On-Demand Delivery Industry Best Insights – June 2021, Week 3

On-Demand Delivery Industry Insights
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On-Demand Delivery Industry Best Insights – June 2021, Week 3

Last Updated on December 4, 2023

Top On-Demand Delivery Industry Insights 

  • San Francisco Based App Offers 15 Minute Super-Fast Delivery and The Future Of On Demand Apps!

19th June, 2021

New San Francisco Based App, Food Rocket promises to deliver grocery items within 10-15 minutes in certain areas.

It is the latest in the wide range of on-demand delivery industry apps coming up in the US and abroad. Food Rocket has raised $2 million in April from AltaIR Capital, Baring Vostok fund and the Angelsdeck group of business angels, including Philipp Bashyan and currently holds its inventory at three locations in San Francisco, strategically situated so it can complete its 15-minute delivery maximum.

Many of such fast delivery services have come up in recent times .The concept is not much different from ghost kitchens but the main question is do such new forms of on demand services have a margin for profit.

The Founder of Food Rocket , Vitaly Alexandrov says

An order for a single avocado, for example, is unprofitable for the company. And the current discounts and lack of delivery fees will likely change as the company becomes more established.So it’s a game of volume and scale — the math will only work out if and when the company hits a level of efficiency.The company also plans to eventually generate revenue from product ads in its app.

  • New Food Delivery App Launching in Louisville with almost 100 Local Restaurant Options!

15th June, 2021

FoodChing , a new delivery app, is launching next week and the developers claim that it is designed to minimize excessive fees.

FoodChing works like any other food delivery app however the developers of FoodChing said their platform keeps more money in the pockets of the customers, restaurant owners and delivery drivers.The free app will launch for the Louisville area June 22 and will provide service on both sides of the Ohio River.

Restaurants usually have to pay to use a food delivery service which becomes a hindrance for restaurants with low margins. On the other hand, Foodching is not going to charge restaurant partners for using their services.They still charge a  delivery fee, but it goes directly to the drivers. The fee is $2.99 for the first mile. There is then an added $1.99 for miles 2-5, and an extra 50 cents every mile after that.

Since the app does not charge the restaurants or take a cut from delivery fee, it generates revenue through a flat service fee of 5% and a menu markup. All the restaurants have agreed to an 18% menu markup.

The app will eventually be available in 40 markets in the U.S., but it is launching in Louisville first. Its website goes live on June 22nd and that is when customers will be able to download the app as well.

  • Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) believes in the rise of “Ghost Kitchens”

16th June, 2021

Ghost Kitchen are commercial catering places that allow food services brands without a traditional brick and mortar location to develop.

The development goes hand in hand with the boom in app-based meal delivery service and reflects rising global demand for meal delivery options.The rise is likely proportional to the pandemic , when consumers’ choice was limited and ghost kitchens were able to prove their worth.

UFS has been experimenting in this area with an effort to tap into the fast-growing food delivery trend and support its customers in the hospitality industry. UFS currently works with ghost kitchens in all 70 countries in which it operates.

The company is assessing opportunities in all its diverse markets , defining priority channels and experimenting to determine the most locally relevant approach.

  • Doordash ready to compete to Crack Japan’s Food Delivery Market

18th June, 2021

DoorDash has decided to compete not only with the established names like  Uber Eats and domestic specialists such as Demae-can and Rakuten, but also with others that have come up recently with plans to conquer the world’s third-biggest economy.

As DoorDash knows, the food fight will only get more intense as it is joined by Japanese logistics heavyweights such as the convenience stores and parcel delivery operators.

In the case of Doordash, much will depend on whether it has entered Japan at a time of anomaly, or of a sudden shift in behaviour. Will food delivery, for example, rise from the pandemic as a long-term preference or was it just a phase?

As of now, the situation does seem in favor as after more than a year of drastically diminished sales, the majority of food vendors are looking towards delivery apps to revive their dangerously fallen fortunes.

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  • GoPuff Acquires RideOS to Strengthen its Last-Mile Logistics!

16th June, 2021

On demand delivery service, GoPuff has entered into an agreement to buy San Fracisco’s RideOS, which builds technology for routing and dispatch services, according to a blog post by the company.

As GoPuff is expanding to a number of cities, with this acquisition it hopes to power multimodal deliveries and make the delivery times shorter.

The acquisition of RideOS is the first step in GoPuff’s plan to expand into more international markets , including Europe according to GoPuff Senior Vice President of Business Daniel Folkman.

At Gopuff, we have been consistently focused on responsible growth, strategically establishing the physical infrastructure and footprint needed to bring instant needs to new geographies and customers,

said Daniel Folkman.

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  • UberEats adds dedicated Pet Store to its Delivery Service

16th June, 2021

UberEats has revealed the first pet shop to appear on its platform, Dr Doolittles 2, promising users in south west London pet food delivery within an average of 30 minutes.The store offers a wide variety of products including cat and dogfood, toys, collars, harnesses, leads, treats and other pet accessories.

General manager of Uber Eats in the UK, Sunjiv, called the move

Just the latest expansion beyond restaurants for the app.We have a wide selection available for humans, ranging from supermarkets and grocery stores to restaurants and cafés, so we thought it was about time we catered to our furry friends

The service is comparatively much faster than other online pet food retailers whose fastest delivery option is next day only.

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