HealthifyMe Business Model- How it Works and Makes Money?

HealthifyMe Business Model
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HealthifyMe Business Model- How it Works and Makes Money?

Last Updated on November 25, 2023

From the advent of the Internet to today, digitization has entered our daily lives. Today, with a smartphone, you can get anything from ordering any product on the Internet to gaining knowledge on any subject. 

Smartphones and on-demand apps have made our lives much easier than ever before. In today’s era, anyone can achieve almost anything with these two devices. As with everything else, so is your health.

According to Statista, health and fitness apps will generate $950 million in revenue by 2022, with over 86.3 million health and fitness app users.

This means that the popularity of on-demand health and fitness apps like HealthifyMe is steadily growing and it’s a good time for any entrepreneur to join this growing sector.

But before that, you might be wondering — what is HealthifyMe? How much money does it make? What are its business model and everything else related to it?

Well — worry not.

We’ve got your back and all the answers to your questions. 

So, before any further ado, let’s start with it. 

HealthifyMe — A Quick Introduction

HealthifyMe was founded in 2012 by Tushar Vashisht, Matthew Cherian, and Sachin Shena. Initially incubated by Microsoft Accelerator, the company provides measurable results for dietary habits, fitness, and weight, and is working with leading companies and healthcare partners in India. 

The HealthifyMe app allows users to track diet and exercise regimens, get expert advice, and connect with other fitness enthusiasts to lead a healthy lifestyle. HealthifyMe plans offer a range of premium options to help customers and fitness enthusiasts achieve their goals.

HealthifyMe is primarily distributed in over 300 cities with 10 million downloads, approximately 25 million users, and 1,500+ trainers. The app has a rating of 4.6/5 on the Play Store and has been cited multiple times by Google and Apple as a quality indicator.

HealthifyMe’s vision is to build the world’s largest online health and fitness service. They want to interact with nutritionists and other AI-powered health professionals to help millions of consumers achieve their goals.

How Does HealthifyMe Work?

The primary purpose of the HealthifyMe app is to act as a calorie counter, allowing users to lose weight and track diet and exercise patterns via their phone or computer.

Another amazing thing about HealthifyMe is that its premium prices are a lot more affordable in comparison to the services they are providing, such as allowing users to interact with nutritionists, fitness experts, and yoga instructors, which generally would burn a big hole in your pocket.

So, the HealthifyMe app has three key components:

  • First, it is a lifestyle tracker that was launched 4 years ago as India’s first calorie counter.
  • Second is their social feed, which allows the user to find their kind of people with similar goals and problems.
  • The third and most innovative aspect is HealthifyMe’s technology augmented coaching, which uses a combination of artificial intelligence and human trainers to help users stay healthy and engage with the app. 

By incorporating AI with user data, the HealthifyMe app can display a user’s eating patterns and needs.

HealthifyMe’s fitness trainer now has an artificial intelligence named Ria that can handle 77% of all user questions, allowing trainers and nutritionists to focus on the remaining 23% of the more difficult questions. Even in those cases, Ria can make suggestions, but she’s not sure about the actual answer herself, so she relies on human judgment.

In February 2020, HealthifyMe announced that it would enter the mental health sector. This mental health discipline “HealthifySense” gives users access to qualified consultants on the HealthifyMe platform. This move will allow companies to transition from a weight loss or fitness app to a full-fledged health and wellness platform.

The company has also launched the HealthifySmart Legends Edition. Through this program, the company will work with sports and fitness legends to provide users with expert diet and exercise advice from these fitness celebrities. HealthifyMe India has now hired renowned tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi as Strategic Advisor for HealthifySmart Legends Edition. 

To provide users with a complete health and fitness package, HealthifyMe has also connected with the food delivery and gym apps. Users can now order food according to their diet plan or find a list of healthy restaurants on Swiggy (powered by HealthifyMe).

