Top 10 React Native Apps of 2024

Top 10 React Native Apps
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Top 10 React Native Apps of 2024

Last Updated on July 3, 2024

In the last decade, people have adapted to different technologies and experienced an advanced lifestyle. With all these technologies making their presence felt in our daily life our demands and needs have also upgraded.

Even in mobile app development, the demands are making a significant impact. React native is one of the best examples among the modern-day technologies adopted in app development. 

React native has fulfilled the gaps in the current requirements of app development. It helps the developers offer a completely improved user experience, all the apps developed are cross-platform and most importantly it takes less time for development. 

In this article, we will be focusing on the top current apps using react native technology, the benefits of the technology, and the challenges. This article can be an effective resource for you if you are planning on developing your own react native app.

What Is React Native?

Let’s start with a brief definition of the technology react native. React native is a framework of JavaScript for creating real, natively rendering apps for mobile available for both the iOS and Android platforms.

  • React Native Apps- Natively-rendered mobile apps created with the react native technology are called react native apps.
React Native Is Highly Preferred

React native offers the developer’s flexibility of developing natively-rendered apps for both the iOS and Android platforms in a short period. So, it is normal that it is one of the popular technologies in the mobile app development industry. 

  • The report shows that 42% of developers choose the react native technology for cross-platform app development
  • As per the report of Bacancy Technology, react native is the second most used framework in cross-platform app development
  • According to Enlyft, 49% of the global react native customers are from the US

Advantages Of Using React Native In Mobile App Development

Advantages Of Using React Native In Your Mobile App Development

There are ample advantages to using react native framework for your app. Let’s go through some of them-

  • Saves Time- using react native ensures that more than 95% of the written code is cross-platform, so your app will easily be compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The developers will have the ease of developing only one app and that will help you save enough time.
  • Cost-Effective-  With react native framework businesses can have apps for both the iOS and Android platforms with just a little more than half of the cost of developing two different apps. You can stay relieved from the stress of picking the first platform to create your app for. Update and maintenance are also provided in both apps at the same time so you can save costs in the future as well.
  • High Performance- React native apps can perform exactly like it was developed for the specific iOS and Android platform. The apps are also fast due to their programming language being optimized for mobile devices. Instead of primarily using the CPU react native apps use the GPU which results in the react native apps being quite faster than other cross-platform hybrid technologies.
  • Highly Flexible- Using react native framework makes your app highly flexible for the developing teams. As the type of interface utilized in reacts native makes it easy for new developers in the project, they can start from where the previous developers have left off. This aspect enhances the development team’s flexibility. The upgrading and updating of the react native apps are easy due to this flexibility.
  • Instantly View Changes- React native framework offers an option for “live reloading” or “ hot reloading”. The option helps the developers trace the changes they made to a code instantly. It helps the developer in getting real-time feedback.

Best React Native Apps

Top 10 React Native Apps In 2022


Even in 2022 when there are hundreds of social media platforms Facebook is still the most popular among them all. Over the years we have seen Facebook innovate and make progress from introducing the friend’s concept to video posting and reactions.

Facebook has adopted react native as its hackathon project to fulfill the company’s needs. Their target was to bring all web development advantages to mobile like-

  • Faster iteration
  • Having one team develop the whole app

Result Of Using React Native-

  • Facebook is now more than twice as quick as it was

2. Facebook Ads

The official social media app from Facebook is not the only react native app created by the firm. Facebook Ads is also one of the popular react native applications. 

This application was the first react native app for Android and it was also the first react native framework-based cross-platform app created by Facebook. Facebook selected the react native framework for the Facebook Ads to-

  • Accurately handle different types of ad formats, time zones, currencies, and several forms of data
  • Create intuitive UX and simple navigation

Result Of Using React Native-

  • The first thing one can notice is that the app lightning fast in every aspect

3. Instagram

Instagram did not shy around integrating react native framework into their already existing app. Instagram is also one of the most popular social media platforms preferred by influencers in 2022. Around 1 billion active users are observed in the app every month. 

Instagram decided to include react native framework in their existing app to-

  • A simple addition of push notifications

Result Of Using React Native- 

  • As around 85%-90% of the cde was shared between iOS and Android apps the developing team was able to deliver the app faster than expected


4. Walmart

Walmart is one of the biggest companies in the global retail industry. The American operator is well known for discount stores. 

