Create an On-Demand Medicine Delivery Application Like 1mg

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Create an On-Demand Medicine Delivery Application Like 1mg

Last Updated on November 25, 2023

In the area of online medical services, the pandemic led to a huge change. During the pandemic lockdown, pharmacy apps were popular worldwide. Due to so many cases of Covid 19 people have chosen to buy online medicines to minimize the risk of infection. 

Moreover, are you aware that the global ePharmacy market would reach around $107.53 billion by 2025? The market was estimated to be around 42.32 billion dollars in 2018, according to a report shared by Globenewswire, and will generate almost 107.53 billion dollars by 2025, at a CAGR of about 14.26 percent between 2019 and 2025.

At some point in your life, medicines are something every person requires. It could be difficult, especially for those who are not good themselves, standing in long queues to get them. Moreover, people often encounter the problem of not finding the medicine in every shop.

And to make things better or worse, the pandemic has resulted in a 50 percent increase in the number of active users per day in pharmaceutical applications like 1mg. This enhances the growth, progress and popularity of the development of online pharmacy apps. 

Demand has increased exponentially for apps such as 1mg.
However, it is easier for you to speak to an expert and order medicines online at the doorstep through the development of many healthcare apps. Most doctors, therefore, choose to create a website or app to sell their medicines online. 

If you also want to start your company, make sure you hire mobile app developers who are skilled and good at what they do. So, you can start your company.

But first, let’s understand why such apps are even needed?

Need of On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

When doctors come to sell medicines with apps or websites, the demand is growing at a fast pace. Doctors can be consulted online and medicines can be ordered online, as it is convenient, at their doorstep. The medical supply app also provides reminders that can help patients take prescription and dosage medication.

An app for the delivery of medicines like 1mg also records patient data on the database, enhancing user experience and making it possible for users to personalize memory.

Here is a quick walkthrough of this article:

Benefits Of On-Demand Medicine Delivery Apps

  • Benefits For The Users
    • These apps like Rite-Aid and 1mg online medicine save time and effort since users do not need to go to a number of pharmacies to obtain specific medicines.
    • By ordering medicines via these apps, users can easily use discounts and cashback. Enterprises ensure that a solution is developed to integrate this feature while receiving the medical delivery app.
    • Users can easily verify that the medicine they want is in stock. If not, you will also be notified in your application by push notification when it is available.
    • A large number of online medicine apps give doctors an option to consult. Some have video calling capabilities, which simplify things a lot.
  • Benefits For The Pharmacists
    • Increased sales is one of the principal reasons why many pharmacists prefer to use the application.
    • These online medicinal applications break the obstacles and enable pharmacists to reach more users. This leads to increased sales, too, since they can reach more users.
    • Medicine supply applications also help pharmacists update their stock, as they don’t need to manually update anything.
    • Another advantage of using these apps is a loyal customer base as users can upload and easily order their monthly requirements. You can also add some advanced features to a pharmacy app with the help of a professional mobile development company.
    • Pharmaceutical professionals can create a campaign and offer various discounts and deals to attract customers.

These and many more benefits have made pharmacy delivery app development extremely popular and many first movers like 1mg and Mayd are already leveraging the potential of this profitable industry with scope for many more players.

Medicine Delivery App business models

Business Models For an Online Medicine Delivery App

Most applications for online medicinal products adhere to a model based on inventory.

In an inventory-based model, the company manages the inventory or inventory of medicinal products. These stocks are stored in nearby warehouses and delivered at the place upon receipt of order depending on the area and regions they serve.

The main use of these applications, however, are the attractive medicinal discounts combined with the comfort and ease of delivery. In short, here is a list of things that will make e-pharmacy more successful in the future:

  • Discount for first time buyers
  • Offers for limited time
  • Member plans for frequent purchasers like Cashbacks.
  • Attractive deals on medicines for diabetes, elderly care, healthcare, etc.
  • Services for value added such as laboratory discounts

A tried and tested method is the inventory-based model. It has been extremely committed to e-commerce retail. And given the huge investments that have been made in early-stage electronic pharmacy applications such as 1mg and others, it is only an issue of when and not whether these applications override traditional bricks and mortar pharmacies. 