Users can also order products from HealthifyMe’s “Milkbasket” partner app at a location of their choice. Again, for workouts, HealthifyMe has partnered with Fitternity, a fitness search and booking app that gives HealthifyMe users access to over 12,000 gyms and fitness studios across India. 

HealthifyMe Pricing Structure

The Current HealthifyMe subscription plans range from  999 rupees to 1699 rupees per month. Depending on what you choose, you get the number of trainers you need, and the HealthifyMe Premier plan includes targeted programs like weight loss, muscle gain, and diabetes prevention.

HealthifyMe Smart Plan Rs. 999 includes a personalized diet plan, unlimited food recommendations, access to Ria (personal assistant with artificial intelligence), daily and weekly customer reports. 

Canceling HealthifyMe membership is also easy as the user simply selects the HealthifyMe weight loss plan subscription they want to cancel and then clicks “Cancel Subscription”.

Their Other Plans Include:

  • Smart Plan:

Cost: INR 999
What Do You Get: Personalized Diet Plan, track calories, nutrient tracking and insights, Healthy Recipes, Daily and Weekly Reports, RIA.

  • Coach Plan 1:

Cost: INR 1299
What Do You Get: All Smart Plan Features + 2 Consultation Calls per month and Unlimited chat with coach

  • Coach Plan 2:

Cost: INR 1699
What Do You Get: All Coach 1 Plan Features + Dedicated Diet Coach, Dedicated Fitness Coach, Personalized Fitness Plan.

History Of HealthifyMe.

Tushar Vashisht was overweight when he returned to India after working as an analyst at Deutsche Bank in Singapore eight years ago. 

His sedentary lifestyle continued after he took on a responsible position as project leader for the group that created digital identities in Aadhaar, India.

It was then, Tushar decided to do something about his obesity and started tracking the calories and nutrients of the food he ate.

But he soon ran into trouble — there was little to no help in terms of guiding what to eat and what not to eat in terms of Indian food.

Also at the time, Tushar and Matthew were working with UIDAI and experimented with what it was like to live below the poverty line.

 Both the co-founders started living on just Rs 100 per day. During the experiment, Tushar and Mathew built an excel sheet with nutritional information on various Indian food.

Tushar came up with an analytical tool to break down the calories and main nutrients in 900 foods and presented it to the government’s planning council as a healthcare aid.

This was how HealthifyMe started, the startup was then established in late 2011, and soon after, Former Google employee Sachin Shenoy later joined him as a Co-founder.

HealthifyMe Business Model

Ria AI first started interacting with HealthifyMe users in October 2017, launching the service to some paid subscribers as a pilot project. The service is now available to all paying users with over 1 million HealthifyMe users. However, the company declined to invest in the bot or disclose the company’s paid subscriber base.

HealthifyMe subscription plans range from 999 to 1699 rupees per month, as discussed earlier, depending on the features selected. HealthifyMe has both B2C and B2B2C business models. Almost 80% of the company’s revenue comes from the B2C model, but HealthifyMe also has a B2B2C model.

In a B2B2C model, HealthifyMe distributes its services through businesses and healthcare organizations.

HealthifyMe’s revenue peaked at $100 Crore and the app’s active users are reported to have doubled to 16 million.

As of July 22, 2021, the app has approximately 25 million users. Health and fitness app HealthifyMe tripled revenue to exceed Rs 100 million, driven by the widespread adoption of AI-enabled smart plans and international expansion.

You can also check out our article on the business model of an exercise and fitness app, Noom.


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    HealthifyMe Funding And Statistics

    HealthifyMe — Funding & Growth

    In total, HealthifyMe’s total funding is about $ 101 million, with more than eight rounds so far.

    Recently, in July 2021, the company raised more than USD $ 75 million (Ru 560 Crores) in a Series C funding round led by investor Leapfrog, a leading US venture capital firm. Other new investors were Vinod Khosla and Elm, Saudi Arabia’s public investment funds. 