Walmart has already proved its innovative approach by adding Node.js to its existing stack. After a few years, they have integrated react native framework into their existing Walmart app. The opt for react native to-

  • Enhance the customer experience by adding advanced technologies

Result Of Using React Native-

  • 96% of the code was shared between  iOS and Android platforms and Walmart successfully improved its customer experience on both platforms within a short period


5. UberEats

UberEats is one of the biggest and most popular food delivery apps in the world. One can use the app in more than 500 cities across 24 countries. 

UberEats puts three parties together- diners, restaurants, and delivery partners. The app opted for react native to-

  • Improve its in-app restaurant dashboard

Result Of Using React Native-

  • Since the implementation of react native the UberEats dashboard has been a common tool for most of the UberEats restaurants

6. Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the most famous digital marketplaces that offer homestays, lodging, and tourism experiences. Airbnb has brought a revolution in the industry with its innovative approach.

Airbnb has implemented react native framework to-

  • Fasten their mobile app development process to offer users new experiences

Result Of Using React Native-

  • Implementing react native framework Airbnb has accelerated their mobile app development

7. Wix

Wix is one of the famous apps that allows you to create and manage websites in a very simple yet convenient way. One can design and create their sites in CSS or HTML5, mobile websites can also be created and users can avail of the feature of drag and drop. 

Wix is a great option to create websites for people who don’t know to code well enough or at all. Wix opted for react native to gain-

  • Effective handling navigation
  • Configurable navigation and screen options with a well-maintained and updated codebase

Result Of Using React Native-

  • With react, native Wix has achieved speed and agility of web app in the hybrid space with all native results

8. Tesla

We all know the brand Tesla with all the recent news of Elon Musk. Tesla is one of the best electric car manufacturers in the world. They have their app based on react native framework.

Tesla has decided to select react native to-

  • Offer a complete and equal service to everyone

Result Of Using React Native-

  • With react, native Tesla has achieved to maintain no difference in both the iOS and Android applications

9. Bloomberg

One of the finest apps to receive finance news is Bloomberg. The app offers complete coverage of finance, business economics, the stock market, and investment portfolio.

The company when deciding to create its app for mobile devices has preferred a higher-end solution. They selected react native framework to-

  • Maximize user experience
  • Personalize content for the users

Result Of Using React Native-

  • With react native framework Bloomberg was able to deliver the app quickly on both iOS and Android platforms. The whole process took the developers only 5 months.

10. SoundCloud Pulse

SoundCloud is an artist-first app or platform available for the global community of artists, as well as listeners. One can find the creations based on what’s new, now or next. 

SoundCloud Pulse also implemented the react native framework in their app. They opted for this cross-platform framework because-

  • They were facing troubles in finding iOS developers and a threat of a huge gap between Android and iOS apps would have damaged their hype. So they decided to opt for react native framework.

Result Of Using React Native-

  • SoundCloud Pulse didn’t face any troubles moreover they find it simple to launch both the iOS and Android apps with react native.
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  • Testing-
      • Jest
      • Enzyme
      • Chai
      • Mocha

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In A Nutshell

React native brings some of the ultimate level benefits for businesses. From saving time to being less costly, from high-performance apps to flexibility of the apps all these benefits make react native highly preferable for app development.

We can see how famous companies like Facebook, Tesla, UberEats, and SoundCloud Pulse have all opted for the same cross-platform framework. It proves that the react native framework does offer higher benefits and is highly preferred in 2022.

In case you are planning on developing your app with the react native framework Oyelabs can help you from ideation to creation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Que. What is the cost of developing a react native app?

Ans.Although factors like features, other technologies, type of the app, development team size, and longevity of the development process are crucial for estimating the price. But the average cost of developing a react native app lies between $30,000-$100,000.

Que. Do Oyelabs integrate react native framework in apps created by other developing companies?

Ans. Yes, Oyelabs do integrate react native framework on apps created by other developing companies.

Que. Are there any NDA or NC agreements at Oyelabs?

Ans. O Yes, Oyelabs signs NDA and NC agreements even before the consultation stage to keep your business idea safe and secured.

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