How To Build An App Like Grofers & How Much Does It Cost

Build App Like Grofers
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How To Build An App Like Grofers & How Much Does It Cost

Last Updated on November 17, 2023

Grofers is an online Indian food delivery services company. Because this era is known as a digital era, each service is moving towards an online platform to provide its guests with online services and the current generation finds it easy and time-saving to access online services.

Grofers was founded by two IITians from Gurugram in 2013 as an Indian online grocery service. Grofers is the startup of Saurabh Kumar and Albinder Dhindsa, the two IIT students who wanted to do something different besides their normal engineering career. In 2018 Grofers’ Company grew by about $535.5 million from investors. The company was called “Grocery Gophers” after merging the two terms.

Grofers Funding TImeline

Grofers is a daily shopping M-Commerce marketplace app. It allows you to buy things such as groceries, veggies, fruits, flowers, bakery products, cosmetics, baby care products, and much more online at the nearest stores, without leaving the comfort of your home. Also, irrespective of what you buy, the product bought is shipped to the customer within 90 minutes.

Grofers is currently one of the most popular food supply applications on-demand and serves over 25 Indian cities.

Some facts about the company

  • Founded: December,2013
  • Founders: Saurabh Kumar, Albinder Dhindsa
  • Revenue: $34 Million (2019) 
  • Headquarters: Gurugram, India
  • Total Funding: $607.4 Million 
  • App Downloads: 10 million+

Why Having A Grocery Delivery App Like Grofers Is Beneficial For You?

If you run a grocery store, you can launch a personal application for your company to boost sales, as Grofers’ m-commerce helps it constantly gain more and more customers to maximize your profit.

To start a startup in this area is one of the best ideas to launch a business product such as Grofers since Grofers and other apps of this kind are in great demand and this form of assistance is very beneficial for people today’s world.

Starting an app like Grofers is also helpful to the launcher or device user as the user of the device will easily make money from this kind of online site. How let’s find out?

  • By displaying the third-party advertising on your website and application to support and advertise your services and charging them for them.
  • When you launch an app like Grofers, you can charge all the grocery store owners for showing their stores on the top searches on your platform. You must work with different grocery owners.
  • You may sell premium services, the customer needs to pay the provider a certain sum of money to use premium services.
  • Upon order, you will collect your commission directly.

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Besides this, there are many other benefits of having an app like Grofers for both the customers & the grocery store owners:

For App Users:

  • Time-Saving

When we lead a stressful and hectic life, it is technology that offers a comfortable and convenient ecosystem for millennials. In such cases, on-demand food applications such as Grofers play an important part and save users a lot of time.

  • Convenience

Applications like Grofers are easy to use and streamlined food supply and delivery. It also allows users to place an order anywhere, irrespective of their location. Only smartphones with an internet connection are needed by users, so they can use their time saved in other useful tasks.

  • Money-Saving

Occasionally, food applications offer intriguing deals and festival coupon services for rewards and discount sales. Not only does it save consumers time and money, but also leads to more customers for the business.

  • Easy Payments

Grocery apps such as Grofers allow you to make payments via various options. When placing an order, you can pay simultaneously online. Or when the purchased goods are deposited at your doorstep, you can pick cash for delivery and thus, you can make the payment either way – online or offline.

For Store Owners Users:

  • Suitability

The grocery delivery app, which provides consumers with comfort, is the best option for business owners to satisfy their requirements. That’s why companies nowadays prefer to use website for mobile applications. This provides consumers not only a smooth and trouble-free service but also allows service providers to achieve customer loyalty.

  • Competitive Edge

Today, users focus not only on buying good quality products but also on feeling special with the shopping experience that they have provided. And the short and convenient support delivered by web apps makes it much simpler. This is what makes customers grateful and loyal to your brand.

  • Instant Gratification

Everyone, every company is trying its level best to be the best in the highly competitive world. Every company is thriving to stay a step ahead of their competitors.  But you can get a solid advantage on rivals by taking an optimized strategy and effort to overcome those pressure points of the consumer effectively.

Types Of Grocery Applications

In general, there are different types of grocery app business models and three main kinds of applications that help consumers pick the service they most need. A number of applications such as Grofers have changed the conventional system of shopping and modernized society.

  • E-Commerce Grocery Application

E-commerce food applications require consumers to purchase food items, regardless of the consumer venue. It’s perfect for people who want to perform more according to their own moment.

  • In-Store Grocery Application

All categories of food products and their specifications can be viewed in this type of grocery app. It provides a visual view of where the customer purchases any product.