The same growth path as the development of the e-commerce application will be expected for the e-pharmacy segment, in all probability.

Steps to develop a medicine delivery app

How To Develop 1mg Like On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

  • Research

It is important to understand the niche market before you reach the keyboard and begin to design your app. In addition, it is essential to find areas of design that can help better attract the target population to your competitors when creating an application such as 1mg. 

The app review of your competitor’s apps in the Play Store and App Store is a good place to start research. This gives you a great deal of information about design features that your competitor apps are missing. Try to accommodate your app for the lack of design elements.

  • Wireframing

It is time to create a cable frame for your app after you have finalized your app idea. At first, you can use pen and paper to start with visual sketches. However, for more complex and detailed designs a digital wireframe is much easier and simpler.

In addition, gather feedback about every wireframe. Ask your partners and colleagues what the design feels like and whether there is room to improve it. It helps you improve the structure, navigation, and user experience of the app further.

  • Realistic Mockups

The following and final step in designing the wireframe is the creation of realistic mockups. This is an extremely important step and an expert designer is always wisely recruited. Nothing can be done if you feel there is room for improvement, in particular for colors, fonts, and design elements, which have a great influence on user involvement and experience.

  • Development Planning

Begin with all the needs, features, and functionalities of your application on paper. Proper documentation is an important element in the successful development of a project. Documentation helps to establish the right roadmap and alleviates discrepancies or confusion which may arise during the development phase of an app. 

In addition, many regulations must be followed by an online medicine delivery app, so that all of these documents are properly integrated during development.

  • Tech Stack

The next step is to identify the right technology stack for your app after you’ve documented all your application needs. Will you create a native app or a platform-based application? How much cloud storage do you think is sufficient to make sure your app is needed first?

What about the steps to ensure data security? How much time and budget is expected for MVP to market? These are issues that should be taken into consideration when deciding the app development technology stack.

  • Coding Stage

When programming all the functions of your app, the coding stage is crucial. Your team will need to work in close cooperation with designers of UI/UX, quality analysts, business analysts, and other teams. You can only add efficiency and agility to the programming when everyone is on the same page.

The programming phase consists of several sub-stages: Prototype, MVP, Polished Product, and Launch.

  • Support & Maintenance

Starting your app is only half the job. App support and maintenance are equally important. Most applications such as 1mg are cloud-based. These applications are constantly optimized. In DevOps, Data Analytics, and ML you must also invest considerable resources and time to ensure continuing optimization and maintenance.

Also, check out our article about building a pharmacy app like Mayd for deeper insights into the working and creation of one of the most successful pharmacy delivery apps in Europe.

Monetization Strategies Of On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

  • Commission Earnings

This is one of the most popular models for app owners. Apps such as 1mg and NetMeds provide a stable platform for several pharmaceutical companies to sell their products easily. In exchange, the companies must pay the app owners a fixed commission in accordance with the relationship agreed between the two parties.

  • Features Listings

The listing feature is an excellent way to make money. These products give additional visibility by listing some of the most popular products in the main section of your app. This model functions just as sponsored announcements when the company which owns the product pays the app owner money for the display.

  • In-App Advertisements

Another popular way to make money from most online delivery applications is to advertise others in your app or on your website. You may have seen ads from other health insurance companies or hospital chains in any app, such as Grofers and NetMeds. These applications are paid for selling their black space to other businesses.


    With Customized On-Demand Solutions by OyeLabs

    Must Have Features For Your On-Demand Medicine Delivery App Like 1mg

    For Customers

    • Social Logins & Signups

    Users should be able to sign up easily and have their credentials selected. The app should allow users to subscribe via Gmail or Facebook, for example, on their social media account. Later on, the login should be either via your mail ID or mobile number.

    • Profile Management

    For a better and seamless experience, a user should be able to make his profile on the app. All users’ information on the address, past order, prescription history, payment details, and other aspects is contained in these profiles.

    • Prescriptions Upload

    The users should be able to upload their prescriptions so that the pharmacists can check the medicines and send them accordingly. Consequently, you could easily connect the gallery of your phone to your computer to download the prescription.

