natürlich können Sie do this research yourself. If, however, you’re in any doubt, then it’s best to engage the services of a mobile app development company that can make the final decision.

    The most popular options on the market will be familiar if they’re good at what they do and have experience with them. To top it all off, they’ll recommend you an entire technical stack, increasing the value to your end-users.

    • Your Team Is Important — Pick Them Wisely

    As a result of their expertise, hiring an app development agency is the best way to create a mobile app. Take the time to understand your company and the audience you’re trying to reach before hiring anyone. They’ll be able to guide you through the process of selecting the most appropriate platform for your app.

    For those who can’t do it themselves, the next best option is to hire an app designer or to find a reliable IT partner. You can’t go wrong with outsourcing as long as you establish effective communication from the get-go. 

    • Launch Your App

    Please start thinking about releasing your app once it’s finished. Before the general launch, make sure to test the app as thoroughly as possible and implement any feedback you receive. You don’t need to launch with every feature, and it’s a good idea to hold back so that there’s room to develop your app further and launch a version 2.0 of your app later down the road.

    While launching on as many different platforms as possible is a good idea for distribution, the platform you choose and the operating system(s) it’s available on will also play a role. To reach as many potential customers as possible, it is important to focus on major players like the Apple Store and Google Play.

    • Promote Your App

    Only a quarter of Americans use an app more than once after downloading it. The low adoption rate of your app will cause you to tear your hair out unless you give people a compelling reason to download your app, even if you heavily promote it.

    In general, app marketing follows the same principles as business marketing or promoting any entertainment product, such as a book or a movie. Even though many marketers see their app as marketing material, it won’t sell itself.

    For the public to be aware of it, you’ll need to promote it in various ways, including social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing.

    You can also check out our similar interesting read which is a Guide on how to build a dark store app like Gorillas.

    Must Have Features for an app like Cajoo

    Must-Have Features in an App Like Cajoo

    • Push Notifications
    • Real-Time Tracking
    • GPS Tracking
    • Behavior Tracking
    • Real-time Analytics
    • Loyalty Programs
    • In-App Calling 
    • In-App Chatting
    • Number Masking
    • In-App Navigation
    • Reviews & Ratings
    • Re-Ordering
    • CRM Integration
    • ERP Integration
    • Business Intelligence
    • Custom Dashboards
    • Visual Search
    • Voice Assistance
    • Recommendations
    • Consider Web application & PWA

    Technology Stack For An App Like Cajoo

    • Google Analytics, Google Font API, Apache, HTTP/2, Javascript, Google Tag Manager.
    • Backend– Redis-PostgreSQL,GraphQL,Apollo,Nest JS,Python
    • Frontend– TypeScript
    • Devops-Heroku
    • Mobile-React Native

    Wrapping Up

    Because grocery delivery app development involves multiple API integrations and customized functionalities, even after you’ve done extensive research on the grocery delivery domain, you’ll need a skilled and experienced mobile app development partner. 

    The team at Oyelabs Technologies is well versed in both the domain and the required tech stack. You can contact us today if you wish to build your own Dark Store Grocery Delivery App.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Launching A Dark Store App Like Cajoo (FAQs)

    What are some advantages of having a dark store business?

    Some of the advantages of having a dark store business are Fast and contact-free shopping, Better distribution and faster delivery, More products and a larger audience and Optimised inventory control.

    How can I ensure my dark store is profitable?

    Choosing the right product categories and the best location are critical factors in ensuring your dark store’s profitability. Because fast order fulfillment and delivery is critical, location should be based on local demand.

    What is the future of online dark store post pandemic?

    The benefit of dark stores is that you can choose products on the website or mobile app and then wait for the courier to arrive and hand them over to you. You can imagine how useful this will be even post pandemic.

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