  • Personalized Grocery Delivery Application

With a customized food app, you can take the shopping experience to the next level. Such applications allow the end user to purchase the item by sharing the list with the store and by using items as appropriate.[/vc_column_text]

Launch Your Grocery Delivery App in 2 weeks

    With Customized On-Demand Solutions by OyeLabs

    Why Do You Require A Grocery Delivery Application For Your Business

    Within this age of electronics, people tend to use their smartphones to do much of their everyday tasks. Listen to music, watch movies, Radio, book a cab, banking and various other things. Internet shopping The market for applications for nearly all things related to everyday life has been stepped up. Grocery is one of the time-consuming and boring activities in this constantly changing life. Customers can not afford to wait in a long queue for billing and payment at the store. It makes it the right time for businessmen and start-ups to start an online grocery delivery platform to capture this ripe market.

    online grocery market share

    The online food company generated sales in 2012, which amounted to $6 Billion in 2012 and last year hit $22 Billion with rapid growth in 2012. This is estimated that this year will hit or surpass $21.7 Billion.

    Over the last year, the app dashboard report reported 5.1 Billion smartphone subscribers. This number is certainly surpassed this year with completely new criteria. Who would then be the fool if they were able to enter this business, to skip the future consumer and chance? It’s best to do something. The demand for food distribution apps to purchase basic household products often increases every day as the number of smartphone users rises. This is an important reason behind the requirement of grocery apps for the online grocery business.

    In fact, these food devices such as Grofers, are honored today by almost everyone. When we do not have to leave the house because of state lockdowns. This was too difficult to access facilities such as groceries, food shopping, etc. In order to satisfy these important criteria, on-demand food devices are a blessing and are rising exponentially in popularity on the market. The apps offer meals and fitness committed to people’s doorstep. And people rely on these devices to order food and get instant delivery.

    However, initiatives introduced by these service providers are intended to provide protection from a number of problems and encourage awareness of online shopping behavior. Consequently, the profits of companies offering the facility for online food supplies are seeing tremendous growth.

    And now is the right time to launch your food procurement service as Grofers bring it in the company if you are trying to enter this marketplace.

    Features for an App like GrofersHow Grofers App Work?

    The working model of Grofers app consists of 3 application modules:

    User Panel

    All is done in our user panel from handling the user profile to the order management. It addresses service quality and identifies the concerns for improving app performance overall. There are other apps in our consumer panel like:

    • User Profile

    Follow the seamless approach and log in to keep your profile on food shopping apps with your credentials.

    • Brower Products

    Pick a category from both food and nutritional groups with a detailed explanation.

    • Schedule Delivery

    The user panel allows consumers to schedule distribution for themselves. We offer different delivery times and allow the customer to place the order at any time.

    • Order Tracking

    Have the order monitoring information in real-time and retain the order status of yourself posted. This provides the location in real-time and assists with the data monitoring.

    • Multiple Payment Options

    Payment using our multi-payment option is as reliable and safe as possible.

    • Offers & Discounts

    Discover the latest prices and the most favorable discount and acceptable packages according to your orders.

    • Review & Settings

    Specify and control the shopping interface while retaining the full check-in page for the app desk.

    Admin Panel

    In particular cases, the admin panel guarantees that the information is displayed using the display screen. The back end and control panel is also identified. The administrative panel helps you to build new pages, groups, connections and many more.

    • Dashboard

    The dashboard enables the app manager to manage and track all orders and operations on a screen.

    • Manage Payment

    Manage all payment types in a straightforward fashion utilizing the administration panel and push the food sector to the next level.

    • Assign Order

    Create all orders, produce on schedule and conduct them with the administration team in the most efficient way.

    • Manage Customer

    Administrative council helps in communicating and integrating the product with consumers while maintaining high quality services.

    • Manage Store

    The operations panel helps with the monitoring and reliability of both the orders and the customer list.

    • Offer Excellent Services

    The administration panel guarantees the effective handling of all operations and directives.

    Grocery Store Delivery Panel

    Both allocated units or the volumes of orders are taken care of by the food procurement team. This helps the customer to either pick the items that have been purchased or to be shipped to the requested location. It sends users with notice of the distribution request, order number and shipping information. This table helps to handle all cancelations and to accept drivers’ demands if the place of delivery is far from their destination. In case of difficulties in fulfilling the request, it helps drivers to talk and call immediately.

    This panel helps monitor the dedicated distribution status and transmits the updates to the customer. A broad variety of items can be found in our online grocery shopping store. This ensures the full precision of the on-time production confirmation.

    Grofers is one of the world’s largest online grocery app stores, close to Bigbasket. They help users to order food in their comfort.

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    So, How Do You Build Your Own Grocery Delivery Application?

    First thing’s first – you need to identify the target area to which you need to sell online and the location which you’re planning to capture so that you can fix the delivery limitations to deliver your orders.

    We’ll point out a few key points here before you start to develop your grocery delivery app:

    • Demographics:

    First, do limited research online or also you can do the full age range with the mobile app for online transactions near you. When you have almost the largest number of young people around you because you are definitely, you would shop online, so you don’t want to go shopping. Example: if you find that the maximum age of a person in your location is about 20-40, you have an age group for mobile apps to target.

    • Interests:

    Can you create your Facebook account and then run the small event to get an insight into the user’s interests? Try to get those people’s opinions on what weather they are searching for, and keep track of their preferences and curiosity that help you develop the application with consumer habits and what they are really searching for?