    Healthify’s existing investors include HealthQuad, Unilever Ventures, Chiratae Ventures, Inventus Capital, and Sistema Asia Capital. The company will use these funds to expand and focus its customer base in the United States and target demographics in 12 countries.

    Funding for HealthifyMe also includes $ 134,238 Angel Funding from Angels, introduced through Microsoft Accelerator and funded by Aadhaar-era Tushar mentor  Raj Mashruwala and co-founder of AppLabs SashiReddi. They anchored in the United States and invested in and supported Indian start-ups. Microsoft Accelerator has requested that they be in Bangalore, India’s own Silicon Valley.

    In the last 12 months (2019-2020), HealthifyMe has tripled and exceeded a rate of return of Rs 10 billion. According to February 2020 data, HealthifyMe’s user base has quadrupled and the number of active users has doubled from 8 million to 16 million. Last year, the company entered Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei. In less than a year, it recorded sales of $ 1 million in the Southeast Asian market.

    The company has also entered the Gulf Cooperation Council market and is already in the top three on Google Play in the United Arab Emirates. HealthifyMe’s platform currently has over 250 nutritionists and trainers who can serve up to 250 clients with the help of Ria. This is an increase from about every 100 users in 2016. 

    Steps To Develop An HealthCare App Like HealthifyMe

    How Can You Build An App Like HealthifyMe?

    •     Step 1 — Identify The Need Of Your Product.

    Verification proves that your app is in demand by your target audience.

    You can use the Google Keyword Planner tool to validate your ideas by finding out how many people are searching for what you are trying to do. You can also create a landing page to publicize your app idea and email users.

    •     Step 2 — Pick out The Flow With Features

    Validating an idea for an app means that people have something they want to use. The documentation then details the product. If you want to go one step further, use a wireframing tool.

    When you write down your ideas on paper — don’t forget to explain them in as much detail as possible. Include how users navigate your app and the flow of desired features. This helps developers have a clear understanding of your expectations.

    •     Step 3 — Get Rid Of The Unwanted Features

    Use the flow and feature documentation you created to see what features you can remove. It only provides the core value of your app’s ideas.

    Do not build features in the first version that are “nice to have” and can always be added later as an update. This will help keep the initial costs of development down and also help you get to market quicker.

    •     Step 4 — Get The Design Process Flowing

    I have heard many entrepreneurs saying they want a very basic design and want to focus on just developing an app. They are so wrong! Design is not just about how your app looks, but it’s about how a user will experience the app.

    Design is a way of making technology useful, so look for a developer who puts design (user experience and graphics) first.

    •     Step 5 — Hire An Experienced Development Company

    Looking for a development company with excellent design capabilities and a solid development team? 

    When hiring a developer, go online to see the developer’s credibility and the app you’re building. If you really like the apps they make from their portfolio, they may be the best fit for your product. 

    •     Step 6 — Get Your Developer Accounts Ready

    To launch your app on the platform, you need to register a developer account in each app store. You can choose to register as an individual or as a company if you have already established one.

    •     Step 7 — Integrate Analytics

    Analytics helps you track mobile app downloads, user engagement, and retention. Use tools such as Flurry, which is available for free, and local and paid versions of Localytics. 

    •     Step 8 — Get Feedbacks & Improvise

    When the app is published on the App Store, initial usage and behavioral data from customers will provide insights on how to improve and extend the app. Improvements and changes should constantly be made, so pay attention to your feedback and continue building.

    •     Step 9 — Evaluate And Update Your MVP

    After creating the MVP version of your app with limited functionality and only core products. Next, you will need to evaluate your MVP and introduce the remaining features that were omitted in the original release. Analysis and feedback will tell you if the feature is still relevant.

    These steps are not sacred, but based on my experience, they are guidelines on how to build a health and fitness app in the most effective way. When you’re ready to get started, you also need to know that creating a mobile app is the easiest part. Customer acquisition is what you should put your main focus on.

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