    • Filters Of Category Search

    The application should have filters and categories so that users can easily search for medicines for all diseases.

    • Medicine Details

    All the details concerning medicines such as date, expiry date, brand, manufacturer, price, etc, should be provided for each medicine or drug listed on a mobile application for delivery of drugs.

    • Expansive Search

    The users should be able to find a medicine replacement, because the medicine they are looking for may not always be available.

    For Pharmacy Stores

    • Manage Drug Details

    If you wish to add or delete medicines from your App list, a drug or a store owner should be able to make changes independently. All information about their products should be available to them.

    • Order Trackings

    The medical device should allow the function to be notified every time a user orders medicine with a text message or a pup message. This helps them handle the order quickly.

    • Digital Prescriptions

    The app should make it possible for the pharmacist to access users’ prescriptions.

    • Manage Discounts

    One should be able to offer discounts to get loyal customers for repeated orders.

    • Order Management

    Pharmacists should be able to order and monitor matters such as order processing, returns from customers, and refunds for such returns.

    • Track Payments

    Keep transparency and the pharmacist should be able to monitor all payments directly in the app.

    • Rating & Reviews Access

    The customer views on their services and products are very important so that pharmacies have access to all ratings and customer reviews.

    • Similar Medicine Lists

    In the event that a particular brand does not use a pharmacist to guide customers in their purchase of similar medicines or replacement medicines.

    For Delivery Boys

    • Profile Management

    It should have the personal details and the history of deliveries made by the delivery boy.

    • Push Messages

    You should be intimidated by push notifications on your phones about new orders.

    • GPS Tracking System

    A GPS tracking system is needed to locate the customer easily by the delivery guys who are going to deliver the product.

    • Delivery Updates

    At each step, he must be able to update the medicine supply status to keep all information up-to-date.

    For The Admin Panel

    • Inventory Management

    This function allows the administrator to keep themselves up to date with all products and the inventory. The expiry date of the products should also be intimated.

    • Promotional Tools

    You should be able to conduct campaigns attracting more clients. This enables them to contact more pharmaceutical companies.

    • Manage Suppliers

    The administrator should have the power through his app’s online profile to manage manufacturers, suppliers and users.

    • ROI Tracking

    An administrator must have the right at every time of year, month, quarter, or year to check his earnings.

    • Report Generation

    All data on the workflow of the app should be allowed to be provided so that an updated report on it can be produced.

    Technology Stack To Create Medicine Delivery App Like 1mg

    • Application and Data– JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Node.js, NGINX, MySQL, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Amazon S3, ExpressJS, Backbone.js, Handlebars.js, Pug
    • Utilities– Google Analytics, Elasticsearch
    • DevOps– GitHub, Grunt
    • Business Tools– G Suite

    Wrapping Up

    The new trend today is on-demand apps. Each industry has entered the app world, from the online ordering of food to the purchase of clothes, and now medicines. 

    As clients become digital, these industries and firms need to take the pace to satisfy demand and want to buy from their homes’ comfort. The health industry is one of the largest and most prosperous industries in the world. The health apps are becoming well-known and quickly came into the applications and app stores. Health Apps not only include medicine delivery apps, they also include health and fitness apps like Fitcoach,activity tracker apps like Healthifyme and more.

    So if you intend to launch such an app for your pharmaceutical company, contact our expert team of mobile app developers.

    Frequently Asked Questions For Developing An App Like 1Mg (FAQs)

    Q- How can I Monetize my Medicine delivery business?

    A. You can use many monetization strategies such as Commision earnings, Feature listings, In-app advertisements, to earn from your medicine delivery app.

    Q. What kind of business model is suitable for online Medicine delivery?

    A. Most applications for online medicinal delivery adhere to a model based on inventory for maximizing the profits. However, there are other models as well like the aggregator model.

    Q- What are the government regulations for an e-pharmacy business?

    A. Online pharmacy laws in India are still in the development stage and there are no dedicated online pharmacy laws in India. The Information Technology Act 2000 governs some of the legal issues subject to online dealings but it is silent on the aspect of online pharmacy.

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