    • Geo:

    First and foremost is the area or place where you want to do business online. Only survey your company position via the internet to see how many Web users to smartphone users are available.

    • Delivery:

    Here, are you able to deliver your products where you are targeting your business properly?

    • Products:

    What commodity should you want to sell online, irrespective of whether you choose to sell thin, lightweight or heavy goods online?

    • Payment Options:

    Will you want to have an option to pay online or just COD services for your client.

    • Area Of Interest Of Users:

    Take a look at what people want and what they want to shop online. You can find keywords through Google’s keyword planner and search engine.

    • Costing: 

    You will test the travel and distribution charges along with government costs.

    Now if you have the technology, you can build yourself by referring to any mobile food app you like. In order to do your work on your behalf, you can contact an experienced grocery delivery app development company that can help you successfully launch your grocery delivery app.

    Technology Stack For An App Like Grofers

    According to stackshare the tech stack used in the Grofers app is as follows :

    • Application & Data: Python, Node.JS, NGINX, Java, Postgresql, MongoDB, Angular JS, Redis, Django, Flask, Objective-C, Scala
    • DevOps: GitHub, Docker, New Relic, Ansible, Sentry, Logstash, Crashlytics
    • Utilities: Elasticsearch
    • Business Tools: Slack

    How Much Does It Cost To Build Grofers Like App?

    The problem now is, how much does it cost? And how long is it going to take?

    Table 1: App development cost by region

    Regions Rates
    India $20 – $40 per hour
    EU & US $100 – $150 per hour

    Table 2: Total time to create an app

    App Development Stages Number of Hours
    Android Development 500 – 600
    iOS Development 500 – 600
    Backend development 700 – 800
    UI design 200 – 300
    UX design 100
    Testing and QA 400- 500
    Total Hours 2500-2900

    If you don’t have an in-house team, hiring any company will cost you approximately $30,000 – $50,000 for an app and after that, you will pay for additional updates and support.

    Table 3: Development cost by app type

    Development Cost
    MVP $10000 – $15000 USD
    Ready Made Super App $15000 – $25000 USD
    Custom Build Solution $50000 – $100000 USD

    Note: $10,000-$35,000 even if you go to a small business or startup. This will continue to differ according to the requirements and upgrade and the business-standard. And which technologies would you like to use to build your mobile food app?

    Now, how can we assist you? Even though we have seen costs and time for building a grocery ordering application, we also build readymade mobile app that can save you time, cost, and help you launch your grocery business in no time.

    We have launched a number of grocery delivery mobile applications to help people build an online business in a few hours, costing them only a single fee of $15000 if you don’t need much customization.

    Hidden Charges: You will only be charged a server/hosting cost, play store costs, and then the domain cost if you want to build a website. It will cost about $20-50 for backend players (depending on the basis of our user base and the ios app’s information), $25 for the Play Store, once a year, and $99 a year for the IOS store. 

    Bonus: Some Marketing Tips Which You Could Use For Your Grocery Delivery App

    What’s important now is how does your user know about your grocery delivery app? Here are some tips which you could use in the initial days of your grocery applications:

    • Please put your app information in front of your store and let the visitors of your store know about your application.  
    • Retrieve and post your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and other media networks like this.
    • Register now for your Google Account, where your application is submitted, sign up, and advertise your app by payment marketing, using Google Adword or Advertising. Target carefully your location and demographics based on your delivery.
    • You use all social media channels and business fees on all sites for the customers to be alerted. Once again you can burn money when picking your business niche and/or keywords and Geo position.
    • You will notify the one-time message of no spam if you have your user database. Only let them know that you have developed a smartphone app for yourself.
    • Optimize the App Store SEO smartphone play shop program.
    • Try to offer news feed content like that. Why the software functions and maintains consistency for customers are the special stuff you have.

    This is a very short way to let your mobile users and potential customers know about it, but there are thousands of ways to access it. Continue to find the way of love. Instead, if you have any concerns, please let us know in the comment section or just click on our live help button to talk to us.

    Final Thoughts
    The online shopping app allows you to buy tablets at your fingertips most conveniently using your smartphone. It solves all of the food shopping issues and simplifies the whole process. Their quick access and accessibility are the key reason for their success. Such sites will have fantastic benefits and discount prices. In case of quality doubt, you can easily view the product review and get alerts of special offers and deals available for different products.

    Frequently Asked Questions On Grofers Like App Development (FAQs)

    Que. What are some apps similar to Grofers?

    Ans. Some apps similar to Grofers are InstaCart , Postmates, Weezy, FreshDirect, Talabat, El Grocer among others.

    Que. How much does it cost to build an app like Grofers?

    Ans. The cost might vary depending on your feature requirements. A readymade grocery app may cost you approximately $10,000.

    Que. How can I start a business like Grofers?

    Ans. All you need is an idea, and a team of experienced developers to make it into an app. But, before you begin, you should first research the market to see if your Grofers like app has demand and target audience, and also if you have an excellent unique value proposition.



    Looking for a Grocery delivery app development company? Get in touch with Oyelabs to give your business a digital boost.

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